Benefit on purchasing a SIM card

Now that hundreds of tourists are returning to fly and travel abroad,

you should know that you have the option to Fly with a SIM card that will be

used immediately upon landing abroad and at a discounted and affordable price + my discount

for you (just typing the Hilal code) which will buy you a 10% discount.

Apart from the discount, I have gathered here general information about SIM cards and specific

information about the card on which I recommend:

What are the options available today in the field of SIM cards:

The Israeli tourist has several options for purchasing a SIM for a trip to Europe, the USA and Canada:

Purchase of an overseas package from the local cellular provider in Israel:


No need to change SIM

· Stay with the original phone number


· This is usually a data package only

· The price of the package is higher compared to the other options

· The cost of a high call to Israel and receiving calls from Israel for an additional fee

It is not possible to make a local call (important and useful on the trip, especially when you want to

call the hotel / book a place in a restaurant and more)

2. Purchase a local SIM when arriving at the destination:


In Europe it will usually be cheaper (in the US it is not cheaper), usually the SIM includes

limited data and does not always include local calls.


· The SIM does not include calls to Israel

Waste of valuable travel time on finding a store and time to buy a SIM

· A SIM purchased in the US will not necessarily work in Canada, which will again require a financial

outlay and a waste of time searching and purchasing a local SIM …

3. Purchase a local SIM before the flight in Israel:

There are quite a few companies in the country that offer the purchase of a local SIM for travelers abroad – (from 011 Global) provides the best and most worthwhile response to the customer

You can purchase a variety of packages of different sims in the country, before the flight and it is

convenient and worthwhile (see benefits mentioned above)

Advantages of an Israeli SIM card:

– You get off the plane and there is reception, no need to look for a local store / stand.
– English and Hebrew support center (if there are problems connecting, there is someone
to talk to).
– Activated immediately (some of the drugs purchased in the US need time to activate).
– No matter what day you land (a large part of the stores abroad are closed on Sundays).

The benefits of the Globusim card:

– Cheaper price than all Israeli companies
– No surprises – the price includes everything – SIM + calls + data
– Unlimited calls to Israel – do not need an Internet connection to talk to the house
(does not bite into the Internet package)
– The SIM includes local calls
· The SIM is included in the price (no need to return it)
· Option to transfer calls from the Israeli number (in some packages included in the price –
Or you can add about $ 10-12 for the entire period).
Multi SIM card – one card that can be used on any type of smartphone or tablet.
The card consists of three parts: plain, micro and nano.

Examples of packages:

European SIM – on a flight to European countries

American SIM – Includes a SIM that works in both Mexico and Canada.

For frequently asked questions and answers go here

To purchase a SIM card go here

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