New York for the second time

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After almost two years, in which we did not fly anywhere, something began to release in us,

I felt this was the most appropriate moment for the flight. Why exactly?

Mainly because we are defined as recovering and the chance of being infected again

two months after recovery is minimal.

The truth is that besides that there were many reasons to book a flight and do so,

But it does not really matter why .. the main thing we did!

I booked an El Al flight to New York! I used the credit I had with them (credit for a canceled flight)

And in just a few days I was supposed to close out all the details of the trip!

So the first thing I did after booking a flight was travel insurance.

I called Tomer from Smart and we arranged the insurance, including corona expansion.

We had 7 full days on the trip and since this is my second time in New York I decided to take

a two day trip to Niagara Falls.

The next thing I needed to order is:

Internet SIM card for calls

I ordered a SIM card from Globus Sim with the discount I have.

And already when we landed there I was with internet and calls to Israel and abroad.

Want a discount too? Enter the Hilal code when purchasing

For more details visit Here

Hotels in New York

I had to book a hotel for the first night, go on a two day (one night) trip to Niagara Falls

And book a hotel for the rest of the nights in Manhattan New York.

I knew I wanted to settle in the Time Square area and booked the Pod Hotel for the first night


The hotel was pretty close to Time Square (but our next hotel was closer),

The Food Hotel is a really cute hotel, very small rooms but clean and cozy,

And those looking for a clean and inexpensive hotel close to Time Square can greatly enjoy this hotel.

To book a room at the Pod Hotel, enter Here

Photos from our room:

We landed in New York at Newark Airport at five in the morning, we left the

airport without delay,

We followed the signs leading to the Air Train and bought tickets for

the airport train (We used the place to book tickets) and took this high-speed train

to Manhattan.

For Penn Station, it was fast, cheap and efficient!

We left the train station and straight away we were greeted by the tall buildings of New York,

it was a beautiful sight,

From there we walked to the Pod Hotel, we had a walk to do but we had a nice walk and

also did not rush anywhere.

We arrived at the hotel early in the morning and were immediately given the keys to the

room that was waiting for us.

We rested a bit in the room and then went out to the city for a first coffee

in New York + donuts of course.

So what do you do a second time in New York?

More leisurely hikers, with no pressure to visit all the places, return to the places

we were last time and visitors to new places, hiking in Central Park,

going to a show and / or show, giving up an expensive vantage point

(We gave up), seeing the vassal from the outside (it is closed because some people

decided to use it as a place for a suicide jump), and also

In Highline and Chelsea, take a guided tour of Bushwick Brooklyn

(not necessarily a guided tour but a must visit), shopping in New Jersey,

And go on a two-day trip out of New York City.

We were in Time Square every morning and evening, the place is always bustling,

busy and interesting ..

We ate our first coffee and pastry in Time Square, here:

More photos from New York and Time Square streets:

In Central Park we hiked with new friends we met just before the hike, 

from a Facebook group of hikers in New York,

We met them in Time Square and from there we walked to Central Park. 

We enjoyed the good weather, cute squirrels and the atmosphere

that there is only there!

From Central Park we walked to the big and beautiful Apple store on Fifth Avenue,

to check if the new phone is already there.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant in Time Square, I read a recommendation for

the place and it was indeed successful and relatively inexpensive.

Restaurant name: Olive Garden. We ate two pastas (one with red sauce and one with white sauce)

+ salad + drink.

Total $ 53 per couple including tip.

From there we continued walking a bit on Fifth Avenue,

bought weekly train tickets for each of us and took the train to the station

From which board a cable car to Roosevelt Island.

The cable car ride is short and the view is stunning! The trip is included in the

weekly train ticket (it is possible to pay separately for those who do not have the ticket).

On the island itself we walked a bit on foot, and also took the red bus that does

a free round on the island.

On Roosevelt Island you can rent a bike for $ 15 a day, the bike is right next

to the cable car station.

When we finished touring the island by bus we took the cable car back.

After we returned – not far from the cable car station there is a recommended

confectionery called Magnolia Bakery,

We went in there and bought a special recommended and delicious pudding!

You should also taste the cake called Red Valvet.

From there we drove to the Soho area to wander and soak up the atmosphere, there was

a food market, which we did not know about,

We did a hike there and when we finished we went into a local supermarket to

stock up tomorrow with water, fruit and snacks.

The second day - a two-day trip to Niagara Falls

When we were still in our country, just a second before the trip,

I pre-booked an organized trip to Niagara Falls.

A trip by the Israeli Mali, about whom I read recommendations in several places.

The trip is not cheap but worth it !! It’s hard to describe how much beauty and how much

power there is in waterfalls! Need to see to understand.

On our second day in New York we woke up early (no difficulty because of the jet lag),

cleared the room and we bought delicious coffee and bagels from the

Seveneleven Seveneleven store near our hotel (Pod Pod Hotel).

Mali arrived in transit with other Israeli travelers and picked us up with our luggage.

The road was long and pleasant, with full of stops for refreshment, we got to

know the people who walked with us And it was fun.

Due to the weather (rain was expected part of the way)

Mali made a small change in the plan and first we reached the waterfalls.

An amazing experience to see them up close!

We had to take a cruise that took us close to the waterfalls themselves,

we got really wet!

(We were in the boat upstairs and in front, where we get the most wet)

Those who do not want to get wet should be on the bottom floor

Of the boat, in the middle.

From there we continued for a walk around the waterfalls and then we reached

the nearby hotel, got a little organized and went downstairs

Drink something hot. The room at this hotel is spacious, comfortable and beautiful.

The hotel closest to the hotel is Hard Rock Cafe and they close relatively early.

We saw the waterfalls at night lit by colorful lights and sat at the

bar in our hotel. Whoever wanted went for a swim in the heated pool

And he who grew weary went to sleep.

That day we hiked in other places that are near the waterfalls,

We saw the abundance of water, streams and small waterfalls and overall the

whole area is beautiful and rich in water!

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

The next morning we ate a good breakfast and set off,

stopping on the way at all sorts of places,

Mali bought us corn that is eaten like this straight from the field,

it was a long and interesting road

We saw satellite houses and pumpkins for sale …

We did a hiking trail along a stunning creek and headed back to New York City

And in the evening we arrived back at our second hotel, named Row.

This hotel is well located in the Time Square area, the room is simple (it is recommended to upgrade to a better room),

The elevators are fast but there is a smell of mildew in the elevator and lobby. In the room – no.

This hotel is relatively inexpensive and it met our needs.

All in all we left the hotel every morning and returned to it at night.

Photos from our room at the Row Hotel.

הנוף מהחדר

After settling into our room we set out for a tour of Time Square

We ate great pizza at Joe’s Pizza

We waited there for a while in line but it was worth it,

after that we went back to the hotel to sleep .. Good night!

היום הרביעי של הטיול שלנו

today is my birthday!

Yesterday we saw that there is a recommended patisserie near our hotel and

decided that we would eat cheesecake there

It was highly recommended, in addition it is also my birthday!

So we deserve a festive cake!

We got there in the morning, ordered two pieces of cake and a miracle coffee,

tasted and were disappointed.

The taste was buttery, the cakes were heavy, as the Americans probably like.

And it did not go so well with our Israeli palate.

I packed what was left and gave the hungry homeless we met on the way.

The name of the confectionery I do not recommend: Junior’s bakery

פחות אהבנו

From there we went to Little Island – a new and beautiful place!

See, walk, picnic .. what’s good for you. Worth a visit!

I walked there with a shirt of

Happy birthday girl and fetuses congratulated me on a happy birthday (-:

A great way to get attention on your birthday abroad

From there we continued to Chelsea Market which was not far ..

Everything at Chelsea Market was still closed ..

* Please note, many places in New York open late in the morning (11:00)

and close early in the evening (19:00)

Pretty sucks, but not all places are like that. They say it’s since the corona …

maybe it’s going to change for the better.

So most of the places in Chelsea Market were closed but we did a tour of the place.

Really really close there is the most beautiful Starbucks branch,

a special branch worth seeing.

We drank and ate something small there.

I ate a croissant with smoked salmon and drank fruit-flavored iced tea,

my husband drank coffee and ate yogurt with granola and fruit.

From there we had to go to Highline, walk to Wassel, enter a cute free exhibition there

and continue to a not far destination

As far as I know, all they do is take a picture. A beautiful place I saw on Instagram.

Here are our photos:

From there we returned to the hotel area and on the way we entered

a very nice Italian restaurant,

The name of the restaurant in the menu image.

We ate pasta, pizza and salad (we do not eat non-kosher meat abroad)

It was delicious and pleasant!

We went to the hotel to get organized for today’s cherry – the performances in Central Park!

I booked tickets for a special Global Citizen show that features

a lot of shows by a lot of artists

(Cold Play, Jennifer Lopez, Lizo, Billy Aylish, Camila Kabelo and more and more)

but also a lot of talk in between.

The whole thing was an experience, the arrival at the venue, the orderly entrance

of all the large audience, the great artists Who showed up and the many hours we were there!

We arrived at two in the afternoon and returned at night.

Each ticket cost $ 32 (there were tickets at different prices, I chose a

relatively cheap ticket for standing / sitting on the grass)

The fifth day of our trip

Today we started our morning with breakfast at a place recommended

by a group member The WhatsApp of “New York September-October”

which I joined before the trip.

Place name: Bluestone Lane

The place was really nice, the food delicious, but also very expensive!

We ate a salad and two toast with avocado and drank a coffee.

Today we are going to Brooklyn!

We got on the Brooklyn Bridge subway,

got on and walked on the bridge We descended at the end to its left side to

the beautiful park, sat there for a while and walked by the water

Until we saw the recommended ice cream in the area:

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

It was really delicious! Recommended in the cold!

From there we had to get to another place that was quite far from us so we booked

a taxi through the Uber app and we drove to our meeting point with the guide

of the tour company “Free tour by foot”.

At the end of the trip you give a tip, it is customary to

give at least about $ 15- $ 20 per person.

We did a guided graffiti tour of Bushwick, it was interesting but in my opinion

the guide is not necessary, unless it’s really important for you to learn about graffiti culture.

You can check the meeting place, get there independently and from there walk

among the many graffiti paintings.

The place is pretty safe for walking and quite special, I loved the area.

There are places to sit and eat (the best pizza in New York according to the locals, for example)

We cut towards the end of the hike and looked for a subway station, from there we drove to

Fulton Mall st.

Directions to the shopping area: Get on the subway to Jay st Metro Tech station

Or to Hoyt st.

The interesting shops on the street: Macy’s, Target, Century 21, City point shoping

When we finished walking around this street we drove to Coney Island

A place located on the beach, with a promenade and a large amusement park.

In my opinion there is nothing to bother to get there unless you’re with kids or

avid amusement park lovers.

From there we returned tired on a long drive back to our hotel.

היום השישי לטיול שלנו

We started the day with a stunning breakfast at a

highly highly recommended place called:

Le Pain Quotidien

We ate a baked omelet there and drank a coffee + a stunning dessert,

We really enjoyed the meal from the place and the service!


Today is a long and full shopping day planned for us! We drove at

a quarter past ten from the bus stop …. to the New Jersey Garden Outlet

By bus line 111. In 40 minutes you are in front.

In this mall there are well-known brands at prices lower than the prices in the country.

Excluding the tax paid at every store in the US

(Please note: for accessories yes you pay tax, for clothes and shoes no).

There is also a place to eat.

You can buy at the entrance in front of a discount booklet for $ 7,

but you can also request a discount without the booklet at any checkout.

There are stores that if you give them an email address or download an

app – you will get a discount there. Worth asking at the checkout at any store

How can you get a discount and they will explain it to you.

Pleasant shopping!

In the evening we continued our shopping in Time Square (we made perfections),

went back to the hotel to get organized and went out to eat at Rop Top 230!

This is a restaurant that does not need to book a mirror place to sit there.

It is located on the roof of a building on the 20th floor and the view is great,

Note a little cooler there so you should dress accordingly (both festive and warm).

You can just sit and drink there, because the food is relatively expensive.

I ate a vegetarian burger and my husband ate fish, it was delicious.

The seventh and final day of our trip

Today we are completing places we have not yet visited, such as the “Trade Center”

(I visited two years ago, my husband was there while there were still twin buildings)

This is the New York City Trade Center, where the Twin Towers once stood.

We did not enter the museum for lack of time, but we were outside at the memorial site.

From there we walked up to the Wall Street bull statue, did some shopping at a nearby store

Shopping again ?! Here it just did not get tired …

From there we drove to indulge in food and desserts in the SoHo area

We ate at a restaurant called Sadelle’s

They serve special dishes with bagels baked on the spot, not cheap but delicious and experiential.

We did not book a place in advance but waited about half an hour until we could enter.

Desserts we ate at Dominic.

We drank cold milk in a glass cookie, and ate roasted marshmallows that contained

ice cream and chocolate.

Kind of a sugar load but something special!

From there we continued to the shops on Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center,

which was seen as a kind of renovation …

We finished our last arrangements and commitments with a few shops

and returned to the hotel to get organized for the flight.

We checked out and took the train to JFK Airport easily, cheaply and quickly!

Really recommended

For those who can travel by train with their luggage.

And so he ended an intense, short and concise couple trip to New York + at Niagara Falls!

To read the details of my previous trip to New York, visit here

If you find any errors in my English, please write me a message about it. 


אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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