Nachal Arugot – Ein Gedi

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We have finally set out to tour our country!

It has taken us a while to go out for a walk again since the last time we were in Eshkol Park,

which is not far from our house.

This time we walked in Nahal Arugot in Ein Gedi.

Together with another family (our friends) we were looking for a hiking route in the Dead Sea area

on the website of the Nature and Parks Authority and signed up to visit Nahal Arugot for a hike that will

start at ten o’clock.

I was a little apprehensive about the relatively late hour and the heat that was supposed to be there at

such an hour in early August,

But in the end it was not terrible, because most of the route you walk in water and catch a cold like

that and it’s fun.

How good it is to register in advance (because of the corona virus) and the Nature and Parks Authority

limits the number of visitors to the place,

This way you avoid congestion of visitors and you can walk at your own pace and without a feeling

of overcrowding and congestion.

Please note, when registering you have to choose which river you want to visit

(Nahal David or Nahal Arugot), there were people who did not pay attention and accidentally booked a trip

In Nahal David but intending to hike in Nahal Arugot, they were forced to change plans and move on

to Nahal David.

We arrived on time, the unique heat of the Dead Sea area did greet us.

We quickly got organized with a light breakfast that we brought with us under a poor,

leafless desert tree that pampered us with some shade.

The parking at the place is not shaded and it sucks.

After eating (jahanun, eggs, borax, vegetables, olives, water and more) we went to the checkout to pay,

entered quickly and easily and we started the route at 10:40.

Before we ate we checked at the checkout that we could linger and eat first, and there was no problem

with that.

It is recommended to eat before starting the route and not to get carried the food with you.

From the checkout we started the walk and within about 7-8 minutes we have already reached the

water walk (those who do not want to walk in the water can choose to walk the dry route),

at the checkout you get a map and an explanation of which ways to walk.

The goal: the hidden waterfall and on the way of course to splash around and slide in the water

as much as possible.

Good to know:

We did the route marked in blue. The route is suitable for hikers!

It is not easy.

Although the route is not easy, children can also walk it, but the younger the child –

the harder it will be for you.

Those who find it particularly difficult can only reach the first “pools” / first water point and

from there return.

The route is not circular and you have to return the same way when you return to the car.

We arrived at the waterfall itself at 14:00 (almost three and a half hours, including breaks on the way).

Back from the waterfall to the car – took us another two hours, including two breaks.

A total of five and a half hours the entire route, without the upper pools,

which we gave up this time.

As mentioned, we did not continue to the upper pools, although it is really recommended.

If you want to get there after the hidden waterfall you will start the route early

And also ask at the checkout how to get there and what time you can get there.

Required equipment for this trip:

Sunscreen, visor cap, plenty of water (3 liters per person),

Comfortable walking shoes that you can get into the water with (no crocs! No variance!),

Backpack for your equipment,

Comfortable clothes for walking and wading in the water, change of clothes + towel

(which can stay in the car).

A little more about Nahal Arugot:

The hike in Nahal Arugot is a hike in a canyon channel,

Look around you, also upstairs and see how much beauty there is everywhere, try to identify

animals that live here like in their own private paradise.

Nahal Arugot is one of the largest streams in the Judean Desert. The place is abundant in

water in all seasons.

More sites nearby:

Qumran National Park (about 30 minutes drive).

Cliffs Springs Nature Reserve (about 20 minutes drive).

Masada National Park (about 15 minutes drive).

It was a challenging and successful trip, everyone enjoyed it, small and big!

Come prepared and ready and You will enjoy every moment.

See you on the next trip!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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