Paphos with children

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Paphos Cyprus with children

Our vacation to Paphos Cyprus starts like any holiday – by booking a plane ticket.

I booked the flight to Paphos without much planning,

I just saw that there was a good price

And we can fly with the whole family to celebrate Shavuot there cheaply,

As opposed to the prices in Israel.

So after one day of thinking, I booked the flight.

By the way: One day of waiting – the price went up and I had to change a flight

date to fly at the attractive price I wanted.

Paphos Cyprus – Vacation with the Children – Flight Details:

Ryanair flight from Tel Aviv to Paphos Cyprus on Saturday night (Shavuot)

Back on the fourth day (4 nights total).

Flight cost: $ 80 per person, including 3 trolley suitcases for all of us and

two selected seats.

I had fears we could only get along with 3 trolls on this vacation,

Surely it was challenging for us but we did it big time!

and we even bought some stuff there that went into the luggage.

Our accommodation details in Paphos:

For our family vacation to be affordable and cheap I booked an apartment in a

beautiful condo called Aphrodite Sands Resort with an excellent score and

lots of good recommendations on the booking site.

The complex has spacious apartments of various sizes, pools and a gym.

Want to see the hotel and book an apartment? Get in here

The cost of the apartment for 4 nights is 1400 NIS for all of us.

To comfortably move around in Cyprus, we booked a family car from Rentlecar

for only 400 NIS.

Travel Insurance:

I always compare and book travel insurance on this site

And there, I also added “reimbursement” insurance to the rental car.

SIM card:

This time I decided to pre-purchase a SIM card for internet and calling abroad.

I ordered a sim-card from “Sim2fly” site

And the card was waiting for me at Terminal 3.

The day before the flight, I received pickup and activation instructions

directly to my phone.

And I had unlimited surfing and calls from the moment of landing in Cyprus.

This way my phone number is saved,

And there is no need to look for where to buy a Sim card when I land overseas.

Sim2fly card benefits:

Cheap price, and an unlimited package of browsing volume and call minutes.

This included incoming calls from Israel to my Israeli number.

Outgoing calls to the European Union are all mobile and stationary, and of

course, calls to mobile and statio nary.

The price is Permanent and there are no surprises, no extra charge, and no

additional charges.

That’s it, everything is ready! We arranged for our family vacation in Paphos!

Family Trip Schedule:

This time, I did not prepare a pre-defined itinerary,

But I had a list of attractions and places of interest as options we decided on

a real-time trip.

I will also write here a list of places and attractions in Paphos and at the

end of the list a full detail link about each place.

On the day of landing, we arrived at midnight, picked up the vehicle

and drove to our hotel,

The hotel is about 10 minutes drive from the airport.

We got the apartment, settled down and went to bed.

The next day we had fun without rushing, we bought a Ingredients for

breakfast for 4 days,

We woke the kids up when the food was ready and after we ate we spent time

in the beautiful and comfortable hotel pool for a few hours of rest and


In the evening we went to Paphos city,

and sat at Pizza Hut for dinner

and took a walk on the lovely Paphos promenade where we also saw the

beautiful fortress and harbor .

The next day, after breakfast,

we traveled to the sea caves of Paia beautiful place, you can also swim

there in a shallow area (without lifeguard)

Not far away you can see the “shipwreck” which also has some “sea caves”

next to it.

It is amazing to see such a large ship on its side and filled with rust ..

Not far from the shipwreck is the recommended beach in Paphos,

Coral Bay Beach

So we jumped in for a couple of hours of swimming and rest. It’s a sandy

beach, with umbrellas and chairs for rent (2.5 euros for sunshade, 2.5

euros for a chair), water sports, and a place to drink and eat.

From there we drove back to the hotel, rested and at night we set out for a

recommended tavern called Demokritos Tavern with beautiful performances

all weekdays, also suitable for children

We have enjoyed it!

The Tavern area has a cute pub called the Flintstones, including an area full of

interesting pubs and bars.

From there we walked and walked the promenade again, there were lots of

interesting stalls,

reminded me of the Eilat promenade when there were still stalls and

estates in it,

we also ate delicious and inexpensive ice cream and went back to our hotel

to sleep.

And so it ended a perfect day!

The next morning we drove to Aphrodite Rock,

Already in the parking, we saw that there are many visitors that came to

this place

We went down the stairs and crossed the road at a pass that is below the road.

The place is beautiful, but if you visited in Thailand you will not excited

about these rocks at sea

Because in Thailand the rocks are more beautiful and impressive.

There, too, some people go swimming at sea, but in my opinion, it is

dangerous to swim there,

so for your consideration.

From there we went to the mall (there! Shopping !!)

We first went into the jumbo shop, where we were for too long, a good store!

After shopping, we went into Pizza Hut on the dining floor,

We ate what we love (like last time because it was good)

and we drove to the beach near the hotel to rest and play in the stones

from where we continued to the hotel pool!

In the evening, because the children wanted a tavern again, we were looking

for another recommended tavern

and we found the Tavern Costa which is very close to our hotel (located in

Mandria) We had dinner for the sounds of Greek music and from there we

went back to the apartment to sleep.

The next day – our last day in Paphos – we drove to the

King Evolton beach hotel

It is a five-star hotel with a water park, which can be entered for free even

if you are not hotel guests.

Get a tip! Instead of paying about 30 euros per person in Paphos water park

We spent in a hotel water park and paid (after discount) 10 euros per person!

Just worth it!

After a few hours in the hotel’s water park, we went to eat at the Chabad House,

Which is close to there.

From there we returned to our hotel apartment,

We were allowed to stay there until 5:30 pm so we showered and organized

ourselves for our flight.

At 5:30 pm we drove to the field, returned the vehicle and boarded our flight.

We got (randomly and free of charge) excellent places on the flight.

There is no need to pay in advance for a place on the flight, the Israelis are

getting along with their sons

And change places to sit next to each other.

And so here the spontaneous and fun vacation ended

45 minutes from Israel.

So What can you do in Paphos Cyprus with children?

* Aphrodite Water Park – the attraction that the kids love most.

Cost: 31 euros from age 12.

18 euros from age 3 to age 11.

* Luna Park Paphos – Free admission, the fee for each facility separately

Or purchase a ticket that gives it free access to all facilities.

* Mini Golf – Island Cove Adventure Mini Golf

* Next to it is the Paphos Karting Center

Carting costs: Adults: 6 minutes 17 euros, 12 minutes 20 euros.

Children: 6 minutes 15 euros, 12 minutes 18 euros

* Sparti Park Extreme Rope Park. During the tourist season, it is highly

recommended to arrange arrival at 100040 99 357+

Costs: Depending on the age of the child and the number of tracks that he

would like to make and range from € 14 for children aged 3-5 And up to 40

euros for children over 14 who want to do all possible routes.

* Bowling and its Cosmic World games

* Paphos Harbor Port Promenade

Paphos Castle

Edro III Shipwreck.

Not so far away – Sea Caves in Peyia.

* Two waterfalls in the Adonis Baths baths.

Cost: € 9 per adult, € 7 per child

* Millomeris Waterfalls, Pano Platres.

* Kalidonia Waterfalls.

* Aphrodite’s Rock.

* Paphos Zoo where you will also find a large playground for children,

A petting zoo, a small natural history museum, restaurants and more.

* Tombs of the Kings

Entrance fee – EUR 2.5 per adult, free entry.

* The Archaeological Park

* Venetian Bridges

* “Walking on the Water” Underwater Adventure

* From Paphos, you can go to Larnaka and Ayia Napa, you can read what they

do there by clicking here

* Blue Lagoon Cruise / Pirate Cruise / Other Cruise

Villages near Paphos:

Pano Platres Village, Prodromos Village, (an hour drive)

Arsos Village, Omodos Village (tourist, hour drive),

Lefkara Village (picturesque, hour and a half drive),


Kings Avenue Mall,  which includes, among other things, a large jumbo store.

Details about all these places and other places here

More hotels in Paphos:

All Included – + Water Park – Lagoon Olympic Resort

Laura Hotel is all-inclusive – with a water park

Hotel Lewis Peyton Water Park

Santido – all included

Family Hotel – Alexander the Great

Elmira – a hotel near the harbor – with a children’s club


Avanti Holiday Village Holiday Village


Want to read about our previous trip to Cyprus (Larnaka and Ayia Napa)? 

Get in here

Link to some other trip in Cyprus here

Link to another post about Paphos here

Have fun, see you on the next trip!

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