New York Trip to the Big Apple

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Wellcome to New York

It all started with a post I posted on my Facebook group

I shared cheap flight prices to New York and asked “who wants to come with me?!”

My sister-in-law answered: Me! In October!

It was her dream, more than my dream, to be honest.

But I embraced the dream and flowed with here.

From that moment, we started thinking about flying to New York and

planning more or less When exactly will we fly?

How long do we want to be there?

How do we book tickets cheaply? And more.

There was only one problem and we wanted to fly on a

Sukkot holiday and then the price wasn’t that cheap anymore …

Accommodation rates at Manhattan New York Hotel also skyrocketed, and at some point,

as we were already start “Sukkot” holiday,

My sister-in-law told me that her mother (my mother-in-law) wants to join

and also has friends who live in New York

and maybe we can stay with them. I gladly answered That its suits me!

And we started to check with them if they could actually entertain us,

While we were looking for a flight.

Finally, we found a reasonably priced flight! With Connection in Rome.

The flight was booked on Monday and the flight date was three days later,

on Thursday.

flight details:

Flight to New York (JFK Field) with Alitalia Airlines,

a short stopover in Rome,

and on a return flight – a long 10-hour stop in Rome, so we’ll have a trip to Rome too.

I have compiled a list of recommended places to visit in New York and Rome

and collected a little details about each place, and I did a general daily itinerary.

Every day there, we updated the plan and decided what to do tomorrow,

based on the expected weather.

For example, when it was rainy one day while we were there – we chose to spend the day at

the Outlet Mall and we didn’t feel like it was raining all day long.

New York Weather:

In general – and in my personal opinion – the end of October is the end of the season and the

last opportunity to arrive to New York when it’s still nice and not cold.

From November it gets cold and the cold grows  stronger as winter approaches.

Hotel prices and flights are down from November (not during the holiday season) but

I couldn’t and more precisely, I didn’t want to walk the streets when it was really cold for me.

Part of the New York City trip is wandering the long streets, where every avenue and

street has its unique charm.

So the pleasant months (until warm) can be May to October (not including August).

However, those who do not suffer from heat can enjoy the city, even during the Christmas period

When everything is nicely decorated and there are lots of equal sailors.

We had good weather on most days, the evening was cool.


As mentioned, we were staying with acquaintances, they lived in New Jersey near New York

and every day we did a round trip on public transport or by taxi,

which we booked in the Uber app.

Recommended hotels in central Manhattan that worth checking out are:

Row Nyc – A great hotel, near Times Square, where we arrive almost every day.

Edison – Another hotel located near Times Square has been widely recommended on social networks.

Element – Hotel with a good score, also close to Times Square.

Clicking on the hotel name will lead you to book a room through booking.

Transportation in New York:

I would not define New York public transportation as easy to orient as London transport,

but it is not complicated either.

Recommendation: Use Google Maps or a dedicated public transport app in New York.

Application name – New York subway

It is highly recommended to purchase a Metro weekly ticket for $ 35. It will save you money and time!

The subways cross Manhattan from north to south on two main routes:

Lines 1,2,3 in the west and lines 4,5,6 in the east.

Lines 1 and 4 are slow lines that stop at each station.

Line 2,3 stops only at speed stations.

Please note, there are additional lines that have letters rather than numbers.

Need to cross laterally? Consider using the bus (including at a lower subscription price).

Please note: there are buses where the ticket is transferred inside the bus,

And some of them pass the ticket on the bus station stand

And you have to give the note coming out of the machine to the bus driver.

Anyway – you don’t have to know all the lines.

My recommendation is to put your destination in Google Maps Or the Moovit app,

which is also great, and chooses the route that’s convenient for you.

How to get from airport to city center?

The cheapest way is by public transport:

From JFK take Airtrain to Jamaica Station and from there take the subway.

Another option: Booking a taxi to a downtown hotel will cost you about $ 60.

Another way: Order a driver from the Uber app.

If you register your destination in the Moovit app You will also be given an option

to book Uber and see how much it should cost you.

You can also order a shuttle via Super Shuttle that should cost about $ 25 per person.

All options are convenient!

We invited a driver who was waiting for us and took us to New Jersey,

and on the way we stopped at the Rebbe Milubavitch,

There we were explained about the place, we read the Tehilim and blessings,

we saw the tomb of the Rebbe, We lit a candle and continued on our way to New Jersey

through various interesting neighborhoods in New York.

The Rebbe Milubavitch is the father of Chabad devotees and a very fascinating

and unique figure, He established the Chabad House factory in many parts of the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world met him,

wrote to him and asked for his blessing and wise counsel.

The “Rebbe Milovitch’s Beit Midrash” – the World Chabad Center – is in Brooklyn.

Another Chabad Hasidic site is called Chabad Tent

The Chabad tent is not far from JFK airport where we came directly from the field,

Chabad tent – This is the site where the Chabad Chassidic Admins

are buried, their son is the Rebbe Milubavitch.

The site is located inside the Montefiore Cemetery in New York’s Queens Quarter.

You can also get there by a shuttle that leaves once a day from

the Chabad Center in Brooklyn.

For convenience, we booked the shuttle from a Hebrew-speaking Jew who lives in New York.

His phone number :  +17184966680

Montefiore Cemetery
Tomb of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

New York General Information:

New York is a state in the United States with a city of the same name – New York.

It is the most populous and densest city in the United States.

New York’s urban area is one of the largest in the world. 827 km.

With 7.5 million inhabitants (not including the suburbs).

25% of its residents are Jews. Apart from Jews, you will find people from all ethnic and religious

spectrums and that came from all corners of the world to live in New York.

New York is not only big,  it’s also one of the world’s largest commercial and economic centers

and it’s held that title for more than a century.

Some will say that it is also the entertainment and advertising capital of the world!

New York’s well-known nickname is the Big Apple.

17% of New York City is dedicated to parks!

New York is divided into five quarters, and they are called:

Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Manhattan Quarter –

is the main and most visited district of New York and consists of various neighborhoods,

avenues, and streets.

Easy to find  yourself and get on Manhattan streets

– the avenues are numbered from north to south –

Third Avenue, fourth avenue, fifth avenue ..

The avenues are cut laterally by numbered streets.

Fifth Avenue separates the city’s east side and the city’s west side.

Strolling through the city’s various avenues is a significant part of the New York City trip.

Our trip details:

This time I will not specify the tour details chronologically in the order of our trip,

But I will write to you what interest places you can see in New York,

You can choose which of these places interests you and intrigues you

and it will help you plan your trip according to what you like to do.

Streets / Boulevard / Places in and around the city:

Times Square: This is a 45th and 7th Avenue meeting.

You should get there at different times of the day –

Morning, noon, evening, night – and experience a different experience every time.

This place is New York’s most famous and vibrant place.

Look at there crowds of people sitting or standing on the red stairs

Next to the ticket sales stands for the various shows,

When around huge screens with bright, colorful commercials,

this area is full of people and artists,

Some are disguised as Disney movie characters and they want you to pay them for a picture.

At Time Square we were almost every day! a lively, bright and colorful place to visit.

Tour of Harlem – Suitable for Sundays, in Harlem jazz, blues and gospel music has evolved.

The music was created from the suffering of slavery, racism, and deprivation from many, many years ago.

On weekends in Harlem, the streets are filled with singers and artists from the world

of music and dance.

On Sundays, gospel music can be heard.

It is a song/prayer that is sung in churches, in a spiritual and special atmosphere.

Poetry began during North American slavery in secret African rituals performed secretly.

You can get the explanation of the roots of the gospel poetry, its origins and its significance

on a guided tour that takes place every Sunday In Harlem.

There, in addition to the gospel experience, you will get to know Harlem’s culture, art,

and history. Harlem with its culture, art, and history – in a three-hour tour.

I suppose there are various companies that take such a trip,

you can sign up for such a tour here as well!

World Trade Center – Manhattan Downtown complex,

formerly the Twin Towers, In 2014, the new World Trade Center,

a memorial site and a museum were inaugurated.

Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial Site to Commemorate Twin Towers Disaster and Terrorist Victims,

Instead of the twin buildings, two huge pools were built with names falling on the rail

around each pool, chilling.

There is also a museum in memory of the fallen.

Tickets can be purchased here

Not far away is the Charging Bull – in Bowling Green Park.

The sculpture is sought after for commercials, tourists rubbing its testicles for luck

And take pictures with him both front and back.

Why? Because of the story behind it. An interesting story was related to the 1987 stock exchange crisis.

The undercover bull statue is located in Park Green Bowling in Downtown Manhattan at the

end of Broadway Avenue.

The statue was secretly laid by artist Arturo Di Modica near the New York Stock Exchange one night 

almost 30 years ago.

In the hope that the statue will give luck to the stock exchange and fill the pockets of investors

with a lot of money.

The sculpture is made of bronze, weighing 3.5 tons, rising to a height of about 3.3 meters and 

about 4.8 meters long.

The sculptor, who created the sculpture, spent $ 350,000 to build the bull.

New York Public Library – New York has lots of libraries,

But this library is a focus of pilgrimage for hundreds and thousands of people

because of its uniqueness,

Its structure, the rare books in it, and everything it symbolizes and offers.

You can see the first printed Bible by Gutenberg, a book by Isaac Newton and more..

The library is on Fifth Avenue, at the entrance to which there are two lion statues,

When we were there the lions were covered and we didn’t see them

because they were renovating, too bad for us  )-:

You can enter the library for free, see the people sitting there studying,

tour the various halls,

Sit next to a computer, recharge your phone (in silent mode) and rest a little from

the hustle and bustle of the city.


In New York, many beautiful and powerful skyscrapers are built,

each with its own story and purpose,

most of them are located in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

Almost every building that was built was built higher and higher to get the

“highest building” title in New York, and the construction there doesn’t stop,

so the city’s horizon is constantly changing.

I will only write about a very small part of the famous buildings, as they are very numerous.

Tower of Liberty – as of this writing, it is the tallest building in the United States,

541 feet high and this is the fourth tallest in the world (a figure that could still change

due to the massive construction of skyscrapers).

It was built in the new World Trade Center (after the collapse of the Twin Towers

due to a terrorist operation) with 104 floors.

United Nations Headquarters – one of New York’s tourist icons,

a complex of buildings on the east side of Manhattan.

There are guided tours in different languages. Inside there is a large square of buildings

and artworks from all over the world.

The United Nations Building Complex of New York includes the Central Building,

a tall greenish-glass building, the Assembly Building, which is a low,

flat building that has a dome and a library.

At the front of the New York United Nations building is the flags of all countries

that are members of the United Nations and whose names are listed alphabetically

from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Empire State – a tall building at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, Midtown Manhattan,

The building is 103 stories high and 381 meters high.

The name of the building means New York State: “Empire State.”

You can enter the lobby of the building without going up to his observation ..

* Some of the tall buildings serve as a vantage point, some have a restaurant

on one of the upper floors, of course with a stunning view of the city,

It’s called Roof Top.

Examples of Roof Tops:

203 Bar Fifth a place that contains several different spaces –

some are closed without windows to the view, Some are closed with

transparent windows and one space is open and you can see all the

beauty of the landscape from there.

The rooftop terrace overlooks the Empire State Building and beyond you

can, of course, see the other tall towers in that area.

Also, there are beautiful, transparent shells that snap into Instagram,

where you can sit and enjoy the view.

You should come at sunset or night and have a drink.

We were in a rooftop in Brooklyn, a very beautiful place and stunning scenery,

but we did not like the service and the food there!

In addition, the prices there are expensive! the place name: Westlight

* President Trump has a number of buildings bearing his name,

which he built before he was elected president,

You probably won’t miss them.


One of the best experiences of anyone visiting New York City for the 

first time is a view from the vantage point on Manhattan. 

If possible: You should choose at least 

one vantage point from all the observations and get there in the 

daylight before sunset, 

stay there at sunset and even when it’s dark,

This is how Manhattan is viewed in 3 different and beautiful situations.

Please note: Sometimes you need to add money for a visit at sunset.

We chose to visit the view of the Top of the Rock Tower

We pre-booked tickets here

You can purchase an integrated ticket with additional attractions, for details on 

what you receive and purchase

Integrated card Click here

Next to the tower is a plaza(in the center of Rockefeller) which in the fall becomes a glacier

for surfing on the ice

There you will see Flags from all over the world, including the Israeli flag.

You should come and see this plaza, which is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

recommended place!

Another observation for your choice is from the top of the World One Liberty Tower

Located in the new trade center, 360 degrees of breathtaking Manhattan views.

At the vantage point, glass is clad and is not open (reflection can damage the pictures you take)

You can also stand on a glass floor and see the landscape beneath you,

especially perfect  for those who are not afraid of heights.

Various tickets to this vantage point (without the queue) can be found here and here

A third vantage point is from the top of the Empire State Building tower

From the 86th or 102nd floor (plus charge) you can see Manhattan from above,

Free-to-use telescopes are available. It is recommended to arrive there at day and night.

To purchase tickets for this vantage point during the day and at night go here

For sunset observation, order tickets here


9/11/11 Memorial Museum – an underground museum that displays the details of the

“twins disaster” step by step.

In the southern part of the place are the names of all the victims,

their pictures, the reading of the names and read excerpts from the families.

In the northern part of the building  is an exhibition of what happened minute after minute disaster.

Visiting the place is emotionally difficult, you can try to simulate it for a visit to “Yad Vashem” in Isarael.

Because of this difficulty, the place is built in such a way that you can retire from almost every stage.

There are a number of exit gates in the northern tower and if you find it difficult you can get out of there too.

Of course, the experience is more difficult for those who the event personally touches.

We didn’t go into the museum itself, we just strolled on the site from outside,

Where are the two pools in memory of those who perished.

Purchase tickets to the museum here

In New York, you can find many good museums,

to order tickets click on the name of the highlighted museum:

Moma Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art,

Museum of Illusions, Intrepid Museum (Air, Space and Sea),

Museum of Natural History, Whitney Museum of American Art,

Brooklyn Museum and more.

Hudson Square in the Soho area has the Color Factory

It is not a museum but it is an interactive site, very suitable for children, but not only.

We were mostly adults there and we had a lot of fun.

In some of the rooms, there is a camera with a ticket transfer you receive at the

beginning of the tour.

At the beginning of the tour, you sign up via an iPad, enter an email address and you

will receive your photos by mail.

Recommended place!

Please note: tickets must be pre-booked on the website.

Here are some more pictures from the scene:


As mentioned, 17% of New York City is dedicated to parks!

Central Park, Union Square, Washington Square Park, Battery Park and more

We wanted to see mainly Central Park, we arrived on the spot on a beautiful sunny day

and already at the entrance (from the side of Strawberry Avenue) a cute bike driver came over

and offered us a walk in the park on the bike.

He is a guide/explainer and driver (it’s electric, don’t worry) and you sit behind him, there are 3 places.

This is enough to see all the places in the park.

Recommended for those who don’t have much time and for those who can

go back for another visit exactly to the places he loved on a bike tour.

Want to ride your own bike around the park? You can rent a bike here

Other parks you can see on the city map, Brooklyn also has some good parks to see.

You can read about the parks here

Central Park Photos:

Other attractions:

Tourist Bus – Opinions about which are divided, some highly recommend an initial tour of a tourist bus

And some people argue that New York is less appropriate because there is a lot of traffic jams.

So do your consideration if you come to try to experience the main places

And touring the city for a day to three days on a tourist bus and then experiencing it on foot.

The bus has a variety of routes that surround the city and stop at major attractions and points of interest.

You can go up and down at any of the stations. Everyone and what he loves.

For details and to book a ticket for a tourist bus, go here

Madame Tusso – The famous wax dolls. If you haven’t been to this place yet,

It’s time to visit and experience, book tickets here

Statue of Liberty – found on Liberty Island south of Manhattan.

It is the most recognizable sculpture with New York City.

Those who want to go boating and see the Statue of Liberty without really getting down

to the statue’s location and without getting on the statue can do it for free by

a ferry that leaving from South Ferry Station

Near Battery Park in the Down Town area and takes you to Staten Island.

Please note: On your way to the ferry, salespeople will try to offer you paid cruise tickets

and tell you there is no way to get to the Staten Island for free,

don’t listen to them, ignore them and walk up to the ferry station.

There you go up, see the statue of Liberty during the cruise,

Arrive at the station and take the ferry which takes you back.

If you want, you can come right back and if you don’t have to wait a bit until the next shuttle.

There is nothing to do on Staten Island itself.

A paid cruise can be found here

Photo by Joseph Fish

Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s an experience to get on the Brooklyn Bridge from the

Brooklyn side and march it toward Manhattan,

Especially recommended at sunset, the scenery is really beautiful and the walk is fun

(for those whose legs haven’t tried yet).

You can also walk on the bridge for cycling, bike rental on the Brooklyn Bridge –

you can book here

In Brooklyn parks, many good restaurants, some kosher, you can also find there

recommended stores with good prices, boutiques, chic neighborhood and very interesting and

fun In the Williamsburg neighborhood (make no mistake, you should reach to

Central Bedford Street in the Williamsburg  neighborhood).

Smorgasburg – a food market open every Saturday in Williamsburg.

Bushwick – an industrial neighborhood full of amazing murals, worth a tour (guided or independent).

You can do a guided graffiti tour there and more.

Another recommended area in Brooklyn is called Dumbo, the scenery there beautifully

near the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge,

You can also go there for a cruise.

Brooklyn has a Primark store for those who love this store,

this is an opportunity and reason to come to Brooklyn

Not far from Brooklyn there is- Coney Island – beautiful beach strip with boardwalk,

casino hotels, and more. We recommend visiting there in the summer.

Chelsea Market – Nice place, reminiscent of “Sharona Market” in Israel , there are shops

and restaurants (not cheap but worth a visit)

There’s also Chef Eyal Shani’s Hamiznon (Buffet) restaurant, nice to see.

When we were there the whole complex was beautifully decorated for Halloween.

From there, we go on foot and go up the stairs to the High Line on which we walk up to

the Wassell building.

High Line – Park / Promenade located high, among the various buildings on the way,

Built on a place that used to be an old railroad,

The scenery is beautiful, you can go up and down all the way (but not necessary),

There are some interesting sculptures along the way and points to sit on.

It was fun to walk up to the Wassell building.

You can also walk in the opposite direction If you start at Wassell, up to Chelsea Market.

Wassel – A stunning new copper-plated building,

which opened in March 2019. More than two million visitors have already visited it

(until October 2019). Inside the (open) building there are many stairs,

the wind is strong and the view is spectacular in every direction.

It is possible to go up to the top floor and go down to the first floor in the elevator.

Model of the Wassell Building

The building is beautiful from the outside and the inside, in all directions.

It is highly recommended!

Admission is free but the number of visitors at the venue is limited so you can get a ticket in advance

on the Wassell website or by getting a ticket when you get there.

You can choose a specific hour, from the time available at that moment.

More pictures from the place:

The SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown

I don’t know if you have to go there and some will tell you it is unnecessary.

I suggest that you look for information about the place and decide for yourself.

In my opinion, you can give up.

Desserts, sweets and food:

Desserts “Must Eat”: Donuts, Bagels, Churus,

Where we ate churus:

Cupcakes (Recommended: Georgetown Cupcake)

Ice cream is worth eating in Venchi

Nutella Cafe – It is worth asking for extra nutella in crepe, delicious!

We only ate some of the recommended desserts, we will probably have to return to New York

to make up for the missing.

A restaurant with chanting waiters to visit, simply an experience: Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Please note: Sometimes there is a long queue outside the restaurant so it is best to arrive

before evening and in pleasant weather,

because you may be waiting outside for an hour ..

For those looking for a delicious, satisfying and inexpensive meal in Manhattan –

I recommend a place called Dig

About $ 15 per full serving. Appetite!

Kosher Food: Bravo Kosher Restaurant Network.

Also in the World Trade Center area.

It is worth checking Google Maps location exactly.

Honey ‘N Milk – A cafe and dairy restaurant. In the morning there are also bagels and pastries, kosher.

How to get there?

22 St 45th W.

Steakhouses’ Talia – Meat Restaurant. You can also eat on Saturdays

And pre-booked holidays. How to get there?

441 Avee Amsterdam.

S Le – La Mary Restaurant A French restaurant specializing in kosher meats.

Close to Time Square.

How to get there?

West 46th Street, Between 6th and 7th Ave

Mr. Broadway – A meat restaurant, there’s sushi there too.

We were there, delicious food! Great portions!

How to get there?

Broadway, New York, NY 10018 3572

Great juicy steak at Mister Broadway

Downtown Kosher Bravo – Downtown Kosher Pizzeria.

You can also find sandwiches there,

How to get there?

Trinity Pl, New York 37

Tiberias Restaurant – Kosher Dairy Restaurant. Very tasty food. Is in the area

Midtown in a very central location – near Empire State.

Address: 63 St 34th E.

And there are other full kosher restaurants! Both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

How can you find nearby kosher restaurants?

Download an app called Kosher Neer Me and find out!


The city is vibrant by day and by night and one of the things that must be done in New York is to go to a musical. 

There are many musicals in the city and the choice is not easy.

Therefore, look for recommendations on the web and read the plot summary 

in advance.

Recommended Musical – Kinky Boots, Lion King, Aladdin,

Biotreat Beautiful and of course there is more!

Tickets at a discounted price are recommended to purchase on the day of the 

show at Time Square, the ticket purchase queue begins

It’s at about 3 pm, and it’s very long!

It is worth checking the opening hours in advance, arriving at the tickets 

box ahead of time and prepare a few options for musicals/shows you want 

to see.

We went to recycle Chicago, I less enjoyed it, because I wanted more show, 

more decor, and color, and that musical was very bleak to me.


Consider that sometimes the prices that shown on the item you want to buy

they are pre-tax and when you arrive at the cashier you are told a total amount of tax,

which is, of course, higher than what Indicated on the item.

But there are still items that are tax-free..

To be sure, I recommend simply asking the sellers at the store if you have to add

tax on the price or it’s the final price.

We went to New Jersey for a great outlet called Jersey Garden for shopping,

it’s an indoor and air-conditioned place.

There, almost no tax is paid (if you buy an accessories you do need to pay tax).

You can find there brands (Nike, Adidas, Under-Armor, Nautica, Children-Place, Amber-Combi,

Carter and more) at very good prices.

It is advisable to inquire about opening hours and arrive as early as possible,

because at noon there is a long queues that developing even outside the store !!

and also at the box office! crazy.

We spent 8 hours in this mall until the stores closed!

Lucky they closed (-: Somebody had to put a stop to us!

There is another shopping area that the Israelis love but the ride to it is long

and expensive. There, super brands (Gucci, Prada, etc.) are also sold at equal prices.

Suitable for a pleasant day (the place is not covered).

Place name: Woodbury common premium

How to get there?

Purchase a round-trip ticket from Port Authority Station

– This is a central station close to Time Square-

Please note: a ticket costs almost $ 20 each way.

Another outlet we were on was the last day of our trip (for completeness),

It is a small open (non-indoor) shopping center located in Teaneck

Our hostess took us and brought us back, we were short on time.

Also, there are Adidas, Nike, H&M, a few other stores, a great writer and it was enough

for us to complete the shopping.

Outlet Shopping Tips:

* Get to the outlet with comfortable sneakers on you and an empty big suitcase.

* Don’t be tempted to purchase the benefits booklet.

* At each store, ask if there is a discount/coupon, usually by giving them your mail

you can get discount. signing up for a store mailing list will get you a discount

right away (just ask the seller at the store).


All over the city, you will find various places offering massages

(shoulders and back, foot massage and whole body massage)

The price is not expensive and the pleasure is great!

After spending an entire day looking up (because of the tall and beautiful buildings around you),

believe me, you will need at least one shoulder massage,

oh, and one more foot massage for your tired legs that carries you thousands of steps a day.

I did this as well as a full body massage, a full hour of pleasure and enjoyment at $ 45 + tip.


Most service providers expect to receive a tip from you, and quite a few.

In restaurants it is customary to give at least 15% tip,

sometimes you will find that the price includes service (which can also be higher than 15%).

Out of town:

You can leave New York (in different ways) for a day trip in Washington and/or Niagara Falls

an organized two-day trip,

there are many companies that take such a trip (for example Easy Tour).

If you have enough time in the city, you may want to consider an independent trip or

an out of town organized trip that pre-orders to one of these places

or any other destination nearby.

Sweet shop

So far, my summary, there is more information and places in New York to write about,

but the time is short…

Recommended: To purchase tickets and to see a list of attractions in

the city of New York , sign in here.

On the return flight, we had a long connection in Rome.

I wrote about Rome in another post.

Important Note: on flying to New York from Israel you must apply for a US visa.

I hope I assisted you in planning your trip.

Bye Bye New York

I will love to read your thoughts about New York and about the 

post in the comments below.


אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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