A trip to northern Israel

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Our trip begins in the magical Valley of the Springs, which is located near Beit She’an.

For a long time I really wanted to walk in the springs park between the pools and the magical springs and here it finally happened.

I managed to arrange a small and somewhat spontaneous trip to the north of the country and on the way we will pass the Springs Park.

So I pre-booked a Club Car with six seats from the “” Beyahad Bishvilchawebsite.

Please note: there is a discount for credit card holders “Beyahad Bishvilcha” and other entities that give a discount, such as the “Teachers’ Federation” and more.

Those who do not have such a discount can book a car through the park website.

The payment for the car does not guarantee that a car will be waiting for you on the spot, so you should arrive early or arrive when it is convenient for you and wait for a car to be vacated if there are no available vehicles.

We left the house early and arrived at the springs park just before nine-thirty in the morning.

Luckily there were enough vehicles in place and there was no long queue at the entrance.

We took the Club Car and set off after a short tutorial.

Important tips and recommendations:

The car rental is for two hours. In my opinion this time is not enough.

If you only rent a car for two hours, you will have to set aside a few minutes in each pool and that sucks.

So the options available to you are:

* Pre-rent a Club Car for a longer time (payment accordingly).

* Give up the Club Car and drive to the destination of your choice with a shuttle that costs 25 NIS.

* Arrive by car in the main parking lot of the Springs Park and walk along the Kibbutzim River, which is not far away.

And / or at any destination to which your feet lead you, without time limit.

* Arrive with the vehicle to the Ein Moda pool, walk a bit from the parking lot to the pool and enjoy there until you get tired (-:

We started the route on the club car we rented and drove towards Ein Shokek, we were there in the pool for about a quarter of an hour or more,

The water is cool and pleasant,

From there we continued our trip to the “Hatahana” pool and to “Ein-muda” pool of the pool we loved the most.


Pictures from Ein Shokek:

A small picnic in the Tahana pool:

And from there to Ein Muda:

From there we drove to the parking lot where we started the route, returning the club car.

It is recommended to do a water walk in the Kibbutzim stream near the parking lot.

We continued our journey north to the attraction near the Kinneret colony (between 30 and 40 minutes drive).

Attraction name: Rob Roy – Canoeing

This is a very nice place, there are shaded seating areas, the possibility to order you something to eat and drink, a makeup stand

Indian for kids and more.

Once again I booked tickets for the attraction through “Beyahad Bishvilcha”, we chose two connected canoes that are suitable for six people (and even more).

We signed up for a waiting list for a vacant boat and waited quite a while, I landed in the shade and the kids went in with my husband to the water to swim.

When it was our turn they called us in a proclamation, put on lifebelts, got paddles and got on the boats.

We had an hour and a half to paddle and sail in Jordan and that was enough, it was fun, from time to time the kids jumped into the water and jumped with a rope from land to water like Tarzan (-:

All along the way there were tents and campsites that improvised people, like this by the water …

From there we decided to drive to the Kinneret colony to experience the Kinneret, where we sleep tonight.

We got the room key, got all the gear out of the car, took a shower and went to rest. The children fell asleep immediately.

Photos from our accommodation – Kinneret Village:

To book accommodation at the Kinneret Village, enter here

After we got organized enough we went to Tiberias to have dinner. We took a walk on the promenade

full of people and found a place to eat.

After dinner and a walk on the Tiberias promenade we went back to sit on the balcony of our room and from

there we went to bed tired and satisfied.

Tomorrow we will have a new day full of experiences!

The next morning I got up early (as usual), drove to the very nearby supermarket and bought some things we

needed to make us a hot drink for the morning.

The nice saleswoman offered to prepare me a free drink and it was very kind on her part.

I woke up my whole bunch at eight in the morning, made them drink, got organized and vacated the room.

From there we drove to Aqua Fun on the Sea of Galilee! Tickets are purchased in advance through the

Koponofesh website.

The kids got into activities at Aqua Fun and my husband and I were waiting for them at a nearby

garden beach, right by the water. From time to time we went in to dip in the water of the Sea of Galilee

The pleasant ones. When they finished they joined us.

When it became crowded in the water we decided to retire and set off ..

We drove north to Moshav Dishon to stay with my dear cousin and her lovely husband Ofer from Dishon ATVs.

Ofer organized an ATV trip for us in Nahal Dishon near their place of residence, so after we reached them and

settled in, we went on a trip in Nahal.

It was fun, the boys especially enjoyed it!

From there we went to visit the visitor center on Dishon ATVs,

We drank a delicious wine with pomegranate, stunning olives and finally we ate ice cream (-:

Highly recommended!

We also visited Ofer’s stunning vineyard

After all this we returned to the host house and got organized to sit down.

The next morning we were looking for a stream that we could walk in, we wanted to go to Nahal Snir,

but the registration on the Nature Reserves and Parks website was already closed.

We searched and searched until we found a vacancy to register for Nahal Eyun (the oven),

which is half an hour away from Fertilizer.

We signed up, got organized and went out with the boys.

We parked the car in the lower parking lot and started the route

(in retrospect we had to do a reverse and park up, that way our way on the hike route was downhill and not


Warm recommendation: Arrive with two vehicles, put one vehicle in the lower parking lot and one vehicle in

the upper parking lot. Depart from the upper parking lot and finish the route in the lower parking lot,

where the vehicle you left behind will be waiting for you.

We, as mentioned, started from the bottom, right at the entrance to the track there is a nice paddling pool

that you can enter.

From there we walked to the Hatanur Waterfall, the waterfall is very beautiful!

More information about the reserve can be found here

From the Hatanur waterfall we walked towards the Haeshed waterfall, this waterfall is barely visible,

only heard ..

On the way there is a beautiful vantage point from above on the Furnace Falls.

The road is not shaded, and in part there are steps and stairs. Halfway through we decided to split up

because we knew our vehicle was waiting for us downstairs and that we would need to

Return the entire route because we arrived with one vehicle.

So my little son and I got back in the car and drove to the upper parking lot. We presented a reception at

the entrance, entered the reserve from there and waited for my husband and second son.

We waited for them at the first waterfall, Iyun Waterfall, which is 100 steps from this entrance.

מפל עיון

The whole route we took took us about two hours.

From there we drove back to our host house, straight for lunch, shower and rest!

On Saturday night our fun trip ended and we drove all the way home …

Three hours drive from the Upper Galilee to the Negev!

We had fun, see you on the next trip!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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