Israel’s 70th Birthday

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A trip to the north of the country

In honor of Israel’s 70th Independence Day, I decided to add a new category

“travel in Israel”

to my blog and go out and travel more in the Land of Israel!

The truth is that I have long thought that in the country we are not traveling


Nor do you know you properly.

70th birthday to the country is a good enough reason to tour the country!

So I promised and kept going, and it was actually easy. Because after

Passover we did almost nothing,

The conscience bothered me so I went to the Nofi Gonen villageresort

website (click on the name of the hotel),

I saw there was an operation for Independence Day and within minutes I set a

fact for the family !!

This time we are going on a trip up north!

A year ago, I was in this resort as part of my job,

And I knew then that I would return there sometime with the family.

As I was preparing for the trip, I had some thoughts on the benefits of

traveling in Israel,

So why travel around the country?

Apart from the obvious reasons (we have a great and beautiful country!

Know your country! Etc.), there are several other good reasons:

* When packing is not a problem of overweight, the suitcases should

not be considered at all or think twice about what we will give up because

there is no room in the case.

* There is usually no need to find out and pay for a car rental, go on a tour

of the familiar and suitable family vehicle for our vehicle

* You can drink plain water and no need to stick to the mineral water.

* No language problem.

* No problem finding kosher restaurants and all types of food.

* Israeli breakfasts and rich as they can serve in the country!

And more (do you have anything to add? Write to me in the comments)

We live in the south, and at first I intended to stop on our way north in the

“Valley of the Springs,” but since it was Independence Day

And there was expected load on site and load on the roads, I decided

we would leave Izzy from home without pressure and without getting

stuck in the roads or queues for hours.

Also, the kids slept late at night (more so early in the morning) on

Independence Day.

So we got up fun, loaded everything into the car and left around 12 from

home north.

we are ready:

On the way north of course there are many stop options,

we stopped for ice cream,

And further, further north, we stopped by the Jordan River,

where there are ATV rides

And an option to settle down with a waterfront tent

We ate “Druze pita” and had fun in the river water

From there we proceeded to Kibbutz Gonen to receive our room

The room is simple and clean, it has a small fridge, coffee / tea set,

small table and two chairs.

* It is important to know that the village has different types of rooms and rooms,

at different levels and prices accordingly.

And another important thing: bring something mosquito-repellent to your body

and maybe even a power supply in the room,

Because whoever feels may be stung by mosquitoes.

There is a dining room, pool and cute living area

And peacocks and cats walking freely in the kibbutz

In the evening we went out to celebrate my big daughter’s 17th birthday

While she will be 17 on Sunday, the festivities began today (Thursday)

We went to Kiryat Shmona (about 15 minutes drive) and ate in a coffee shop,

delicious food including a dessert with distillation and birthday songs

From there we went back to sleep at Kibbutz Gonen tired and satisfied.

The next day we had a very nice breakfast, the kids were happy with the meal and that

is what is important to me

There was a selection of cheeses, omelettes, breads, pastries, hot drinks,

juices, fruits and more.

After breakfast we drove (a few minutes drive) to the Tel Dan Nature Reserve.

Matmon subscribers enter the reservation for free, a family with 3 children without

a subscription will pay about NIS 100.

Dan River flows from Tel Dan and later reunites with Hermon River and Nahal-Snir,

which together form the Jordan River.

The length of the Dan River is 20 kilometers.

The place is stunning! The route is very easy to walk, the whole route leisurely and with

a break takes about an hour.

You can even see the bear Fu’s tree there

Or heaven …

At the end of the route there is a pool that can be dipped.

In short a lovely track and very suitable for families!

Don’t forget to bring you a towel, sunscreen and changing clothes.

From there we went to eat at Fish on the Dan, a restaurant that my kids know and

love very much,

Because of the uniqueness of the place, eat by the creek, and usually there are

chickens and cats that can be seen

In addition to the restaurant there is a fish shop and fish ponds, which the kids

enjoy there too.

The main drawback of the place (apart from the distance in our case) is the price.

The portions are relatively expensive.

You can search for coupons on the “CouponOff” website for example and lower

the costs slightly.

After we ate and sat down, we returned to the hotel room for lunch

And on Saturday night, we had dinner (including kiddush properly) at family

members who live in Moshav Dishon.

It is a good idea to take an ATV excursion with the charming Ofer!

Monday night at Nof Gonen, Saturday morning having a leisurely breakfast,

Ask about the time of vacancy and allow us to vacate the room at any time.

So we went for a bit to enjoy the beautiful big pool and the living area,

We packed comfortably, checked out and drove away (about an hour

and a quarter drive) to Rosh Hanikra!

Stunning place in its beauty! A wild and beautiful seaside, who has not

been there yet -must come.

The last time we were there was in 2010..8 years ago.

What are you doing there? (Buy tickets with some discount, I used a credit

card benefit)

Start with an amazing observation

Get off the cable car and there you march in a magical landscape

watch a short video about the place, strolling among the woodpeckers,

there are those who

get a bit wet by the stormy waves hitting the woodpeckers

You can rent a bicycle or golf car and take a walk on the promenade next to

the site

You can see the bridge and the railroad that paved from Egypt to

Europe through Israel and Lebanon.

When you get back on the cable car, you can eat something in the on-site

restaurant and visit the Israel-Lebanon border

From there we drove south, back home.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, small and big. It was a relaxing, fun, formative trip,

tailored to all ages

And most of all – close to home!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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