Skiing with children in Romania

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I decided to fly to Romania when I realized we had a number of

free days on Purim holiday,

so I was looking for a destination that was cheap to reach and also

not expensive to ski there, still, we flew the whole family

(+ my daughter boy-friend).

So I found a flight with Wizz Air at the end of March from “Oveda” airport

to Bucharest.

5 airline tickets with 2 large suitcases and 3 trolleys + backpack for each.

Average price per person: $ 70.

By the way, this (ovda) field closes at the end of March and

from that moment all flights Exit the field that mor closer to Eilat (Ramon),

It’s too far for us to fly from there, too bad!

Car Rental

We booked a family car through the Rentlecar website for 240 NIS

for all days!

We later upgraded to a larger vehicle (which of course cost more)

when the daughter’s boyfriend decided to join us.


I split our short weekend into 2 accommodations,

2 nights in an apartment in Brasov, and 2 nights in an apartment in Bucharest.

Our trip details:

Day 1 for the trip – Wednesday:

Our flight departed at 10:30 AM, so we arrived at a normal time to start our trip.

When we landed in Romania, we immediately went to ‘Change’

on the field and converted a few euros to Lei (or Ron, the same thing).

I purchased a SIM card for the phone from the florist

Please note: The seller was unreliable and tried to sting me for a

few shekels,

The ticket cost 55 ley and I gave her 60 ley, when I asked for my excess

she said “this is about the help”.

I insisted that she return my excess, as she did not say that her help

need to be paid and She finally returned my excess.

To be honest, it is only 5 NIS  (Lei 1 is worth about NIS) but this welcome

was disgusting and unpleasant.

If you can wait with the sim-card purchase then it is better to purchase it in

the city and not in the field.

From there we went to take our leased vehicle.

Extending car insurance I did through our health insurance,

we just added $ 20

For reimbursement of deductible in case we need to pay for

damage to the vehicle.

We checked the vehicle, we did not give in to their intimidations

and their offer to pay an extra 200 euros

About eliminating self-employment through them.

Please note: If you need to take a taxi from the field in Bucharest,

Book a taxi using one of these machines:

It’s the safest and cheapest way.

Later on your trip, after purchasing a SIM card,

install on your phone the UBER app and book a cab just through it!

We don’t need taxi services because we rented a car.

So we took the vehicle and set off the GPS to Brasov!

As we got closer to Brasov, it got cooler and slightly rainier.

On the way to Brashov, we saw beautiful white puddles of snow that

excited us.


Is an ancient city located in a beautiful area of Romania,

It has restaurants, a Promenade with shops,

a beautiful synagogue and more

Brasov is at the foot of Poiana-Brasov, which is 500 meters above it,

where you can skiing.

I contacted our host in WhatsApp and wrote to him when we

got to the apartment and he was waiting for us there.

On the way to the apartment, we stopped for a supermarket

and prepared something to eat on the way.

Tip: ask for a picture of the building where the apartment is located on the outside,

This is how you will easily recognize it when you reach the area.

The cute apartment owner emailed me a picture and exact

location at my request and we easily recognized the place in the dark as well.

We got a lovely clean apartment which was prettier than the pictures on the

Apartment Name: Majestic Residence

To book the apartment via booking enter here

We settled in and out of a nearby shopping center, entered the Decathlon

store, a New Yorker store, and made a change (required to present a passport).

We stocked the decathlon in the clothing we needed for tomorrow.

I scheduled an email with a ski school called R&J Private Lesson for the

rest of us the next day.

After all the arrangements and shopping we went back to the apartment

to eat and sleep.

Day 2 of the trip – Thursday:

Good Morning! Today is our first ski class!
We have never skied before.
We brought all possible warm clothes with us,
as mentioned, we bought from Decathlon what we were missing
and everything else we rented at the ski resort at 60 Lei per person
(helmet, boots, ski sticks and more).
We arrived on time, got dressed and drove us a minute
and a half to the ski resort.

We got 2 mentors, one of whom was more with my little son:

And the other guide was with all of us.

They gave us basic English instruction and practiced skiing

for two hours.

We each had a different experience, we all got tired of the difficulty

and the effort

and we needed a break towards the end of the class.

Lesson Cost: 80 Lei per person per hour.

After two hours, we went to a nearby restaurant for a pizza

and had to think and decide:

Do we want to take another ski lesson tomorrow?

We saw people (big and small) who skate like champions and it

brought the kids back try surfing again.

We met preschoolers who came to ski in their garden,

Instead of gymnastics, they learn to ski in the snow So young, it’s amazing!

I asked their guide for permission to shoot them and he didn’t

understand what I was passionate about (-:

So while we sat down to have lunch and then we thought and thought

and after consulting and thinking about our older sons we decided

for everyone that we will not do another lesson tomorrow.

For the sake of one lesson, not much will advance us and we would

rather see tomorrow Brasov city.

We will Ski another time several days in a row to make the lesson

more effective and also:

after taking some ski lessons in our country.

Did you know? Skiing in Israel can be studied year-round in a place

called a simulator,

They have several branches (the most southerly place is in Holon),

although the place is not a ski resort, the artificial conditions in

the place are intended for anyone who wants to learn to surf

and practice surfing before the real thing,

With professional Hebrew speaking instructors.

Tip: I recommend studying and experimenting a bit in the country

and then surfing abroad, especially if it is

Your first time and if it is difficult for you with English training.

We only did this after returning from the trip, because we didn’t

know there was such an option In general in Israel.

It’s not cheap to take a lesson there, but for beginners,

it’s worth every penny.

Here is the instructor Michal browsing the simulator in Holon:

And here’s my champion son practicing with pleasure:

After eating we went back to the apartment, got organized and went

out to the hot pools in Brasov. The place name Paradisul Acvatic

Entry price about 40 Lei per person for 3 hours 

(children under 20 meters pay less).

The place has 2 hot tubs, fun hot pools, two water slides,

Olympic pool with bounces, saunas, massage rooms 

(50 lay for 50 minutes), restaurant, lockers.

Massage – We booked on the spot, no phone call was available

in advance.

So consider that this is determined based on free space.

Some of us did a massage, we were there for a total of 3 hours

and it was fun for all of us.

Address: Strada Banatului, Brașov, Romania

From there we went back to the mall for a little tour,

We went back to the apartment, took a shower and some of us

went out to a nice pub that is in the old town

(The little boy stayed with me in the apartment).

Deane's Pub

Day 3 for Trip – Friday:

We got up in the morning, had breakfast, organized the

apartment well and we arranged with the apartment owner to come

and get the key.

From there we drove about ten and a half minutes to the Old City of Brasov,

We went round the shops, visited the synagogue,

We bought us something hot to drink and also ice cream

for the kids and after we had exhausted the place we drove

towards Bucharest.

When we arrived in Bucharest there was a little traffic jam,

we immediately drove to beautiful Park Lake Mall

We did a tour there, the mall is very beautiful,

we recommend you visit.

Before going ‘Shabat’ start we went to our next apartment,

Which is 10 minutes walk from the Old City and 15 minutes

walk from Chabad.

Here I was disappointed and I can not recommend this apartment,

Despite its excellent location. why?

That’s the story: Two days before our trip, the landlord sent a message

It asks that we cancel the order as there is a water tap blast

in the kitchen.

We talk to and told them we couldn’t find

another apartment now Wherever we want.

They spoke to the owner of the apartment

and he promised that the problem would be rectified and be fine.

After we got the apartment and the owner left,

I opened the faucet in the kitchen

and there was no water! So we didn’t have a kitchen.

In addition, the building itself was unpleasant, the apartment

itself had the smell of smoking,

The pull-out couch in the living room was uncomfortable

for children and more.

So I would not recommend the place.

We chose the apartment because of its location and

proximity to the Chabad house and compromised on visibility so

we were disappointed.

There were stunning apartments we could take but they were

far from Chabad House.

Luckily we have barely 2 nights here.

Let’s go back to our trip: On Saturday evening we went for a

meal at the Chabad House, Places booked in advance.

It was really nice and fun, we even happened to meet

girls that live in our locality!

They sat at the table with us, what a small world.

We ate and drank and from there we walked on foot for

a nice and lively old town.

When we got tired we went back to sleep in the apartment.

Day 4 of the trip – Last day in Bucharest:

We got up and walked about 10 minutes to Starbucks

for a drink and a little snack,

When we finished there we went back to get organized

in the apartment and drove to the AFI mall

Cool mall especially for kids, there is a whole area of games there

for all ages: ice skating, small “roller coaster”, jumping place for kids and more

After an hour of wandering and spending time in the mall

(we split up to streamline our visit there),

We sat down to eat pizza and drove away to Trema Bucharest,

Romania’s hot baths.

Recommended and special place with water slides, very hot pools,

In-water bar, saunas, water beds that do massage (at 10 lay for 10 minutes).

We stayed there for 3 hours and returned to the apartment.

In the evening we left for the Old City again,

Some of us ate a kosher food at the Mexican restaurant,

I had scrumptious ice cream at Coffeol

If you want to eat more modest ice cream, you can of course order something less wild, like this:

At the end of the entertainment in the old city of

Bucharest, we returned to the apartment to pack and sleep.

This is the end of our trip,

Tomorrow morning we have an early flight home.

And this is the end of the Purim holiday and our first ski vacation!

It was a short weekend and I experienced with the kids in Romania.

The next day we got up very early, returned the vehicle,

had breakfast in the field and we flew home tired and satisfied.

There is a lot of graffiti in Bucharest

* When we collected our luggage at the airport, we discovered that

it was a suitcase one was broken.

We filled out a form and emailed it to the airline.

Everything we did didn’t help, they asked for

all kinds of additional documents that made us think twice if at all worth claiming for damages.

for your information.

What else can you do in Brasov?

In winter – snowmobiles at 60 euros per couple, an enjoyable trip of

an hour and more.

For snow activities (skiing or snowmobiling) –

Snow Report is recommended on this site

Hours of ski lifts: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 4pm

In the summer – horse tours in Poina Brasov Spiritul Cailor

More information here

Hashalom Restaurant – Kosher Restaurant.

Adjacent to the Beit Israel Synagogue in Brasov.

Strada Poarta Schei, Brașov.


Make sure it is open. Phone: + 40-744-530-186

Brasov, Romania.

Address: Strada Ion Dobran 2, 507075, Romania


Parc Aventura Brasov Challenge Park

There is also a zoo next to it.

Park Address: Strada Paltinului 16, Brașov 500312 Romania


* In Brasov, you certainly won’t miss out on looking up –

On the summit of the mountain that dominates the city

– huge letters proclaiming Hollywood style B R A S O V

What else can you do in Bucharest?

Cereal Crunch Cafe – a cool cafe where you will find full of cornflakes,

lots of types, flavors, milk in color and lots of options for those who eat

gluten free.

Address: Bulevardul Națiunile Unite 3, București 030167, Romania


Gardens, water parks, rope park, animals all information

in the post is listed here

Organized excursions in Bucharest and its surroundings

with Ilan from Discovery Tours.

* Want to read more about Bucharest? Get in on

Shoham and Nahurai’s trip

* Accommodation in Bucharest: Our apartment was not a hit,

but you have the option of going for sure

and book a great hotel in Bucharest (hoping to have a spare room on your date)

Owned by a nice Israeli is my recommendation here

If you enjoyed reading please write me a comment below, 

thank you!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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