Indulgence and art in Elma – Zichron Yaacov

introduction: introduction: Sometimes instead of a small leap abroad, we choose to spend one night in a luxurious hotel in our country. For me, celebrating my husband’s birthday is a chance to spend in a luxury hotel in Israel, Thing … Continued

Skiing with children in Romania

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I decided to fly to Romania when I realized we had a number of  free days on Purim holiday, so I was looking for a destination that was cheap to reach and also  not expensive to ski there, still, we … Continued

Hotels with a water park

Crete: Crete, Greece has many hotels suitable for families, Some, among other hotel facilities, have a small water park and some a  large water park, If you are flying to Crete with the kids it is worth taking a peek … Continued

My trips

New York for the second time

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After almost two years, in which we did not fly anywhere, something began to release in us, I felt this was the most appropriate moment for the flight. Why exactly? Mainly because we... READ MORE

Dead Sea – Israel

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A family trip to the amazing Jerusalem in the days when the corona is hitting the world and also in our country. We do not give up on a trip to the Holy... READ MORE

Batumi Georgia

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This time I went on an organized trip on behalf of my workplace. Excursion organized by Luna Tours. We left the country on an Israeli flight, the plane was a Smart Wings lease... READ MORE

Austria – Family trip

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Summer 2018 As soon as I first saw pictures of beautiful Austria I fell in love with this place and I knew it would be our next family trip! Composition: a couple +... READ MORE