Coordination of expectations – why is it important?

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For several months now I have been planning our family trip to Austria,

Even after everything is planned and written, I’m still sharpening / upgrading

/ editing, and so on.

I always have more and more new insights, new places to consider –

maybe getting into the schedule?

I check the distances of the attractions from each other, write the

exact addresses for me and how long will it take us from destination

to destination,

Also note how much time you spend in each attraction,

To know if the schedule is not too crowded and if we have enough,

In short – lots of work!

And after all that comes the very important stage

In planning a trip with adolescents:

Stage expectations coordination!

I built a schedule, but is it suitable for my children?

I do not want to create a situation that we have reached a certain place,

Which is not at all suitable for children and does not interest them.

Imagine a situation where

after all the hassle and in most cases even after expensive tickets –

They are not capable at all of this attraction.

And that’s what I want to avoid.

It’s clear to me that it can always happen,

And even if I aimed for their taste no one assures me they are

Be completely satisfied and not disappointed with the attraction we came to,

But it is important for me to reduce such situations to the minimum possible

And plan a trip that is really tailored to them.

Especially when it comes to Austria, where there is almost everything!

Full of attractions of all kinds and for all ages,

Because there are many options it is difficult to choose

And it’s even harder to give up some of them.

Another important thing: Most attractions are quite expensive!

That’s why it’s important to choose them well.

So how did I coordinate expectations with my children this time?

After experiencing our spontaneous vacation in Barcelona

A mismatch between what I thought they would like (theme parks)

And what they really wanted (pool / sea / internet).

This time I made a presentation with the itinerary!

I made an appointment with them one evening in our living room

And I gave them the presentation! It says what we have planned for each

day of the trip.

I was surprised to find out that they were really interested in the flight itself and


What time is it flying? What time do they arrive? How long is the flight? and so’

Information that I didn’t think was essential to them at this time,

But apparently they were interested in knowing.

While presenting, I realized that:

My kids don’t want to visit caves and mines …

It doesn’t excite them, nor do special caves like the ice cave

Or a special mine like a salt mine ..

Inside, I was disappointed, but I decided to flow with them.

True, they can still be persuaded to try,

And they may even find it enjoyable, but when there is such a wide

range of options,

Why not choose what will delight them most?

Just replace the cave/mine with attraction,

Make them more interested. And that’s what I did.

Luckily I have more time to make changes.

I intend to print the presentation, and she will accompany us during the trip,

That way they knew every day what was expected of them today and what

was expected of them tomorrow.

How was practice? Of course, I’ll update after the trip

Until then, we will continue to count the days,

Get excited and plan dream trips

More tips for traveling with adolescents can be found here

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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