Snow in the Hermon

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The snow season opened on the Hermon site after a wintry and windy weekend

This past weekend, which was particularly rainy and wintry, covered the Hermon site with a full white coat,

On the lower level, the snow was stacked at a height of about 35 cm and on the upper level the snow came Approximately 50 cm high. After leveling traffic routes from the snow, the site was opened to visitors on Saturday.

Thousands of visitors visited the site enjoying a Chanukah and fun first snow experience.

Another weekend is also expected, which may open the site to surfers.

2020, welcomes the Hermon site painted in white and began operating the new trolley That was inaugurated this month,

For the benefit of many visitors. Last weekend will be remembered as one of the significant rain events The state knew, as did the Hermon site that received the first snowfall this winter,

A beautiful and respectable dish that allowed the site to be opened to visitors.

The skiers need a little more patience.

It may be this coming weekend that another system will complete the task.

During the winter extensive work was done on the site, the big and central project is indeed the construction of the new cable car,

Lasting about 9 months. The cable car places the Hermon site at the top of the list of cable cars in Israel, with a cable car of 42 cars,

In each of the 8 visitors, the cable car is accessible to the disabled and allows it to reach the upper level with wheelchairs.

The speed of the journey is about 5 minutes compared to 15 minutes in the old cable car, for one hour about 2400 people will rise

Compared to 700 on the previous cable car. This is an advanced product that will meet the needs of the site and shorten queues.

In addition, work has been invested in the construction of Snow Park for professional skiers, a complex for surfers built on the mountain itself

And not in the snow as it was first built last year. Soon, you will be able to sell tickets online,

This will make it easier for many visitors and cashiers on the site.

The Hermon site is an active resort all year round, the only ski and snow resort in Israel, a major tourist anchor in the north that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

The site covers 2,432 acres, 1,600 – 2,040 meters above sea level. In the winter months,

Focusing on snowy days, the site’s activities concentrate on total recreation in the snow alongside a professional ski resort, surfing trails,

Skiing, snowboarding, and an Israeli surf school.

Many visitors from around the country come to experience a day in the Israeli snow, watching, playing, having fun,

Travel the cable car to the upper level, the length of the cable car is 1250 m and runs throughout the year,

Immigration is permitted at any age.

At the top level of the site, you can enjoy the snow sled pit.

On the lower level are the Extreme (all year) slides, a 1km track,

On it the sled moves and reaches speeds of up to 45 km / h, the skier controls a sled with a handbrake.

The track is built on elevators, descents and surprising turns in the wild Hermon scenery.

(From 3 and up to 1.45 cm height accompanied by an adult).

You can go sledding on your own, or in pairs and it is an experience full of excitement and enthusiasm.

In addition, visitors will enjoy the Sky Rider, air-hung chairs, a kind of gentle roller coaster

And when the mountain is snowing beneath, it is a spectacular experience.

Already head north to the site as they cross the streams and climb towards the site,

Enter an alpine atmosphere of freedom and clean air with a dazzling 360-degree view in one of the most beautiful places in Israel.

Who is right for the whole family.

Hours: 08:00 – 16:00 (Entrance to cars until 15:00) Entry and facilities are paid.

For more details: 1599-550-560

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