Krabi Thailand – Have you visited?

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Krabi is the name of a beach and a city in Thailand,

But also the name of a district in Thailand, 800 km south of Bangkok.

The district is between Png nga and Trang.

Famous Places in Krabi Province: Phi Phi, the resort town of Nang,

Hong Island, Phoda Island, and other magical and beautiful places.

So when you say Krabi, what do you mean?

On our last trip to Thailand (December 2018) we arrived from

northern Thailand to Krabi Province!

In Krabi, we were in around Ao Nang Town, Ko Phi Phi

and Hong Island.

Want to know why you should get there too ?!

Read the post and get to know a piece of heaven.


The best time to get to Krabi in terms of the weather is between

November and April,

although you can get there all year.

What does Krabi have to offer?

Krabi is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a relaxing

area in Southern Thailand.

Krabi Province is rich in exotic beaches, stunning views, natural hot pools,

and nature reserves.

In Krabi more than 150 islands off the 150 km coastline.

In Krabi you will find luxurious hotels at different price levels located in

different areas,

high limestone cliffs rising from the depths of the sea,

Stunning sunsets, caves, exotic wildlife, extreme attractions –

Some are unique to this beautiful area called Krabi, for example:

mountain climbing, hot waterfalls, coral diving and more.

Some of the attractions can be found elsewhere in Thailand,

such as:

Riding elephants, omegas, sailing to nearby islands, kayaking, trekking

and more, but

Krabi has a unique view of the area and it makes the experience

unique and upgraded.

Apart from basic information about Krabi, here you will find

various suggestions for spending time in Krabi Ao Nang area

and I will also review two hotels located in Ao Nang – Holiday Inn hotels.

Directions to Krabi:

Krabi can be reached by direct flight or ferry from the Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi

and Phuket,

and even on land trips from some places.

If you arrive by ferry, you must check the ferry port times in advance,

because the frequency of ferries is not very high.

You can purchase ferry tickets from the dock and pre-order online.

We arrived by ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Krabi.

Here’s our journey on this day:

*  You may want to watch the videos  full screen

(click the square on the bottom right of the video)!

Link to a website where you can purchase a ferry ticket and check sailing

times here.


The main beach of the town of Ao Nang is called Ao Nang,

This is a coastal strip divided into northern and southern.

Both coastal areas have hotels, restaurants, pubs, massages and

agencies that provide tourist services.

At the beach of Ao Nang you can see the most beautiful sunsets in the area

In Ao Nang you will find a little more developed nightlife than the

other beaches.

The beach at Ao Nang has many bars and restaurants and many local

travel agencies competing with each other.

I suggest you to compare prices, book attractions and tour the area.

There are other beaches to be seen in the town Ao Nang, including

Nopparat Thara Beach and Klong Muang Beach.

The famous beach in Krabi Province is called Railay Beach , it is a

beautiful beach with white sands,

Clear water and impressive limestone cliffs.

Raleigh Beach has four different bathing areas separated by a huge

cliff top.

These beautiful and unique cliffs created a wild and exotic landscape

worth seeing.

In addition to soft and white sand, Railay Beach also has individual

hotels, restaurants, cafes and pampering options.

The only way to get to Railay Beach is by a Long Tile boat by sea,

a 10-15 minute cruise at a cost of about 100 bahats per person.

In a few minutes, you are on the beautiful West Coast

of Railay Beach.

From 18:00 the boat payment is higher, about 150 baht per person towards.

It is highly recommended to purchase a ticket in advance for both Back and

forth, don’t worry, the sailor will get you back from the beach.

The fact that Railay Beach is isolated gives it the quiet character and

tranquility that characterize the place.

Notice, when the sea at low tide – the sailor can not reach the shore

so it’s best to get to Railay Beach in swimsuits or shorts and flip flops.

Also, remember to protect your equipment in a special waterproof case

because you might have to walk in the sea (backing away) from the boat

to the shore.

A five-minute walk from Railay Beach is the beach which is perhaps the

most beautiful beach in Thailand,

Phra Nang Beach” which contains the fertility cave (including statuettes

and incense),

The beach has been crowned as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches

in the world so everyone wants to get there to see the place.

I was a little disappointed that the place was full of people

It’s a great place to swim at, the beach has perfect white sand and huge cliffs

on both sides of the beach.

Quiet beach without water-sports, a perfect place for quiet swimming

and ‘back-tummy’.

The Road to Phra Nang Beach (via the Riley Bay Resort):

Halfway to Phra Nang Beach, on the left, yoy will see rise to the vantage point..

The rise seems very challenging and unsuitable for anyone! See for yourself:

If you pay attention and look around you can see cute monkeys on the

way to Phra Nang Beach.

Another beach that can be reached from Riley Beach (by kayak, on foot or by a long-tailed boat)

is Ton-Sai Beach.

Attractions in Krabi

Tree Top Adventure Park – One of Thailand’s most popular attractions,

in a beautiful and special area,

In a real rainforest, in the face of breathtaking views.

This is a park where you will find a variety of adventures and activities

for the whole family.

The park is divided into 4 different difficulty levels and has 54 stations,

among the options the place offers:

Climbing ropes in the trees, surfing in Omega, and high-altitude cycling

among the treetops.

Not far away, there is another extreme attraction – Rafting in the nature

reserve Ton Pariwat Wildlife Senctuaty, the reserve is in a vast area

of 225 square kilometers.

To be impressed with all the activities on the site please log in

Rafting for beginners and advanced can also be done in a river called

Songprak River seven kilometers out of it

used for rafting, this attraction is not for the fainthearted.

Mountaineering – Half a day hike climbing mountains at Railay Beach,

You can climb mountains in other places in Krabi, even beginners can climb.

The trip can be booked from the various agencies scattered around the area.

You can get details and order on the site here as well.

Renting a boat from Krabi or Ao nang –

As mentioned, across the Krabi’s coastline there are more than 150 islands,

some have beautiful rocks protruding from the sea, some isolated and

some settled.

If you come to explore the islands and visit them you can rent a boat

for independent cruising or a boat with a sailor for you.

Another option is kayaking, in a place called Ao Thalane you can cruise

through canyons and mangrove trees,

at a place called Bor Thor you can visit ancient limestone caves and the

center of Koh Hong has a hidden and magical lagoon.

Hong means a room. It’s a mid-sea area that limestone rocks are

closing in from all directions, and it looks like a “room.”

From the lagoon you can go kayaking to the amazing Hong Island!

In all these places there is an amazing view that you will see as you paddle a kayak.

We opted for a trip to Hong Island at 12:00 noon (pick up from the hotel)

and not at 8:30 in the morning,

To be there in the least crowded hours of tourists, and indeed it was.

We paid 700 baht per person + 300 baht for entry to the island,

kayaking is an extra charge.

Here’s our day and our trip there in pictures:

Krabi has many spectacular nature reserves where you can hike various

paths between waterfalls, Natural ponds and caves.

One of them is the Khao Phanom Bencha National Park,

Another park is Thung Teao Park – a beautiful place in nature,

home to many plant and animal species, this magical place is about an

hour’s drive from Ao nang, and inside is a crystal lagoon called the Emerald Pool,

Where the water is crystal clear, pure and naturally pleasant.

Near the Emerald Pool, a 10-15 minute walk into the forest,

is the most amazing pool you will ever see:

The Blue Pool! you can not enter to swim there.. you can only see the amazing pool.

Not far away (20 minutes drive) there are the hot springs called Klong Thom

there you can go for a swim and also enjoy the warm waterfalls.

The spring water comes from the depths of the earth and crosses

smooth rocks.

The water contains natural mineral salts that have many healing properties

and it also can be fun to seat in the water.

The water heat reaches 40 degrees. Warm and fun!

Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and towel.

You can get there on an organized trip (at a cost of about 1400 baht

per person) or privately,

We took a private driver who drove us to the hot waterfalls and the

Emerald Pool,

Waited for us there and brought us back when we were done.

We paid him 2000 baht for the whole day.

Here’s our photo day:

Temple inside a cave – One of Thailand’s natural wonders worth visiting is

the jungle caves.

There are Some monks who live there, one of the caves that worth

seeing and visiting is called :

Tiger Cave Temple / Wat Tham Sua.

The cave is 3 kilometers north of Krabi town.

Legend has it that a tiger once lived in this cave.

In the cave you can see many symbols and signs that are remnants

of the distant past of the place.

When you are there you can climb 1237 steps and at the end there is a

golden Buddha.

Thais believe that up there is “Buddha footprint”.

In any case, anyone who strives to get there will gain 360 degrees of

stunning views of the Andaman Sea and the many islands within it.

Khao Khanab Nam is one of Krabi’s most renowned sites

two natural wonders in the form of two 100-foot-high stone cliffs

and their sons cross a river, In the mountains themselves,

you can see special caves were a collection

of sentinels and stalactites,

also, one can climb one of the mountains.

You can also include a visit to a nearby mangrove forest

and a traditional Thai fishing experience.

These trips can be booked from local tourist agencies.

Krabi Town – If you want to spend an authentic Thai city that hasn’t

changed much in recent years, this is the place.

The city of Krabi is different from other tourist places

in Thailand, its authenticity and what it offers.

Inside the city runs a river with plenty of fishing boats that bring you fresh

fish straight from the sea to the restaurant table.

This is the place for a good fish meal and also for a traditional Thai meal.

Krabi Town also has many bars for evening entertainment.

Four Islands Trip – a very popular long boat trip with up to 40 hikers,

stopping in four different islands,

usually, the stopping points are at: Tup Island, Phra Nang Cave,

Chicken Island, Poda Island.

The tour is accompanied by an English speaking guide and usually

includes unlimited drinks, lunch and swim time and sunbathing on

every island that stops.

The tour can be booked at the local agencies.

Please note, the trip is different from the same-named trip from Phuket.

If you do not like organized and mass tours you can rent a long-boat cruise

and reach these islands independently.

Trip to James Bond Island – a trip to Prha Nga Bay, which includes a

cruise to the island where one of James Bond films was filmed,

a visit to an authentic (but touristy) village built on stilts above the water,

and rowing a canoe between mangrove trees and hidden caves.

This is the trip we did two years ago when we were in Thailand with the kids.

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary – I do not recommend riding elephants or

abusing them in any way.

Instead, you can see in this elephant shelter well-treated elephants.

You can feed the elephants, wash them, and take them for a walk

(without riding).

Wat Kaew Temple – a temple that sits in the middle of Krabi town,

it is not the largest temple in the area,

but you can be impressed by the beautiful decorations that decorate

its interior walls, the decorations are painted in blue and with various

buddhist decorations and paintings.

The temple’s focal point is at its end, with a large golden Buddha.

Outside the temple are various food stalls and mascot sellers.

Another interesting temple to visit is Wat Kaew Korawaram

a very large Buddhist temple that sits at the top of a hill overlooking the

city of Kraby. To reach it, you need to climb a stairs.

Love leg trekking? If so, you can experience an interesting adventure

that begins 30 miles north of Krabi

There is a place called Nong Thale from where the footpath starts to

the above vantage point.

The route starts at a 4-mile walk, which takes about two and a half hours.

The name of the place is Khao Ngon Nak and means the

summit of the Dragon (Dragon Crest),

On your way there you will see a stream, waterfall, and some

interesting vantage points, with their peak of course at the end

When you reach 565 meters above sea level and watch the

panoramic landscape around you.

Thai Cooking Course – also in Krabi, as in other well-known places in Thailand,

You will find a quality Thai cooking course.

Every place in Krabi has at least one cooking school,

and there is no better place to study authentic Thai meals than

with the locals themselves.

Cooking schools provide all the necessary ingredients and excellent

teachers with years of seniority and experience in the field.

Whether it’s making green curry or Pad Thai, they can teach you the

right ingredients and what cooking techniques recommended for making

a winning dish. At the end of the preparation.

You will, of course, eat the dishes you have prepared. Worth!

Koh Klang Muslim Fisherman Island – 5 minutes by boat from Krabi City,

It is no longer an island with white sands and blue seas, as you

probably imagine.

This is a special fishing village where about 5000 people live,

In the houses built above the water, most of them fishermen or

rice growers, here you can see how local people live,

without going to a remote village for that.

The locals are a traditional Muslim community

It is advisable to honor them and arrive at the place in modest attire.

Cruise to Phi Phi – 45 minutes on a Speedboat from Krabi,

you can be at the famous beaches of Ko Phi Phi.

Ko Phi Phi is between Krabi and Phuket and can only be reached by boat.

I I detailed about Ko Phi Phi in a separate post.

Koh Lanta Yai is an island two hours from Krabi town,

it’s a small island, about 20 miles from end to end.

The island is populated and full of hotels

and guesthouses. The island is full of beautiful beaches.

At Koh Lanta many dive schools,

You can dive into beautiful marine sites.

If you want a quiet and authentic back belly vacation at reasonable

and high prices this is the place for you.


Krabi Night Market – Like many other cities in Thailand, Krabi City also has

a fun night market,

the market is open on Friday and Sunday evenings.

In the market over 70 food stalls, various souvenir stalls,

and a unique stand selling coconut ice-cream with a special flavor to taste.

Occasionally, local school children will appear in a show/play for

fundraising purposes or for some other lofty purpose.

Location: Near Vogue department store, ten minutes walk from the

boat dock.

Another night market, open in the evenings, is by the river

(near the boat dock) where you will find mainly restaurants and local

food stalls.

Another place for shopping is Outlet village Krabi – several shops within

one complex like one large store (each store has its payment position),

more than 100 well-known brands in the complex.

You will find mainly clothing, footwear, and children’s toys there.

Location: Petchkasem Road.

The outlet is a 15-minute drive from Krabi Airport, and about a half-hour

drive from Ao Nang Beach.

You can reach it on the way to the hot waterfalls and the Emerald Pool.

Opening Hours: Every day from 11 am to 9 pm.


Krabi nightlife is not as lively as in other Thailand cities,

familiar with you like the Khao-san in Bangkok or the Bangla in Phuket.

On the contrary, here is more relaxed and quiet.

Those who come to Krabi usually enjoy the peace and quiet that is

unique to Krabi beaches.

Most of the entertainment venues close before midnight, but you can still

find some great pubs, night parties, and bars in Ao Nang.

Where to stay?

After looking at many different hotels and exploring different travelers

recommendations, I decided to stay at Holiday Inn hotels.

Krabi has two Holiday Inn hotels,

One is called Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach

And the other is called Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach

and they are located very close to each other.

The hotels are 19 km from Krabi Airport.

I booked one night at the Holiday Inn Express and two nights at the

Holiday Inn Resort in a luxurious room with pool access.

Both hotels have good reviews on Booking and TripAdvisor,

and here I will write my personal opinion and summary of my stay in

these hotels.

Holiday Inn Express:

Located in a prime spot on the beach Ao Nang, the beach is opposite the

hotel within a minute’s walk.

From the shore you can take a long-tail boat to other nearby beaches.

Near the hotel, there are food stalls, a variety of local restaurants,

bars, shopping area, boxing stadium,

many tourist agencies, massages, night markets and more.

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, spacious, air-conditioned, clean rooms,

Wi-Fi throughout, 24-hour a day fitness center,

fun outdoor swimming pool for adults and children, bicycle rental service,

washing machines, ironing and drying for guests ‘own use’.

100 baht for washing machine, 100 baht for dryer and free parking.

Each room has a comfortable bed (very important!), a pillow menu,

a balcony with a view (Our balcony facing the pool),

flat-screen TV and cable channels,

Small refrigerator, electric kettle, private bathroom, toiletries,

hairdryer, tea/coffee, mineral water (free), work desk and wardrobe.

For trekking enthusiasts: the hotel is located about 7 km from

Dragon Crest.

Breakfast at the hotel is varied and delicious and is served from

6:30 to 10:30 in the morning.

The hotel is modern and clean (this is one of the most important things

to me), the hotel staff speaks English, attentive,

Kind and smile and the service is excellent!

Hotel address: 123/3 Moo 3 Ao Nang Muang, Krabi, 81180

Here’s our room there:

Hotel view:

* Equal deals and benefits for the Holiday Inn Express can be found here

Holiday Inn Krabi Resort

is also located on Ao nang Beach, a minute walk from the beach.

The hotel is charming, all surrounded by beautiful and well-kept

tropical vegetation and offers a variety of rooms of different sizes and styles.

The hotel has 4 floors, 173 rooms, and 15 suites.

The hotel provides an adult area and a family area,

this is how it fits all ensembles.

The hotel also provide rooms with pool access, these rooms are in the

couple’s wing area and are for couples (over 18) only.

Families can stay in luxurious suites with private balconies located in

the family area.

At the spa, an adult pampering pool and pool with water slides for children,

access to the nearby beach.

Babysitting (baby sitter), air conditioned and modern gym not far

from the pool.

Each room has a DVD player, private and luxurious bathroom.

There is free internet access throughout the hotel, elevators

and free parking.

The hotel has play areas for kids and teens and an entertainment team

that engages the children While you are enjoying the spa, pool

or anywhere else in the hotel.

Meals: a rich and varied breakfast, in the hotel roof you can dine in the

Inn Asia restaurant

Serving authentic Thai and seafood dishes (for those who like to eat).

If you want to enjoy the bar, you can sit in the hotel bar called the Wave Bar,

there, enjoy a selection of refreshing drinks, from the “Happy Hour” to light meals

and a spectacular view of the beach and sunset.

In the pool there is the Pool Bar where you can also sit for a drink,

right in the water.

The hotel has lovely staff who will be happy to assist you.

Please note, you will not have to pay for children staying with you in the room.

Plus, up to 4 children (ages 12 and under) can eat for free at the

hotel’s restaurants throughout the day! Cool!

I recommend pre-registering for the IHG Rewards Club members club

This way you will enjoy discounts and promotions for club members.

A link to book a room from the hotel site here.

There, you can also sign up for the network’s members club.

Here’s our room there:

Hotel view:

Click here to check out offers and benefits for a room at the 

Holiday Inn Resort.

We really enjoyed our stay at Ao Nang Krabi, from the luxurious rooms

at Holiday Inn and from the amazing nature of Krabi.

Next time we’ll get there with our kids

From Ao nang Krabi we took a taxi that we booked the day before (500 baht) 

to the airport, from where we flew to Bangkok.

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!

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