Austria – Family trip

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Summer 2018

As soon as I first saw pictures of beautiful Austria I fell in love with this place

and I knew it would be our next family trip!

Composition: a couple + 4 children ages 9, 14, 17, 18.

Airline tickets are booked 10 months in advance.

When you want to go to Austria you can look for a flight to: Salzburg, Munich, Vienna, Nuremberg, Prague.

To get lower costs, I decided to book airline tickets to Prague.

Notice, Prague has a very long drive to Austria,

that’s why it’s not for everyone.

We flew on El-Al’s UP flight to Prague.

The average price per person is about $ 233

Includes: 2 large suitcases for all of us + 6 small suitcases, and seats for 3 people out of 5.

Accommodation: Landhous Rustika

Once I realized that I wanted this perfect place I did not compromise 

and I had reserved places 10 months in advance.

I believe that it is possible to find cheaper accommodation in Wagrain area,

but I did not compromise on that, because it is an experience in itself to sleep and 

get up in such a place – well kept, clean, spacious, pastoral, rustic yet modern.

In short, as I said perfect to me.

We got a 2 room apartment + living room and dining area with large and well 

equipped kitchen + 2 showers and toilets + balcony.

Pictures from our Zimmer:

Our landscape:

Please note in Salzburgland you pay € 2 per person per night taxes,

This amount is added to the amount of accommodation paid to the owner.

We chose to hike only in the Salzburg region and not spread to other areas,

like the Tirol area and others. Since we only have a week in the area

and there’s a whole lot to do there.

From the wealth of places and attractions you have to choose what you like best

and what’s most interesting, there is no choice, about some of the places

You have to give up (or add days to your trip).

After planning the itinerary and deciding what attractions we want

I figured out how much each attraction would cost and if it was worth buying the Salzburgerland card 

Which provides entry to full attractions.

My calculation showed that we should purchase the ticket.

The cost of a 6-day ticket is 33 euros per child (up to the age of 15) and 66 euros per adult.

In Austria, I purchased the Salzburg card at the Tourist Information Center in Wagrain.

What do you need to know about the Salzburgerland card?

The card is valid for 6 or 12 days (depending on what validity you purchased) 

from the time it is activated.

In Salzburg, the card can only be enjoyed for 24 hours from the time it is activated.

It is worth checking the viability of purchasing the ticket after planning the route and 

before purchasing it. 

It is worth buying the ticket in Austria.

So far the dry details ..

After a very long wait of several months the summer has arrived and our trip is off!

The flight from terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport departed on time and moved pleasantly,

We arrived in Prague and collected the vehicle we rented in advance from Rentalcar

Spacious, manual, diesel, with 9 seats and large trunk.

I purchased a 20 euro sim card at terminal 2 in Prague. We turned on GPS

(We also had one in the car) and off we went.

The internet only worked for me in the Czech Republic and when we left the area 

the internet stopped working,

although I asked for a sim card that would also work in Austria, the seller probably 

didn’t understand me.

We got along with the built-in GPS that was in the vehicle.

When we reached the border of Austria, before crossing the border, we purchased from 

a gas station sticker named Vignette for the Expressways at € 9.

On the way we stopped several times to refresh, we did some shopping at the 

supermarket before it closed.

*Most supermarket in Austria close around 6:30 pm*

We arrived after a good few hours driving to our Zimmer in Wagrain.

Wagrain is a great location for star trips in the Salzburg area.

We were greeted with a smile by Rainier the owner of the place.

* Link to an apartment / room reservation at Landhaus Restica Wagrain here

* Dirty clothes for laundry can be given to the owner at the cost of 2 euros per machine.

You get your clothes clean and dry.

We settled in the Zimmer, had a dinner and got ready for sleep.

Our third floor apartment name: Glockenblume

Day 2 in Austria: Today our trip begins,

after a good night’s sleep we had breakfast that I made in our private kitchen,

omelettes, bread, butter, vegetables, chocolate spread, hot drinks, tuna-fish (brought from home).

For today’s , I prepared a soft cooler that we brought with us:

Bread, disposable knife, chocolate spread, box with schnitzels 

(I made and froze in the country), water.

An ingenious and economical idea: bring frozen ground in a soft cooler with fried 

survivors and patties! It was good almost for a full week.

We also took the car with us every day: 

warmer swap clothes, swimsuits + towels and sneakers.

I brought simple towels from home that I have no problem throwing at the 

end of the trip and we used them outside of the room.

We left the Zimmer around 8:30 and first we entered Altmark

where we found a creek and dipped into it a pot I did “Hagaala” (that way I can use it).

We also went into nice shops we saw on the way and from there we went straight 

to the GoKart, the Parking is free, we purchased tickets for 11am

and we got on a cable car with a beautiful view of the departure point.

קארטינג גו קארט

Up there we were sitting in a friendly restaurant drinking hot chocolate and eating 

a delicious dessert called Kaisersharmen,

Which looked like scrambled pancakes and a dollop of apple puree.

At 11 am we got along with everyone training and set off down the mountain, 

it was really fun!

7 km of curvy descent. Everyone enjoyed it!

Address: Rohrmoosstrasse 218,

Schladming 8971, Austria

For more details go to the Site

From there we drove about half an hour to the Zipline Omega

Which is in the town of Gröbming

There we had to wait a bit, meanwhile, we ordered a ticket and arrived at 13:30 to pay,

weigh and receive a fly kit for the rotation that leaves at 2 p.m.

(Sunday pre-order on website due to overload).

When it was time for us to get on a bus that took us up high to the mountain,

from there, we walked a little on foot to the ramp from which skiers.

Up there we were wearing the equipment we got (we asked for help from people 

who were there with us), each one sits in turn waiting for a group launch (3-4 people together)

I was afraid and scared and wondered what the hell am I doing there ?!

But I surfed like a big girl with great pleasure (after one second of fear at 

the beginning of the surf down)!

It felt like a paraglider,

too bad it ended quickly.

Address: Stoderstrasse 114,

Grobming 8962, Austria

For details enter the site – pay attention to the browsing hours and costs.

As we drove away, we stopped at a town that was on our way, 

and did a little pedestrian turn…

and we ate ice cream

From there we rushed to Halstatt,

Why did we rush? Because the kids wanted to have time to get to the Wasserwalt water park in Wagrain

Which is closed at 6:30 pm (the park is open until 8 p.m.).

So in Halstadt we parked in the P2 parking lot near the center, 

we did a quick walking tour there,

because of the children’s impatience and we drove back to the Zimmer.

What can you do in Halstadt?

Wander around the town by the lake,

feeding ducks, boating in the lake 8-10 euros per boat,

View of the Halstatt Top

recommendation from the network: 

at the end of the Halstatt promenade near the parking lot go through a street

and come to a magical place with games, water slides and more ..

Many talk about the beauty of this place, and in my opinion Halstatt is beautiful,

but we loved Bled Lake in Slovenia more 

We didn’t get to a water park in Wagrain, we’ll be there another day.

On the way to the Zimmer we stopped by a huge pile of wood

We arrived at the Zimmer by daylight (summer is light until 9pm) and enjoyed the animals and the yard

In the evening we went out for a beer in the Joe’s Pub recommended on Facebook,

I did not understand why they recommended the place.

The pub looked deserted, we got there at ten o’clock and the waitresses who were there 

looked at us a little in shock,

probably because we arrived at such an hour.

at ten o’clock we were informed that the pub was closing, a little delusional.

So after a quick beer we go to bed and gather strength for the next day ..

Day summary video

Day 3 in Austria – 

another magical morning in our country cottage,

How nice to wake up here.

If you are good you may be see during the day

fresh egg (or eggs) in the basket at the entrance to the Zimmer

After breakfast, we went to the Sigmund-Ton Klamm,

there walk on wooden bridges beside the water.

A short and fast route that ends at a large waterfall connecting the gorge to Lake Clamza.

The lake is beautiful, it has a mesmerizing color, the water is clear and it all looks like a mirror!

When you reach the waterfall you can walk on the path on the right

on a circular route back to the parking lot through the forest.

In the left turn is a path leading to the lake for a walk

of 3 km at the end of the path leading to the car park.

The entrance to the channel is included in the Salzburgerland card and the lake is 

open with no entry fee.

Sigmund Ton Parking Address:
20 Krafthausstrasse Kaprun

Lake car park address:
49 Kesselfallstrasse Kaprun

Not far away, at the entrance to the city of Capron is the Maisiflitzer skis complex

You see them as you pass by, so we went in and surfed the slides

It was short and a little disappointing, so I don’t recommend it.

A much more interesting area – later in our trip – is the Lucky Flitstzer slides in Falchau.

From there we drove to the place where the kids wanted the most, Mount Schmidt 

to Schmidolin Park, but it didn’t go so smoothly … The address I had led us to another site,

there I asked for directions from one of the employees, who gave me a map and signaled where to go,

and when we got to this place, and we paid a fee, it turned out to be not the right place.

The cute guy who works there was wrong and wrong, we had to go to another site,

So once again go to cable car number 3, this time it is it.

We see a big sign of the attraction,

free parking and access to the cable car.

Pay attention! If you are asleep in the area you will receive a regional card from your

 Zimmer / Hotel owner and you can get on this cable car for free,

If you do not sleep in the area and do not have the regional ticket, you will pay a lot on board this cable.

€ 70 per family only on the cable car!

So we paid, and we went, and to top it another disappointment with my 14 year old.

Motorcycles suitable for his age (it is between the small and the big) –

have to charge for an hour, after every ride !!

Which means – long wait!

His disappointment cannot be described.

The 9-year-old boy, on the other hand, rode a small motorcycle tailored to his age and had a great time.

Riding is allowed from the age of 6.

They say there’s a lot to do on this mountain,

We did not find a transitional matter in it.

Conclusions specific to the Schmidolin site:

We recommend sleeping in the area, 

we recommend arriving early,

We recommend you check out a pre-order booking option

(Especially when it comes to medium motorcycles)

Phone +43 (0) 6542 / 789-211


Address: areitXpress, Salzachtal-Bundesstraße 7, 5700 Bergstation, Austria

Login to the site

From there we went to Zell am see to a stunning beach called Strandbad,

with full of pools and water activities, perfect for kids

Admission is included in the Salzburgerland Card

If you do not have a card, you will pay € 7.5 per person.

Address: Esplanade 16, 5700 Zell am See

From there we went to the baths, Amade therme Altenmark

The place was crowned by the children as the most successful place

of the water parks we’ve been to in Austria.

There is: indoor pool, outdoor pool, hot tub, whirlpool,

Challenging water slides, an Olympic pool with bounces,

Minor compound, adult sauna complex.

Included in the Salzburgerland Card

Address: Huaptstasse 624.

Here we spent 4 particularly enjoyable hours !!

תרמה אמדהתרמה אמדה

At night we drove to Falchau, where a little more alive and crowded

and we ended our day with a lovely summer festival

Interrupted by rain that particularly wet us.

After strolling among the booths, singers and inflatables

and after we got wet we sat at the Pizzeria in Falchau,

We had dinner and returned to our bed (-:

Good night

Day 4 in Austria – 

We start our day at the Festung Hohenwerfen.

Hohenwerfen Citadel is about 30 minutes drive from our Zimmer

On a cliff overlooking the valley and the Zalaz River

It was built about 900 years ago and served as a prison in ancient times.

The attraction of the place is the ancient falcon center, where a bird-watching show takes place.

Whoever gives up the funicular up (extra charge)

can walk to the fort on foot about 20 minutes walk,

the road is shady, pleasant and with a beautiful view.

We got paid at Funicular to save time.

Upstairs in the castle is a little activity for small children, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

It is recommended to arrive about half an hour before the show, no more.

We were at a show that took place at 11:15,

nice show. In my opinion it is suitable for smaller children than mine.

Where should you sit during the show?

On the grass under the big tree, but there is no shade,

then come with a visor cap or sit on the benches next to the wall, where there is a shade.

At the end of the show there is a guided tour, accompanied by headphones.

Stand in line for headphones (there are also headphones with audio in Hebrew)

We gave up! and we moved on.

Included in the Salzburgerland Card.

Hohenwerfen Fortress
Burgstraße 2
5450 yards

From there we went to the Abtenau slides –

Abtenau Karkogel Sommerrodelbhan.

Ascending boarding, enter with Salzburgland ticket.

2km surf in beautiful, fun scenery! Worth it!

There is no need to stand at the cash register, up there was a bit of a queue.

The complex has a cute little playground and trampolines.

Included in the Salzburgerland Card. One free surf.

Address: Abtenauer Bergbahnen 5411 Abtenau

From there we drove thirty minutes to the stunning Lake Gossau in its beauty

We found a great parking spot in the P1 car park, near the cable car,

free on-site parking for up to 3 hours.

All you need to do is put paper next to the windshield of the vehicle, on which you will write 

date and time you arrive.

In the lake we rented a boat for 4 people (the little boy was not counted) and also a sap for an adolescent.

The sailing is so fun, a peaceful and relaxing position and the view is amazing!

Don’t miss the experience! It is recommended to rent the boat for at least an hour.

From there we went back to the car and got to the cable car,

notice the last return of the cable car below.

From the top you can see the lake and the Dachstein Mountains, simply stunning!

Included in the Salzburgerland Card

Address: Gosauseen, 4825, Austria

About 20 minutes away are Golling Falls, so we decided to get there today as well.

The route from the entrance to the waterfalls is beautiful and very short,

Stunning waterfall, this is the place for a family picture!

Included in the Salzburgerland Card

But without Salzburgerland card You can also enter the place for free from 6:30 pm.

Address: Wasserfallstrasse 23 Toren.

We wanted to spend time in Aqua saltza very close to the falls but it was closed 

for renovations What a disappiontment !

So we went back to our Zimmer sooner

Later the boys went out for a beer in the pub after dinner and the girls stayed in the Zimmer.

Good night !

Video for the last two days:

Day 5 in Austria – Friday week, today we need to get ready for Saturday.

While the kids were asleep we went shopping in the nearest supermarket,

we bought vegetables, fruits, fish (salmon) prepared for baking, milk, water, eggs, drinking,

bread and everything we need to “Shabbat” (except wine).

Today we will go to pray with an Israeli family who is hosting us in their Zimmer

along with many more Israelis that came to prayer.

The group was organized in advance, further from the country, and opened a WhatsApp group.

The people of Israel are the best.

This morning we opened a magical rope park south of Falchau, which is next to a small lake,

and there is: rafting, lake omega, rappelling, mountain climbing and more

The details of the park are in the “Traveling Family” book,

The problem is that you have to arrange the time of arrival to get a guide there.

We didn’t coordinate, so we had to wait for the guide, to whom someone from the nearby restaurant called.

We gave up waiting, the kids played some volleyball and we enjoyed the lake.


Address: Badesee Flachau 5542, Flachau, Flachauwinkl.

From there we proceeded to the Lucky Flitzer slide complex.

There was a long queue for the slide box, so the kids chose for themselves instead

other activities, a sagway for the big ones (€ 10 each) and a electric ATV for the 9 years old boy.

It was very nice and the kids had fun.

  From there we went on a visit to Magical Jagger lake

There we did a picnic, a walk by the lake, fed ducks and geese

Address: jaggersee.

From there we moved to our main destination for this day –

Alpentherme Gastein Water Park has donated to Bad Hofgenstein

The place heve an outdoor pool and a heated indoor pool,

an indoor pool featuring children’s cartoon movies, bathrooms,

two large slides, spa / sauna area, full naked entrance only.

Parking – out of place, cost 2 euros.

Parking can be refunded. Ask at the box-office. 

There is a restaurant on site.

The place is very beautiful and special but our expectations were probably too high, we enjoyed it

But in Therme Amade  we enjoyed more.


Address: senator wihelm wifling platz -platz 1,

Bad Hofgastein 5630, Austria

Admission is included in the Salzburgerland Card.

From there we returned to Zimmer to get ready for prayer and to Shabbat dinner.

The prayer was exciting!

At the end we made a kiddush and returned to Zimmer for Saturday dinner.

Shabbat Shalom!

Day 6 in Austria – Saturday:

Today we got up a little later than usual,

and we spent time in our Zimmer.

We walked 10 minutes on foot to Grappenberg Cable Car,

We went upstairs with the cable car and there we walked among the facilities on site.

Lovely and beautiful place in nature,

It is recommended to spend about 3 hours on the spot.

The place is magical and beautiful but I think it is more suitable for small children than adolescents.

Caution ! White ribbons are deployed around the children’s facilities to prevent the cows from grazing 

around enter the compound.

These films are electrifying. Although small but it is really unpleasant.

Address: Markt 58, 5602 Wagrain

from there we walked to the Wasserwalt water park in Wagrain

On site: compound with indoor pool (not very large), 2 water slides in the indoor complex,

and an outdoor complex with 2 additional water slides,

sauna area for the whole family, buffet and lawn.

Included in the Salzburg Card

Address: Wasserwelt Wagrain
Joseph Mohr Road 5
A-5602 Wagrain


From here we went to enjoy our Zimmer, his special pool, the peace and quiet.

We rested for lunch / evening and got up at night to look for night-life.

The big downside to this area: most places close early,

It is difficult to find a suitable place to spend the night.

We searched for a interesting pub in St. Johann and didn’t find it, so we went back to the Zimmer. 

I retired to sleep with the little boy and the rest went out to a little local pub in Wagrain.

good week!

Friday video summary Saturday

Day 7 in Austria – Sunday Today we went to kaprun again.

In kaprun we saw an open supermarket and next to it a shop where we bought gloves that fit snow.

this is the place:

Snow in the summer? Yes Yes. But first:

The reservoirs and dams in Capron

Please note: there is a 10-floors of car park,

It is recommended to park your car on the top floor,

nearest to the box office and the entrance.

After purchasing tickets you will get on a bus,

move from it to a giant funicular,

Then get on another bus (I recommend sitting on the left side of the bus)

From the bus window you will see the blue reservoirs.

I recommend getting off the bus at the top stop,

When you reach the top you will walk on foot above the dams until you reach a kind of glass building

Where there are exhibits about the place.

The view is amazing! It’s time for another family picture.

From there you can continue on foot to the bus stop where you did get off.

An on-site guided tour requires you to purchase another ticket at the box office upstairs when you get there.

Set aside at least 3 hours.

Address: Kaprun Alpine reservoir starting point,

Kesselfallstraße 98, 5710 Kaprun

Very close to the dams is the Kitzsteinhorn Mountain and Glacier,

So we decided not to miss it.

To get to the top you have to get on several cable cars

for 40 minutes !!

Notice that it takes more than 3 hours there,

the last cable car goes down at 4pm so arrive on time so you won’t be under pressure

and you can enjoy the place.

Be careful not to forget things and coats in the cable car.

Lovely place! Like visiting ‘Hermon’ on a hot summer day.

It is important to bring a sunscreen with you that burns from the sun without feeling,

Snow-fit gloves, long pants and a coat (especially for kids).

The kids really enjoyed playing and skiing in the snow!

From there we went back to Wagrain,

We entered the water park again, this time with the ticket we received

at the first day we arrived from our owner Zimmer Ryanair.

And there we ended another day full of experiences.

Day 8 in Austria – today we say goodbye to our stunning Zimmer

and traveling to Salzburg city, it’s our last day in Austria.

We arrived in the capital of Salzburg, Austria’s fourth largest city.

We parked the vehicle in the central and recommended car park in the “Traveling Family” book

and from there we walked to the science park – a lovely place for kids,

With a seamless interactive view, you can be there for 3 hours or more.

It is tiring and the legs of the adults are a bit failing at the end.

The Museum / Science Park is included on the Salzburgerland ticket.

Don’t forget to sign the parking ticket at the Science Museum box office

It gives you a significant discount.

In spite of the difficulty of our feet, we continued to walk around the city,

We stopped to eat at the restaurant, it wasn’t cheap.

They also charge for hot water we requested

and service on everything on the menu (different service tariffs for drinks and food, etc.) ..


we enjoyed the food and continued on to University Square.

There we went on Funicular to the Citadel (although the children did not want to go up).

The fort has a beautiful view of the city from above

and all kinds of rooms with exhibits (which didn’t really interest us).

An Aliyah to the Citadel is included on the Salzburgerland Card.

Back in the vehicle we saw the beautiful bridge of lover-locks.

At the bridge you can go on a cruise whose price is included on the Salzburgerland card

We paid 6 euros for parking (after a discount).

Our last 2 day video summary:

From there we drove about 20 minutes to Outlet Feeding because the adolescents needed some shopping.

At Adidas and Nike stores we found good prices for sports shoes and school bags.

Don’t forget to request tax refunds in the field at checkout.

Our trip map:

When we were done we started the journey back to Prague.

A very long way! We tried to stop few times to refresh.

Continue our trip to Prague here

After a little stroll in Prague, 

I can say that we had a perfect trip in stunningly beautiful Austria .

I highly recommend you to travel in Salzburg Austria !!!

Other Recommended Accommodations in Wagrain For Families:



also here


and this stunning place  here

A warm recommendation from my friend Nir Schiller:

For rafting and canyoning in Tyrol in the town of Haiming:

the attraction called canyoning is suitable for older children,

this is a company, that is 32 years in the field, will not be disappointed and you should 

coordinate in advance …

Canyoning and rafting base
Old Bundesstrasse 44
A – 6425 Haiming / Tirol
Ötztal – Tyrol

Phone: +43/660 68 07 109

The owner of the business for direct contact at WhatsApp:
Marcel: +436641208930

See you at the next trip!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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