Money Challenge – Or Where’s the Money to Fly Abroad?

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Flying abroad is no longer just for the rich,

Especially since we have the Low Coast flights!

But the cost of flying is not the only component of a vacation abroad,

There are many other elements that together bring us to the total cost of 

the trip.

If it is a family, the cost can of course be twice (and even more) the cost 

of a couple’s vacation.

And anyway you look at it it’s quite a bit of expense.

So how do more and more people fly abroad anyway?

According to CBS data: In 2017, the number of Israelis who traveled 

abroad was 7.6 million, a 12% increase over 2016.

1.6 million of them went abroad twice or more!

How do they manage to do this and why?

Why? This is a relatively easy question to answer,

Except for the trivial answer that it’s a trip, a vacation, fun and enjoyment

to everything,

There are other issues why more and more people are choosing to 

travel abroad.

First of all, it is very expensive to go on vacation in Israel,

And many Israelis already know that in many cases it is more lucrative

Fly abroad for vacation than relax in a hotel in Israel.

In addition, vacationing abroad has a different, more exciting, more 

challenging scent,

The world is big, the options are many and varied and a trip abroad 

can be tailored to any need, composition, desire and mood.

So how do you fly for a perfect vacation without being impoverished?

Spending the vacation consists mainly of flight, accommodation,

food, transportation and attractions.

How to fly cheaply and how to reduce the costs of lodging I explained:

Here and here and here,

Besides, there are other things you can do to reduce our travel expenses,

Of course, not everything is for everyone.

From the options, choose what you compromise and what doesn’t,

for example:

* Choose a destination that is cheap for a living (flight is not cheap enough)

* Not to go abroad during the burning season (great holidays and holidays)

* Sleeping in an apartment rather than a hotel is usually cheaper

(for an discount on an Airbnb apartment booking please enter here)

Some people go far and sleep free in people who host it but it is an issue

in itself …

Some people go far and sleep free in the homes of people who host

them but that is an issue in itself …

* Do not sleep in the city center because there most often expensive,

but stay away from the center.

* Do not eat in restaurants, try to buy food at the supermarket and cook

alone (this is why you should be in an apartment with a kitchenette).

* Car rental can be waived and transported by public transport

* Many European cities have free tours, you can find out all the details

online and sign up (thanks to Ilana Bar for the tip).

What else can you do to reduce your financial expense and fly without having

to worry?

* Book your airline tickets as soon as possible (or at the very last minute).

One of the benefits of booking a flight several months in advance is

the payment of the trip.

Once you paid for the flight long before the trip, you have a few months

left to pay the other components of the trip, such as paying for a rental car

(after you have finished paying for the flight),

If you later paid for the hotel, all you have left on this trip is to pay for

the attractions and the food.

This is how you deploy payment for the trip during the previous months

of the trip

And do not pay all the expenses at once at the time of the trip

(or payments that continue even after you return from the trip).

Booking a flight ahead of time also allows you to get along well

With the itinerary and all its details, entry fees to each attraction and

how to lower those costs (Maybe using discount cards?

Groupon? Benefits from the accommodation? and more)

It is important to insure the flight if you have booked it well in advance.

* As it is recommended to book a flight a few months in advance, it

is advisable to book a car a few months in advance.

We order a car from Rantlecar

Because their rental conditions and their prices are the best.

And if you don’t book the flight so long in advance? What to do ?

If you do not book a flight several months in advance,

And would like to pay for the components of the trip near you on

your trip –

You can also ease your payment load by “savings plan”,

Aimed at saving money for a very specific destination, like a family trip!

So how do you do that?

Most of us feel that money is running out of our hands so we have no

money to spare and no savings plan at the bank for one reason or another.

Do you feel that way too? If you don’t want to make a savings plan at the

bank, you can still save money.

There is an independent and fun saving method, and it is suitable for everyone.

With this method you feel how you approach your trip more and more,

The excitement that holds you every time you save shekels for shekels

feels real like an integral part of the trip planning.

So what is this method (which I have taken on for a second year in a row)?

I turned to Zohar Binyamini Training and Economic Accompaniment for

Small Business and Families

Director of this “year’s Silver Challenge Group” on Facebook and I asked her

to explain us how to save money for your next vacation, here’s

Zohar’s words:

“Going on vacation is something that requires thought and planning.

And if we regularly go on vacation, say once a year,

It is also worthwhile to take a vacation financially.

Many vacationing families will simply iron out their credit card,

And pay for flights and hotels.

But credit card ironing is no different from taking a loan to go on

vacation (unless you pay a single fee).

Why is this a loan?

Because since you don’t have any money now, you divide the big payment

into payments,

And pay for the vacation over the next six months and sometimes even for

the coming year (depending on the price you paid).

What happens in practice?

You pay for the vacation many months after you’ve already returned

from it,

You may have already forgotten that you were on a trip, and may even

be planning your next vacation.

There is another way to go on vacation.

Instead of paying holiday payments forward,

I suggest that you make the payments before your vacation so you have

all the money when you have to pay.

How do you do that?

How Much Can Your Vacation Cost – Let’s Say 6,000 NIS.

This means that you have to save 500 NIS a year for a year to have the

full amount.

And now the bank is asking for a direct debit of NIS 500 and is applicable

in the CCP.

By the way, that’s exactly the idea of the “money challenge” –

We save amounts all year according to a known table,

So that in the summer we have a considerable amount of money to do

with him whatever we want.

This can be a vacation or any other purpose that is important to you.

That way, you will always pay with money you have,

And you won’t have to see the vacation you already forgot, in the face

of any credit card bill. “

I have saved this year, in this way, easy money for our family summer trip

to Austria.

I saved over NIS 6,000 in less than a year using this method.

Do you have any other savings tips? Write to me in comments

Thank You

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