Batumi Georgia

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This time I went on an organized trip on behalf of my workplace.

Excursion organized by Luna Tours.

We left the country on an Israeli flight

The plane was a Smart Wings Smart Wings lease

A spacious new aircraft, a short, pleasant flight that took about two and a

half hours.

Batumi is a port city on the Black Sea.

We arrived at Batumi at noon, and we immediately saw gypsies.

It must be said that they are real nudes and are in Batumi in every corner!

It is advisable not to treat them or give them money !!!

If you want to give them some food while you are in the restaurant

It’s possible but it’s best not to mess with them at all!

The gypsy usually pays someone a daily amount for her baby,

They obfuscate the baby with the certain drug so that it does not

cry or interfere

And with him, they ask for money from passersby.

Don’t give it a hand! It is terrible.

The currency in Georgia is called Larry,

Larry = about one and a half shekels.

We arrived at our excellent hotel, the name of the Wyndham Hotel:

Wyndham Batumi

(If you get in trouble with the hotel name when you want to get to it by taxi

Just tell the driver: “Princess Casino”, this is the name of the hotel’s casino

and everyone knows).

The hotel is in a great location near the promenade, it has a casino,

excellent service, excellent breakfast,

Parking, Internet access, well-equipped gym, excellent spa and beautiful

clean rooms!

It is highly recommended!

After we got the room I rested a bit and later took a walk around the hotel area.

Near the hotel is Europe Square There are restaurants, shops,

Fountains and promenade about 17 km long where you can rent bicycles

(5 Larry for bicycle, 15 Larry for quad bike, 30 Larry for double electric cinema)

Or take a horse-drawn carriage, sit by the sea,

Go round the giant wheel (Larry 3 per round), and more

I was sitting in a restaurant called Madea, next to the square, eating Hachapuri

(a pastry with cheese)

The food at Batumi is very cheap! There are all kinds of Hachapuri.

This is the Khakpuri I ate:

And this is the familiar and original kashpuri with cheese and butter egg

(which I did not eat):

I completed steps in the hotel gym and ended it on the first day of the trip.

Day 2 – Today, an organized excursion was planned for a waterfall,

After a little group thinking we decided to take a two taxi

With a driver and a stroll in places other than a waterfall,

So we closed with our lovely John and Thomas drivers

That each of us would pay $ 20 a day for a trip and set off.

John’s Phone (possible at Wattsap) 995568444844+

We asked the driver to see the opposite restaurant

(it is only interesting from the outside),

And from there we went to the Botanic Gardens (entrance fee Larry 15)

In the gardens there is an option to do part of the way with a small vehicle

for the group plus 5 Larry but we preferred to walk all the way!

Please note: since our driver dropped us off at the back entrance to

the gardens We walked most of the way downhill and not rise.

From the gardens we continued to the Georgia-Turkey border,

We saw the border crossing, not far from it is a beautiful little waterfall

All the way the driver explained to us in clear English all the things we saw,

From there, we drove to the Citadel of Genonia

It is an ancient Roman fortress. We went in, took a tour, took pictures and

settled on it,

And from there we went to a waterfall (to which the whole company traveled

on the organized trip),

On the way we stopped at some beautiful and interesting places,

We got an explanation from the drivers about the streams we saw

And we also stopped by some beautiful bridges that overflowed a stream.

At the waterfall, we met all the guys who were just a few minutes ahead of us,

At the entrance to the waterfall you can buy churchella, honey and other

sweet and tasty things ..

Some sellers have already learned to speak Hebrew (-:

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant

And just as our hike ended, it started to rain,

We got on the vehicles and went back to the hotel.

We had an hour to get organized and went out with the whole group for

an evening of folklore

Which took place in a family home in the village.

There we had dinner (not for my taste)

After dinner lovely children appeared in traditional dances,

One of them sang in Hebrew at the end of the evening,

We joined her in song and dance (Hebrew songs) and enjoyed the atmosphere.

From there we went back to the hotel to sleep ..

Day 3 – We started the day on a walk with our guide,

Most of the hike was around the hotel, we passed through the

statue of Madea, the boardwalk, summer theater,

Flower Market (not large market)

We toured a local market, saw a building that in Mukur served as a bank.

and other interesting buildings and places

Not far from the giant wheel we saw the statues identified with Batumi,

which are Ali and Nino –

A loving couple he was an Armenian warrior and was a Georgian princess,

an impossible love.

About 7 meters tall, the statues move constantly and a few minutes later

come together and separate:

We arrived at Piazza, which has a number of interesting places to sit for coffee,

We saw the Chabad House which is not far away,

At the end of the hike we said goodbye to the guide and went to the funicular.

At Larry 15, the cable car is on high observation,

All the way there very nice, and takes about 12 minutes each way.

After the observation, go back down.

* It’s important to get on a funicular day with good visibility!

From there we walked up to the dolphinarium.

We passed through a beautiful park with a lake and a small living area,

We bought tickets to the dolphin show, which was just adorable!

Only 15 Larry to the ticket. It is highly recommended !

From there we took a big taxi for all of us (Larry 10) and drove to the

Alphabet Tower

The rotating restaurant at the top of the building.

We were told that the restaurant was only going around from 8 p.m.

We had delicious food there (service was a little annoying and slow)

The food there is not generally expensive but it is relatively expensive

for restaurants in Batumi.

From there we walked to Dona Pasta House where there are the most

amazing cakes in Batumi

At funny prices! Dona Bakeshop & Cafe

Address: Pharnavaz Mepe St, Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

When it was dark we drove to the chanting fountains (operating every

day from 9am)

There are two places with such fountains, one near the hotel and one

within driving distance.

We watched the fountains (away from the hotel) and then went back to

the hotel

Who to sleep and who to turn around in the piazza.

Day 4 of the Tour – Organized Jeep Tour for the Mtirala Nature Reserve!

A nature walk in the area about 40 minutes drive from the hotel,

The road was beautiful, we stopped at several places along the way,

We crossed a river on a bridge and also in a wooden wagon on ropes,

Some members of the group did omega (I wouldn’t recommend it,

it didn’t look very safe).

The last on the trip were some hiking options,

Each one chooses the route they want according to their level of difficulty

and destination

We walked about 700 meters towards the lake, it was beautiful and fun.

When we returned from the jeep tour, we asked our driver to drop us off

at the Turkish market called the Chopa Market,

In the market you will find good counterfeits of Adidas, Nike, Under-Armor

and the like There are bags, shoes, clothes, tools for the home and

full of Israelis

From there we took a taxi to the hotel, rested for a bit and took a walk on

the street parallel to the hotel.

There are interesting shops of shoes, makeup, cheap cigarettes, clothing

and well-known brands (Expensive brands, which isn’t expensive).

We had dinner at Chabad House,

Recommended restaurant for all opinions! Good food, large and rich

dishes and reasonably priced.

And of course – kosher !!

From there we walked at night on the promenade, everything was bright

and beautiful,

We saw again the statue of lovers and chanting fountains in the promenade


It was pleasant and beautiful, and from there we returned to the hotel for

one last night in Batumi.

Important general tips:

* Enough 4 full days in Batumi.

* Sim phone card (for internet browsing) can be bought at a really cheap price

At the airport or any phone shop in town.

* We were a big group, we traveled in the same places and still everyone had a 

different experience from wherever we were,

There are those who very much liked a particular place and there are those 

who did not like (the exact same place), so take any recommendation in 

limited warranty.

* All Batumi attractions are cheap! (Meanwhile).

* It is not recommended to rent a car in Batumi because they drive like crazy 


Bus drivers also act irresponsibly towards the passengers on the bus.

On the other hand, you can find a courteous taxi driver who travels legally and 

knows the driving culture on the spot.

* The taxis in Batumi are very cheap. Taxi ride around town (no matter how 

many people)

Costs between 5 and 10 Larry! no more.

* A day trip outside Batumi (up to an hour’s drive from the city) will cost 

between 80 and 100 Larry to a taxi with a driver next to you.

* Those who do not join the organized trips can save a lot of money.

Just decide where you want to go, take a driver and travel independently to all 

the sites and cheap.

In a very significant financial gap.

For example, we paid $ 33 per person for a jeep ride and there we met people 

who took a taxi to the same place,

They paid Larry 80 a taxi! For everyone together, for the entire trip. Crazy gap.

* Summer: Atoms full of tourists, especially from Russia, the roads can be very 


* Aqua Park – A small water park, suitable for families.

* Near the dolphinarium there is a beautiful park with a small lake and zoo 

suitable for children.

* The Black Sea is dangerous – in a few steps the water suddenly reaches deep,

Make sure there is a lifeguard on the beach where you are.

* Fish Bazar – picks the fish you want to eat and takes it to a nearby 

restaurant there you prepare it as you wish (restaurant name Blue sea).

* Churchhalla – Selling Everywhere and Everywhere (About Larry and a Half), I 

Buy Churchhalla at a Small Boutique Store

Near my hotel, because it is the most aesthetically clean! A little more 

expensive (3.5 Larry) but most delicious and worthwhile!

* Nightclubs – CAUTION! Don’t get into a dubious club! Men, not agreeing to 

join your table girls,

This “pleasure” can cost you dearly! (You will be surprised to receive a Larry 

2000 account at the end of the evening).

Stingers of this kind are known from Thailand and there are clubs here too, so 

be vigilant.

Do you have any more tips on Batumi? I would be happy to write in the 


* The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Want to read more about Georgia? Come 

here for a tour of Yochai in Georgia.

Overall this is a close, lightweight destination, suitable for everyone, and it’s 

best to get there between May and September.


אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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