Astana Kazakhstan – Jonathan Furman’s Trip

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Imagine a huge country, For instance, the ninth largest in the world as the size of all Western Europe! With friendly locals, diverse landscapes, rare animals (like the snow leopard), Futuristic cities and fascinating history! In addition, imagine an anti-extremist … Continued

Poland with a 3-year-old – Lena Tzur’s trip

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Lena Tzur is a single mother, She has been traveling with her three-year-old son around the country  and the world since he was born. Before the trip to Poland, Lena had some concerns, Because Poland is a new place for … Continued

Bucharest, Romania

A couple’s trip abroad How does an educated girl celebrate the separation from citizenship  and recruitment to the IDF? No, it’s not her recruitment date, this time it’s her boyfriend’s recruitment date. Of course, on a trip abroad! The young … Continued

Odessa Ukraine

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Shoham (my daughter) and Nahurai’s trip September 2019   Odessa is a Ukrainian port city on the Black Sea coast.   In Odessa, you will find inexpensive hotels, good and cheap restaurants, kosher food,   Excursions to the artist’s tomb … Continued