Dead Sea – Israel

Girls trip – did you know that sometimes it is very difficult to organize it?

With the boys, everything is very simple, they meet, decide what the destination of the trip is and

go straight to the point – date, who brings what and what the schedule … and everything flows.

When it comes to a girls trip, everything becomes too complicated from the beginning, as the number of girls

so the number of opinions: where we will go, when and what will be done there .. Everything is discussed

seriously and even after there is a decision everything can change! Not simple, but worth the effort.

So after a lot of discussions in the dedicated “Watts Up” group that we opened for that matter, we decided –

the Dead Sea! The lowest place in the world !! From there you can only go up!

Of course we must also be photographed on the amazing site where everyone is being photographed now!

Dead Sea mushrooms, a must-visit place.

And here I am here to tell you how it was and what we did on this day in the days of Corona (without closure).

Come on, our trip begins now:

We got up early in the morning to get there before the place fills up with people and also so that we can get

home at a reasonable time and not at night.

We took with us a lot of water, sunscreen, water-appropriate shoes, a hat, snacks, phones (of course), a towel

and a good mood.

At first we started looking for another place we saw in the pictures and did not really find. So we went back to

the original program – Dead Sea Mushrooms.

The explanation people wrote about how to get there was too complicated and maybe even incorrect. In the

end we found the place, after a bit of searching.

Explanation of how to get to the Dead Sea mushrooms:

The simple explanation: In front of the Isrotel Hotel there is a beach and parking. If you are on this beach and facing the Dead Sea you must turn right on foot

If you see earthworks on the beach (trucks traveling back and forth in this area), you must pass this area and you will immediately see the salt mushrooms in the sea (you can not see them in the distance).

Advanced: If you want to get to Mushrooms by car it is possible (if the staff at the place will not block your access), then just before arriving at the Daniel Hotel and the Isrotel Hotel (before the hotel is supposed to appear on your left) there is a possibility to get off the car dirt. That’s where the “salt mushrooms” are.

* It is possible that when you read this post the works in the place will no longer be and neither will the trucks, but I hope the direction of the place is still clear.

So after finding the place we placed our belongings on the beach and walked slowly in the water towards the

mushrooms (with the phone in hand raised up, so as not to touch the water). It is mandatory to arrive with

shoes that can be worn with water.

Please note: Do not leave valuables on the beach unattended.

Recommendation: Bring a small towel to wipe your hands before you touch the phone whenever you feel like

taking a picture.

Be careful of rocks wrapped in salt in the water! They hurt and scratch and you don’t see them that much !!!

The place is amazing and beautiful to photograph there both in the morning and at sunset. Hopefully you will

be there alone without people entering your frame (-:

After taking pictures and being photographed we walked from there to the nearby beach and washed our

bodies and hair in the showers at the beach.

From there we drove to the new Dead Sea Mall we did a round there (the mall has mostly brand stores and

most of the expensive products, “just to see them” probably), behind the mall there is a really nice and tidy

beach, which looks fun to sit there! Worth checking out.

After walking around the mall and chilling in the air conditioner we sat there at the Greg Cafe for breakfast. It

was fun and delicious!

Upstairs you will find ice creams in a variety of flavors and colors, yummy! You should not miss!

From there we drove to Bokek River for a short and fun route in the water.

At the end of the route we sat by the waterfall, took pictures, laughed and rested and when we

were exhausted we went back up the route to the car.

From the Bokek route we drove to the beach again to shower and get dressed and headed back home.

Please note – parking in the Ein Bokek area and the shores of the Dead Sea for a fee! There are inspectors

walking around there all the time!

It was a short and catchy day! Exhaustive and fun! I hope we do it again in more destinations!

The way I know my friends it will probably take time for that to happen …

See you on the next trip!

Before you plan a trip to the Ein Bokek area, it is recommended that you read more about this beautiful

and magical area.

More information about the Ein Bokek area and the Dead Sea can be found on Yael Magali Cohen’s blog here

Enjoy !!!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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