Tourism after Covid19 – Eshkol Park

The last few months have put us in a new age of tourism.

It seemed that everything we knew so far was changing

and now we have to change our habits and to travel differently.

If so far we have booked flights to different destinations and dates (even far distances) –

then now we are a little afraid to do so and some of us don’t dare or can’t.

So if you can’t fly and travel in another country – what else are we left to do?

Travel our country!

In my case: travel Israel!

Two months at home made me crave and a strong desire to travel the country.

I have said in the past that my knowledge and experience of traveling in Israel needs

improvement and here I have the opportunity to do so.

So I prepared the family members in advance that we start traveling the country,

looking for a place not far away that we can travel for the beginning,

and I also invited other family members to be part of our trip.

Location: Eshkol Park (located not far from where I live)

Participants: My husband, our two children (the third remains at home in bed With the air conditioner)

Traveling partners: my sister, her husband, their children, my mother-in-law and her husband.

Weather: Very hot! 42 degrees Celsius.

To get to the park we had to pre-register on the site (due to new restrictions related to the Corona virus).

A bit of information about Eshkol Park – The Besor National Park (from the park’s website):

The Besor National Park is a green corner in the desert with the Beshor River.

At the heart of the western Negev’s plains is a plentiful spring surrounded by expansive

lawns and thousands of shady trees.

The Besor National Park is a wonderful place for outdoor recreation and a great base for excursions

in the Besur region.

The place is suitable for families with children of all ages.

The place has:

Ein Besor – Abundant spring and wading pools for children.

Trees picnic tables in the shade of trees.

Reconstruction of a railway bridge from the Mandate days.

Locate ancient Egyptian.

Two easy tracks for bikes

Regulated night parking

(a few years ago we slept there in the tent when there was a blooming ball festival).

More information about the place, registration, payment and more can be found on the

Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s website

Click here

So we got up early (relative to Saturday), organized quickly:

Vegetable box, fruit box, watermelon box, cold water, ice cooler, crackers, garbage bag,

Mats, folding table (although not needed, there are plenty of tables in place),

prepaid food pot, Bread, snacks for children (there is a buffet for drinks, popsicles, snacks, etc.), towels, children’s swimwear,

my sister’s baby camping coop, toys, camera and good mood.

We arrived at around ten and found a good spot in the shade near the water.

The kids really enjoyed paddling in the cold, pleasant water when we sat in the shade and we ate delicious watermelon …

We didn’t stay there for a long time, because it was a very hot day and our house was not far away.

So after we ate and we enjoyed the place. we quickly folded all the things that we brought To the driven car and we went home to the air conditioner and pool in the yard (-:

If the weather was more pleasant we probably would have dropped out for a few more hours.

What a fun trip! We would love to visit next Saturday somewhere else.

Other sites there:

Beit Ze’elim, Be’er Rabuva, Tel Schrohan, Remains of the British Railway Bridge,

El- Hayaaen” (To the Ostrich) Farm,  Eshkol Park.

Other sites in the area:

Through the Fields – Bashor Creek, the Bashor Creek Bridge, Gerar Creek Park, Ofakim Park, Barry Forest, Eshkol Park National Park, Golda Park.

YouTube video to illustrate:

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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