Paris City of Lights

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Romantic trip in two couples

Bonjour! We were supposed to be in Paris a year ago when we were planning a trip to Belgium,

But in the end it didn’t work out, and as they say: everything is for the better!

Because Paris deserves a trip dedicated only to her,

and even a weekend isn’t quite enough to see and experience everything the city has to offer.

My recommendation is to spend at least five days in Paris.

We arrived on a weekend, from Thursday to Monday, when we actually had three full 

and intense days in town.

The flight with Transavia was booked six months in advance when the sale opened.

The cost of the flight was 380€ per couple!

Includes a 20-pound suitcase and two small suitcases weighing 10kg each, 

and includes seat selection.

Hotel: It was hard to figure out where to stay in the city and which area is closest to many attractions, 

so I’ll try to help you with that:

We were at the Elysee Luxembourg Hotel, booked from a Booking site.

The hotel is very close to the Luxembourg Gardens (in the 6th district of Paris), a nice and simple hotel,

relatively cheap to other hotels but still expensive in my terms.

We paid about 100 euros a night for a couple without breakfast.

The hotel is also close to the Pantheon and the Latin Quarter

you can reach from the hotel on foot to Notre Dame Cathedral and other beautiful places.

We were disappointed that there was no metro station close to the hotel, but the only the bus stops. 

But we got along fine anyway.

Other places to stay in Paris: The Mara (Jewish Quarter), the Latin Quarter, Rivoli Street,

The Garnier Opera Area (in the Ninth District).

Security: We felt safe, walked around the city without fear both day and night, 

spoke Hebrew and felt no fear.

In any case, we took extra care each time we arrived at tourist places, crowded places 

and especially the metro.

We kept our belongings, and put them in inner pockets and places that pickpockets 

could not easily reach.

It is easier to keep from pickpockets in winter when wrapped in jackets from head to knees.

Other precautions: stay away from boys trying to sell or give you colored wires near,

be careful of boys / girls who want to sign you to something,

do not bend to pick up a fallen ring or anything like that (which does not belong to you).

All of these are cheating methods to trick you.

Arrival from the airport: We booked a transfer which cost us 30 euros per couple 

one direction (total 60 euros for 4 people).

We could take about 30 euro taxi for all of us together and share the cost 

(we would pay exactly half of what we paid), but we preferred this comfort that someone 

would wait for us (with a sign) and take us directly after the flight to the hotel

without unnecessary break in a new and foreign country.

We also chose the same way to return from the hotel to the field for a flight to Israel, 

as the flight was in the early morning.

Photo was taken at Orly Airport – Shuttle / Taxi Cost Details:

Public Transport Mobility:

We traveled mostly in the metro but also on the buses.

A bus ticket can be purchased from the driver, but is only valid for bus travel.

In contrast, a metro station can be purchased (from the cash register or simply from the machine)

A ticket intended for travel in all modes of transport (write on this card tt +).

We bought 10 Metro tickets every time for 15 euros (it was the most lucrative for us).

If you enter the metro, trains can be exchanged as long as you use the same card within the metro

and can come from one end to the other, including swapping with the same card.

If you arrive for five days or more in Paris – you might want to consider buying a weekly ticket

for 25€ , this card is issued at a train station with a representative, 

also possible at the airport (both fields) to do this, bring a passport photo with you.

Navigation and Internet Package:

For navigation, we used Google map, We got along with one phone that had a surf package 

purchased in Israel.

* Purchase SIM card for Paris phone:

a SIM card for Internet and calls can be purchased at phone stores around the city.

From the recommendations I read on the net: You shouldn’t buy a SIM card at the airport, but across the city.

If you can wait with that then buy at a phone store that is not at the airport.

At the “Orange stores” the sim card are expensive.

A 5GB SIM card should cost around 15€ .

Sim card comparison table from different companies in Paris here.

Our itinerary:

The flight was comfortable and cozy and there was enough space for the legs,

At the airport, the driver we booked was waiting for us, 

and he took us directly to the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel and getting the rooms, we set off on foot to the Latin Quarter,

We took a walk there and sat in a cafe … drinking chocolate and eating Belgian waffle

In a place called Amorino

The chocolate there was heavy and thick, like you take milk or chocolate and 

heat it in the microwave

Coffee and dessert costs about 20€ per couple.

Here is also the famous ice cream that looks like a flower.

From the Latin Quarter, we returned to our hotel, Good night! 

Day 2 of the trip – today we actually started our trip in Paris,

and we chose to experience the city by foot .. we walked a lot on foot from site to site,

after coffee and pastry at Starbucks we started with the beautiful 

Notre Dam de Paris Cathedral which is all Gothic architecture.

The cathedral is one of the symbols of Paris and the cathedral’s two towers are 69 meters 

high. The construction of the cathedral began in 1163 and ended in 1330.

Next to Notre Dame Cathedral during this period there is a huge Christmas tree and 

a small Christmas market .

From there, we took the Metro to the Monomartre.

Montmartre is a hill in northern Paris in the 18th district of the city, 

on the right bank of the Seine River.

At the top of the hill is the Holly Heart Basilica “sacre coeur

In this area is the famous cabaret theater in Moulin Rouge, and also the old windmill 

Moulin de la Galette“.  The sacre coeur Church was built between 1875 and 1914 

on the Martyrs Hill, and survived two world wars.

From the top of the hill you can see the beautiful Paris … 

and from the top of the Eiffel you can see the hill and the Basilica of Sacre Coeur.

Basilica opening hours 6 am to 10:30 pm

Address: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre

We hiked on the beautiful hill until it started to drizzle lightly ..

And from there we proceeded to the excellent and large Decathlon store, 

which is not far from Galleries Lafayette,

not before we bought us a baguette (one euro) at the bakery on the way ..

After doing some shopping in Decathlon

Of course, we reached the Galleries Lafayette in the Ninth District.

A huge, stunning beautiful kind of mall, which was all decorated for Christmas,

10 euros for a professional photo with Santa:

You must see the view from the top of the 7th floor.

Galleries Lafayette Address: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

From there, we continued on to the beautiful and bright Champagne Elysees Avenue des

Champs Elysées,

Situated between the Concord Square (Palce de la concorde) and the Victory Gate.

Want to go up to the victory gate called Arc De Triomphe

You can pre-order a ticket and also skip the queue here

Champs Elysees has special and beautiful shops worth entering, just to see!

For example, car shops:

Or the stunning Ambercombi store

In previous years, Champs Elysees had a large and famous Christmas market, 

but this year there will be no market.

To see a beautiful and large Christmas market we will go to a place called La Defens.

However, Champs-Elysees Street is bright and beautiful and the display windows is

decorated for the upcoming holiday.

At Champs Elysee, you can rent a Ferrari or a Lamborghini 

at 90€ for 15 minutes.

After exploring and have fun at Champs Elysees, we drove 

(this time by metro and not on foot) to La Defense,

last stop on line 1 in the metro. La Défense station name.

Exit from the metro station, go up and reach a beautiful big Christmas market, 

standing next to skyscrapers

The market sells all kinds of foods, sweet and tasty things, chestnuts from the fire, 

hot wine, special souvenirs and more.

Large, beautiful and interesting market. Recommended!

1 Euro per macaroon cookie:

The French were very kind and interested in where we are from …

Hot and tasty chestnuts starting at 5€. 

Today we have walked more than 24,000 steps!

Tired and satisfied we returned to the metro …

Second day summary in photos

Day 3 of the trip – after yesterday’s ‘marathon’ we took off some gear and walked 

less on foot …We started the day every morning with coffee and a pastry 

in a cafe in the vicinity of the hotel, We used Google translation to communicate 

with the waitress who did not know English.

We walked into the Luxembourg Gardens adjacent to the hotel and took 

a short walk there.

Luxembourg Gardens is the second largest public park complex in the city,

It also houses the Luxembourg Palace and Parliament House, which is the seat of

the French Senate.

At this time of year (winter) the gardens are not really green nor at the height 

of their blooms .. and only the beautiful palace remains as it is, unaffected by the seasons ..

This is why we have given up traveling to the recommended Versailles Gardens

In winter it is less beautiful. 

From there we proceeded to the Pompidou Center in the fourth quarter,

Tickets you can purchased here

There, too, as in all museums and tourist sites, there is a long line of visitors 

at the museum gates … We did not go inside.

We wanted to go upstairs to the lookout but didn’t understand where to get in there ..

So we gave it up too.

On one side of the building you can see the beautiful and festive Stravinsky Fountain

The fountain was built in 1983 as part of a large-scale urban project. 

In winter, the fountain does not work (as the other city fountains probably)…

Next to the fountain we saw a talented artist painting a beautiful painting.

It’s worth a stroll around the interesting and vibrant Pompidou Center

Not far away is the Marble Quarter and Rue de Rivoli, worth a visit.

From the center of Pompidou we headed to the Musée du Louvre in the first quarter,

the meaning of the name Louvre – a fortified place. 

It is the oldest and most famous museum in the world (1793).

Tickets for Louvre Museum: E-Ticket

Beginning of the building as a palace that began to be built in the sixteenth century.

The Louvre is located between the Seine River and Rivoli Street, and between the

Twillery Gardens and Saint-Germain Church.

The Louvre Museum is not far from Concord Square and Champs Elysees.

In the museum you can look into the eyes of the original Mona Lisa and many other 

famous works. Right next to the Louvre is the small victory gate:

Address: Musée du Louvre, 75058 Paris – France

Opening Hours: Mondays, 9 am to 6 pm, Wednesdays, 9 am to 9.45 pm,

Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fridays, 9 a.m. to 9:45 p.m., and weekends, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visiting the Museum of Art and Museum enthusiasts is a must.

For those who do not have the time and / or money it is advisable to come and look 

at it from outside.

Many tourists from all over the world come in despite the turn, and the price.

Purchased a ticket here

Pick up the ticket at one of the stores on the site and not at the checkout.

More tips and information here

Near the Louvre Museum, as mentioned, is the fun and vibrant Rivoli shopping street,

The street is full of shops and nice to wander around and hike from it to the Eiffel.

On the way to Eiffel we enjoyed a magical and romantic European landscape

Requested romantic photo:

Eiffel tickets we purchased in advance on the official Eiffel website

It is highly recommended to book this way. 

Those who do not pre-book will find it difficult to get tickets on site.

In this way, choose a day and an hour and get to Eiffel in the elevator almost without queue.

We booked tickets for a lift on the second floor (17€ per person),

Another way to purchase tickets – here

We arrived on time and got up at 4 am on the second floor

We were there until sunset and saw the amazing view from above in both light and dark.

Purchase tickets to Eiffel, including tutorial here

Trotecardo Gardens (taken from the Eiffel Tower) on day light:

Trotecardo Gardens in the evening:

Trotecardo Gardens at night:

The view from above is amazing

When it got dark we saw the Eiffel shining in beautiful lights, it was so 

beautiful and special.

From there we went down to the first floor, toured the floor,

there were ornate Christmas trees and a few brightly lit stands and from there 

we went downstairs in the elevator. We took a bus directly to the hotel.

We rested a bit, warmed up and went out to eat again at a beautiful place we saw on the way

to the hotel from the bus window.

There were restaurants, shops, a famous and recommended grill restaurant called

Hippopotamus (we don’t eat meat overseas).

We sat there at the pizzeria, ate both and returned by bus to the hotel.

Third day summary in photos

Day 4 of the trip – today was mainly devoted to shopping and a festive Jewish atmosphere,

this time it is our holiday, Chanukah!

We first took the Metro to the Primark store in Creteil Mall,

arrive by metro line 8 to the Creteil-Prefecture station (exit from the station directly to the mall).

The mall is large and beautiful, decorated for Christmas,

and it’s full of interesting shops, including Primark

We went directly to Primark, focussed for the purpose for which we arrived.

After a good shopping (the men sat in a cafe during this time),

we did a short tour of the mall and headed back to the metro directly to the hotel to put 

the bags in the room.

From there we headed to Rivoli Street and Mara

And when we got there we followed the stream of people to the Jewish Quarter

Here’s an excellent crepe, you can see it by the turn instead:

Immediately we saw kosher restaurants,

Rabbis offering men to put on tefillin, a large menorah and an invitation to light candles 

at 6 p.m.

We entered to eat kosher food at a restaurant called L’as du fallafel

We really enjoyed it, it was delicious and cozy.

Cost of the meal (like every meal we ate anywhere else) about 40 euros per couple.

After eating, we walked toward a nearby synagogue to view the building from 

the outside (because it was closed),

And we returned to lighting the menorah candles, which at the end handed out donuts 

to the entire audience.

From there we took a metro to Champs Elysees, wandered a little further into the

illuminated Champs Elysees

And we went back to the hotel by bus, to get ready for our morning flight.

The next morning – we arrived at Orly Airport 3 hours before the flight,

everything flowed smoothly but slowly, Transavia’s flight left about half an hour late

but we landed in Israel 10 minutes ahead of time.

Paris, the romantic city of lights, just before Christmastime, 

you were a perfect destination!

Summary of today’s photos 

More info :

* Something we missed because we didn’t know we would keep the information for the next time:

recommended store for perfume and cosmetics – “Benelux” (located opposite the Louvre)

a Jewish landlord who gives Israelis tariff-free prices, try to talk to the salespeople in Hebrew.

* Want to get to Eurodisney and don’t know where to buy tickets?

Disney Ticket Purchase – Tickets on the official website (59€ per ticket).

* List of kosher hotels in Europe – here

* New Triplan trip planning app.

* Facebook group Paris for travelers

* Paris- WhatsAp Group link for joining

* List of “must-see” places in Paris here

* Everything about Paris here

Other places worth visiting:

Want to visit Disneyland Paris? You should read what Gil has to offer you about 

Disneyland in the full guide he wrote here

Buy Disneyland tickets – skip the linehere

Disneyland ticket includes a shuttle from Paris – here

Do you like museums? Don’t give up:

* The Musée d’Orsay – located in the 7th district of Paris.

A must-have place for art lovers and those who are not afraid of long queues.

What is special is that the museum is in a train station structure that has been 

converted into a museum. It first opened in late 1986.

Address: Rue de Lille 75343, Paris

Purchase tickets to the Museum of Orsa here

* Musée Marmottan Monet – the museum presents the largest collection of 

Claude Monet’s works. apart from Mona, works by other artists are displayed, 

more famous and less famous.

The museum is located in the 16th quarter within a mansion and includes a permanent

the collection as well as changing exhibits.

How to get there? at metro line 9, get off at a station called La Moat.

Picasso National Museum – Purchase tickets here

Pantheon – The Pantheon is a neoclassical structure built on the Genevieve Hill in the

Fifth Quarter of Paris, in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

The Pantheon was built in the 18th century to serve as a church and today is a famous burial site.

Famous people buried in the Pantheon: Emil Zola, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Russo,

Pierre and Marie Curie and more.

Address: Place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris, France

Purchase tickets with a preferred entrance to Pantheon here

More information here

web site

* Montparnasse Tower (French: Tour Maine-Montparnasse) –

a 210-foot (59-story) skyscraper in the Montparnasse neighborhood of Paris.

The building was built between 1969 and 1972 and was then the tallest building 

in France, now the second. It used to be the tallest building in Europe.

The observatory at the top of the building can be viewed up to 40 kilometers away.

For about 15 euros you can go on a lookout and see Paris from the tower, including the

Eiffel Tower.

The building stands above the Montparnasse-Bainveno Metro Station, where the

Montparnasse train station stood.

Pont des Arts – Paris’s famous locks bridge, today it no longer has locks,

because 45 tons of locks almost caused it to collapse.

Instead of locks, boards have the option of locking locks on the rail instead.

The Locks Bridge links the Institute of France (Institut de France) and the 

Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre).

Versailles – (less suitable in winter) In Versailles is the Versailles Palace, which includes

palaces and gardens, Established by Louis XIV of France.

The palace and gardens were declared by Unesco in 1979 as a World Heritage Site.

Entrance fee (entrance to the garden to the left of the palace – free).

To purchase tickets for Versailles, including voice guidance for headphones, go here

The Paris Catacombs – tickets including skipping the queue – purchase here

Kosher Tapas restaurant in the Marble Rodchenko district, recommended!

Address: 17 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris

Warm recommendation for Hôtel Le Relais des Halles  

3* Score 9.5 on Booking, and grade 10 on TripAdvisor.

Great hotel, with great service and a great location.

To book a hotel room, click here.

Have a nice trip !! Enjoy!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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