ETIAS visa – answers to all questions

ETIAS visa – answers to all questions

Now all that was required before a vacation in Europe was to buy a plane ticket, pack a suitcase and set off, free and carefree. The truth is that not much will change in this regard, except for one small change. Starting in 2023 (an indefinite date), automatically, Israeli passport holders will have to obtain an entry visa to enter Europe. This visa is called ETIAS, that is, European Travel Information and Authorization System. In free translation, it is a European information and authorization system for travel. Similar systems, with similar names, also exist in the United States and Canada, and are implemented simply and successfully.

Why do you need a visa and how do you apply?

This is an entry visa given to visitors from several countries (and Israel among them) upon arrival in the European countries in question – those that have signed the Schengen Agreement – the visa allows free passage between these countries. The purpose of the ETIAS visa, above all, is to help maintain security and order, with the large waves of immigration occurring these days and the increase in the number of visitors to the continent. The advantage of implementing the new method is the reduction of terrorist threats and the regulation of illegal infiltration along with the streamlining of complex bureaucratic processes, without harming tourism. In addition, the process will facilitate the prevention of phenomena such as identity theft and document theft.

The system that issues these visas cross-references information about the passenger who submits an application, and simplifies the screening process for applicants. Instead of a process lasting several weeks or even more, the process will last only a few days, and in most cases within a few minutes. It is a simple process: the application for this visa must be submitted less than 96 hours before the flight, and it can be submitted online (you can breathe easy). The approved visa is received electronically. That’s it, the days of printing are over.

Who are the ETIAS countries?

Well, we’ve gone round and round and now we’ll dive right in and reveal: who are the ETIAS countries?

Twenty-six (26) countries have signed the treaty that binds them to the Schengen area, which requires a visa before entering it. Among the countries you can find Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, and more. The full list can be found online very easily.

Is it because we are Israelis? No! We are not the only ones who need to get an entry visa starting in 2023. Citizens of the USA, Canada, and many others should also issue a visa prior to their entry. Two other things that may help in accepting the news of the new change are the fact that a visa is valid for a period of three years from the date of its issuance, and it allows an unlimited number of entries to the countries in question for 90 days, That is three months. A respectable period of time by all accounts. Besides, if for some reason the visa is not approved, visitors can still apply for a full tourist visa.

In conclusion, life goes on. And an integral part of life is movement. Just remember to apply for an ETIAS visa just before you jump into the Schengen countries.

Have a nice flight!!!

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