2020 Year Summary

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How do you sum up such a terrible year?

What has been said about this year that has not yet been said?

Was 2020 really such a bad year?

Maybe we’ll take advantage of the stage and look for something good that can be written here?

It seems to me that this is my direction this time.

Because yes, right, it was a disgusting year to say the least, a year when people

lost their closest people,

And your loved ones too! A year of a terrible plague that left us all in homes

And closed the sky to us!

A year in which everyone was harmed in one way or another in all countries and in all places in the world.

The last time I flew abroad was when we flew to celebrate my husband’s 47th birthday,

in January 2020

And since then I have not seen a plane up close.

So what was already good in 2020?

From my point of view this year has taught us how important the older people in our lives are,

How much we need to take care of them and their well-being, how much they can be lonely without us,

How hard it is without them.

This year has taught us that we are usually people of touch, of a hug of a kiss

And how difficult it is to maintain social distance.

This year has taught us what is really important to learn in school, how many

“unnecessary” subjects there are

And now it’s time to learn from a distance, which we practiced from time to time because we

were forced to test the system (Not us but our children, the students), we stood with the

m in the not-so-simple challenges that the zoom brought with it.

This year has allowed anyone who wants to exercise – to do sports from home! Connect to

zoom classes and exercise.

Also register for various studies / courses that allow learning to zoom in and bring everyone

living in an isolated / remote locality closer

To the center of things!

This year has developed for some people new initiatives, thinking outside the box.

There are businesses that grew out of this crisis and reinvented themselves and really

benefited from the innovation.

There are new businesses that have opened and are based on the internet and other services th

at are appropriate for the period.

I personally started baking and designing cakes and by the end of the year I had already started a small

business in the field and now my cakes

Available for anyone who wants, pre-order of course.

I invite you to follow my cakes on Instagram, where you can see all the cakes I design.

HILA_S_CAKES Here is a link

who would believe?

While my site is almost silent I have developed and nurtured another hobby,

culinary and artistic.

what fun! I am really proud and happy in my new occupation!

This year we made peace with the UAE !!!! Wow!

Precisely at a time when the sky was almost closed, a gate opened to us for a new, sparkling

and intriguing world!

A destination I always wanted to visit but could not get there

and travel there with an Israeli passport!

And here now we can all travel freely in Dubai and compensate ourselves with a glittering trip

for a year devoid of trips.

I even wrote a few posts dealing with the subject of Dubai!

And on a very personal note this year I also managed to take matters into my own hands

and make a dietary change,

Lose weight (which has only gained and gained in the last 3 years), do fitness training and run

s and succeed in this field!

What I always wanted!

And all this happened precisely in the wake of the obesity that the first closure brought, for me

and other masses of people of course.

People who were under stress, fears and boredom at home and found comfort in food

while lacking mobility …

And the end of the first closure is known.

In the second closure I put an end to it and did not let the situation affect me, on the contrary

. I switched to proper nutrition and healthy exercise.

And it’s here to stay.

You can write many more things in the praise of the past year,

One can decide to look in a positive light and be optimistic both in looking back and in thinking ahead.

Enter 2021 in the hope that here we are defeating this plague,

Thanks to the vaccines and thanks to our personal resilience.

See the big light at the end of the tunnel.

Go get vaccinated, let’s beat this plague and be free to travel the world!

May we all have a blessed year, full of goodness! A year in which we will not forget what was and learn from it

How to be better from now on. Good for each other

And good for our environment.

Happy New Year!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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