Tiblisi Georgia – Yochai Peretz’s trip

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In October 2017 Our friend Yochai goes on a trip to Georgia and details for us

(almost) everything he did there.

The last time I shared a trip of Yochai on my blog, it was his stunning trip to


This time too, I invite you to enjoy the experience of Yochai, a slightly different

experience – Georgia!

So sit back, read and enjoy Yochai’s trip, here it is:Day 1 – Georgia, Tbilisi

Tired of the flight and swollen from about three hours’ sleep, we headed

towards Tbilisi Old and modern city.

But wait, first, some background:

Georgia has existed for over 3000 years and has gone through periods of

conquests and wars.

The country was named in 1991 as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed.

Georgia is made up of 12 counties, with Tbilisi being the main province and

capital of Georgia.

The coin is called Larry and is worth about 1.5-1.7 NIS.

The territory of Georgia is about 70,000 km. The country has

officially 5 million inhabitants, About 2 million live in Tbilisi.

Another million are students, tourists, etc

Why official? Because when the state was founded, the government started

registering residents.

Naturally, with the registration also come the duties towards the government

and the state, and so (so far) not everyone is in a hurry to sign up.

In the early years, there was a lot of corruption until a coup followed by

a public uprising.

The newly formed government decides to design all government and public

buildings with glass and metal,

Thinking that glass emphasizes transparency towards citizens.

Our trip begins with a visit to the Makquari River, the river that crosses Tbilisi

and flows across Georgia from Turkey, Azerbaijan to the Caspian Sea.

Mother Georgia

According to the Georgians’ belief, the Georgian goddess protects

and protects Tbilisi.

On one of the high mountains in the city and the altitude that rises above 20

meters, the goddess stands and watches

On Tbilisi against enemies and corrupt.

In one hand, Goddess serves a glass of wine for peace and in the other holds a

large sword to say – When needed I will know how to protect too!

23.10 פסל מאחור

The Jewish population of Georgia at its peak is estimated at 120,000 people.

A very closed Jewish community that has kept the traditions and customs

very carefully.

Among the Jews, there was no intermarriage with other members

of the community.

With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the Jews did not

rush to Israel, Only after the successful end of the Six-Day War and with the

rise of Communism clearly,

About 70,000 families immigrate to Israel. The families who immigrated

lived in their own communities and did not interfere in Israeli society.

In 1991, as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, another 30,000

Jewish families from Georgia applied to immigrate to Israel,

And when they arrive they encounter the first generation of immigrants

and realize that they have kept the community

and the traditional character and resent it.

As a result, the process of incorporating and integrating Georgians into

Israeli society begins.

Today, about 3000 Jews are living in Tbilisi. A diminishing community.

There are 6 synagogues in each of Georgia. The synagogue in

Tbilisi is the largest.

He holds a quorum every day and on the holidays another floor opens

above him.

In one of my pictures of my visit to the Great Synagogue, I was

photographed with the man of the synagogue

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get his name.

23.10ביכ גבאי

One of the exciting moments of the day was when I picked up an ancient

Torah scroll.

Georgians represent a completely separate stream from Christianity.

In general, throughout Georgia, the citizens are busy themselves, but they

are kind, charming and welcoming!

At the Golden Mall, which we visited later, I met two lovely women

(but without single girls 😔) who worked hard and wanted to help us.


Innocent Georgians still exist. There is a floor price from which sellers

do not drop.

If the price is not right for you, you can move to the next booth.

If you come back and want to buy at the price the seller offered you – the

opportunity has expired.

The Golden Mall is adjacent to the Dynamo market, the market is reminiscent

of the Ramla-Lod market in Israel.

Imitations upon imitations of all the brands considered, abundant fruits, red

apples from the legend of Snow White, and an elderly mother who has just

made a hot pattern of delicious and steaming cheese pastry.

Just before entering the gold market stood the statue of Georgian author Akii

Tsuritli holding a large villain.

23.10 פסל

The gold is very cheap. Gold teeth signify status according to the

quantity and quality of the carat.

In the first ascent many Jews sold their movable goods and purchased

gold for coating their teeth.

With that, they lived and existed.

Facing the communist-era reminder market in the form of long

Stalin-era railway buildings –

Every family lives in a room with a ration pad and basic medical

insurance during these years,

Until the fall of the Soviet Union and independence.

23.10 בנין

After finishing the tour we descended a few dozen steps and a

particularly steep descent to where we had lunch.

The main avenue we reached is surrounded by graceful cafes, restaurants

and various shops.

Here are pictures from this part of the trip (shopping and desserts):

23.10 נעליים קטנות

23.10 לחם

24.10 קניון2

23.10 יאמי

23.10 המשך קינוח זום

23.10 רוכלת

Entree Cafe invites you to sign in.

A lovely and warm place with confectionery and sandwich bar packed with crazy foods.

High-quality and deliciously delicious cakes and cookies.

A good cake and cappuccino will take you out on 10 Larry  (about NIS 15)

and leave the taste buds in overtime.

Everything just tastes good and stimulates the eyes. A sensory

experience recommended for baking enthusiasts like myself.

23.10 המשך קינוחים

Even the confectioners in the kitchen agreed that they had a short video of them making crackers of butter and crackling butter.

In the evening we ate at Dinehall Restaurant great food and a vely place.

The restaurant is located in an ancient wine cellar. Everything is delicious!

23.10.17 מסעדה

23.10 מסעדה

23.10 מסעדה1

Day 2. Visiting the health system

We started the day by getting to know the health system in Georgia in general and Tiblisi in particular.

In general, the health system is public.

The private health system is designed for the Upper Alphabet and the rich – businessmen and government workers, which is something that always goes together here –

You are not a businessman if you are not in government, and you are not in government if you have no business 😁

The direction in which the health care system aims to go is “private” both in terms of services and in scope.

24.10 בריאות

A Georgian citizen has a public hospital to take care of, but not prolonged treatment.

Anyone undergoing surgery is discharged after a day to his home with an ambulance and instructions to continue home care.

There is no stipulation to pay for sorting treatment, but first, you must try to enter through the iron door ….

The clinics we visited are an ophthalmology center.

An amazing beauty clinic with a team of doctors and nurses, and of course, managerial staff.

In terms of Georgians, a clinic equates to a hospital.

3 floors of the clinic with state-of-the-art operating room, queue management system, and no Camillion or Clicks …

The ambition of clinic director Dr. Jarvishvili is to open more branches throughout Georgia.

The second clinic is a 4-story building for endocrinological care and adjacent to it is a transplant care facility.

Here is a movie from an operating room, which we watched over the gallery:

From there we climbed to the top of a mountain on which stands one of the oldest churches in Georgia –

Holly Cross Monstary Guarry24.10

The church was built by the tree under which Jewish Sidonia was buried,

That helped our holy Nino spread Christianity throughout Georgia in the 5th century.

According to the story when King Wachtang first in the 11th century sought to build the church on the top of the mountain, the trees had to be cut down.

As they did so, the stump of the tree under which Sidonia was buried, but all evening the tree and stump united.

Finally, the church was built and the tree left in place. The resin that was taken from him healed the people, according to the legend, and following the miracle.

The church is very active and maintained by monks from the nearby monastery.

There are two prayers on Saturdays and on Sunday the main prayer.

The great church hall where the altar was built on the roots of Sidonia.

24.10 כנסיה

24.10 כניסה

The big pot is supposed to be full of the Holy Cracker, except that almost a diplomatic incident was caused because of my curiosity 😂 😂 😂

You might think what could be done with such a large lid and deep pot that might fit to a meat stew

24.10.17 כניסה1

From this church, we proceeded towards the riverside crossing of Georgia – the Makwari and the Argabi.

24.10 נהרות1

The confluence of the rivers is strategic to Georgia from the Middle Ages to the present.

24.10 יוחאי נוף

In fact, the boundaries of Georgia as we know it today were signed in the 5th century.

Still 3000 years of wars and conquests ….

* This is the statue of Georgia king, Wahtang Kurgasli, who founded the capital city of Tibilisi

The statue stands high on the banks of the Kwari river we visited today.

23.10 פסל גיאורגיה

From there we continued to visit the ancient handkerchief. Another church for the repertoire,

A meeting with adorable peddlers, 2 brides I debated between, a wedding, and appetizing markets.

Most importantly, the Georgian bread is hot and boiled straight from the stone oven, margaroli, substitute (celeriac), churchella, and saturated holy water.

24.10.17 מצחטה

24.10 לחם

Great Mall … 3 floors of all major international and local brands. Reasonable prices.

24.10 קניון

Not cheap on significant networks from the country, but at Carrefour’s author you will find all the toiletries, grooming and paint at floor prices.

A cafe from Moka & More is simply excellent and insanely delicious.

The Georgians know how to make cakes and desserts !!!!

24.10 קינוח

The dynamo market is always fun to come back to. Microcosmos is full of alleys and turns, especially warm and charming people.

24.10 מזכרות

24.10 מזכרות ומאכלים

We returned by taxi to the hotel and then realized that there were no friends like Eitan and Eluz at bargaining, or as Liz had called her: “naughty.”

Pictures from today:

24.10 חתונה

24.10 קניות ברחוב

24.10 ריבות

24.10 מתוקים

Day 3 – Jeep tour, mountains and mineral water

We left Tbilisi in the direction of the mountains in Casablanca (Cacheti region) and arrived after a jeep ride to the mountain over 2100 meters high.

The weather is wonderful. Extremely tolerable cold winds, a breath of the cleanest air there, and watching nature in full glory and power.

On the way to the mountains, we stopped in front of one of the natural wonders of tasting mineral water directly from the mountain rock.

25.10.17 מים

25.10 מים

Cool, saturated and healthy water. Just flow like that, just come and take. Who needs “Neviot”, “Tammy 4” and all the other gags …

The ancient church on the top of the mountain is impressive in size.

25.10 כנסיה

We lit candles in honor of the righteous, dipped in the holy water, and took pictures of every possible stone.


The whole mountainous area and the small towns share a common farm.

It means that every family has its inheritance, but everything belongs to everyone

And so do each other with milk, eggs, vegetables, etc.

All (almost) independent growers and what is left give to others, and receive from others what is missing.

Georgia has almost no cats. Dogs have plenty, cats – no …

This means everything is very clean and no waste is thrown outside. Everything is fully utilized!


25.10.17 תמונה

We stopped for lunch at a delicious restaurant, but with an incredibly slow service. That’s how it is when there’s really no rush …

And it was cold upstairs so we stocked up on real leather hats and fur for heating as needed.

The pictures of the stunning scenery with no filters or design.

Like God created them and placed in nature they are photographed in note 8

25.10.17 שלג

25.10 ערב

Day 4 – Visit to the Stalin Museum in Guri

Guri’s interpretation of Georgian is a hill, and from the hill on which the great fortress once stood in the area was established.

And there in Guri stands the Stalin Museum ..

יום 4 מוזיאון בחוץ

In 1878, Joseph Gogshwili was born in the city of Guri into a very religious family.

Recall that during this period there are almost 100 years of Russian occupation.

The child grows into the reality of a new ideological spirit blowing through the streets by a leader named Lenin.

He is passionate about the revolutionary ideas and connects with the party leaders.

He was arrested several times and taken into custody with other inmates, realizing that there are other opponents to the regime and the injustice of concern for workers, welfare and health

In one of the arrests, the government hits his right hand and shortens it as a result of a fracture.

In 1924 Lenin died of a brain event and Stalin continues his path. Lenin leaves a letter in the drawer requesting that it be opened only upon his death.

The letter “disappeared” and did not open …

Stalin takes his place and begins the purge of opponents from within the party, including procedures to abolish religious symbols – which he called “opium for the masses.”

He married and had a first-born son named Jacob.

Later, the son falls into Nazi captivity. The Nazi regime understands the loot and contacts Stalin: “Your son for Russia’s failure to attack Germany.”

Stalin cut off the call and sentenced his son to death, claiming “no soldier will simply replace an officer.”

His wife died and he remarried. You had a daughter named Svetlana.

The house that grew up in a strong and powerful home with another brother, rebels, and does not connect with the extreme ideology.

She veered to the United States in the 1960s and cut off all contact with her father, and even changed her name to Lena Peters.

The embarrassment is great – the daughter betrays the father and goes to the pig Capitalist. She passed away in 2011. A deep relationship she had with a neighbor results in the publication of a book that describes the relationship between her and her father.

The extra brother died in a brawl with other boys following the delinquent lifestyle he was living.

Stalin decides to adopt an orphan soldier and also calls on the other senior officers to do so,

To prevent unnecessary state allowance payments to the families of the fallen and also to be used

An example of being concerned about orphans in society. Always the spirit of his mind was distorted in perception.

He is appointed in the mid-20s to edit the Pravda

That will be the mouthpiece of the rule and tell the “truth” to the residents. Mostly Stalin’s truth and communism

During World War II Hitler and Stalin sign a non-attack agreement,

And in fact, the agreement allows Hitler to expand in Europe. At the end of the war, Hitler dismisses

The agreement and attacks on Russia. Stalin is initially surprised and recruits 300,000 Georgian soldiers to protect and delay Hitler’s progress.

These soldiers know everything but fight.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of deaths on both sides in the front, but bottom line, Stalin was the only leader in the world who succeeded in arresting Hitler.

At one point Stalin realizes the power he has gained from the various countries that make up the Soviet Union,

And it begins with the purification of entire populations that may resist it.

For a visit to Russia, he arrives in a train car.

Where they were called to visit, he asked to set up a railroad. Thanks to this, there is a well-developed rail network between Asia and Russia and Europe.

Stalin died in 1953 at the age of 74 due to a series of brain events.

יום 4 סטאלין

This morning’s guard team does not disturb the leader until he leaves his room.

Because he did not go out, the soldiers hesitated to interrupt and waited until the exchange changed. The next shift does not call for a leader, until in the evening a senior officer arrives to demand the leader’s peace.

They enter the room and find Stalin without a breath of life.

What to do? Call the doctor? No! Lift the body to the couch and then call the doctor to see what happened and transfer the leader to the hospital for treatment

There he died 3 days later (he was already dead before) …..

Stalin was buried in great glory in the center of the Kremlin Square.

Millions of citizens and representatives of the world come by for two weeks to pass through his coffin, to pay tribute, and especially to make sure he is dead …

When Stalin’s room is arranged, Lenin’s letter is found.

The letter reads that Lenin forbade Stalin to replace him, because he is dangerous and deadly and rude, and also harsh criticism with Lenin and Trotsky of the party’s then-senior.

Stalin’s body is found and buried in the Kremlin walls.

His mother was the only woman in the world for him. It has softness and emotion only to it.

The only one for whom he did it all: one party, ideology, and one Soviet Union. In a series of letters

Between them is described the emotion and warm connection between them. His first wife died of typhoid and the second was shot in the head.

Photos from the museum:

יום4. סטאלין

יום4 תמונה

יום4 מוזיאון סטאלין

יום 4 פסל

יום 4 סטאלין ציור

* The glorious trailer for those days of Stalin, with it came where it was needed and where there was only a railroad ….

Visiting an amazing time capsule


The trailer inside:

יום 4 בתוך הקרון

Day 5 –

Today we leave the Marco Polo Hotel and the wild scenery, returning to the capital of Tivoli.

We got stuck in an endless cork of small sheep I wouldn’t mind making a hat, bag, coat and kebab

25.10 כבשים

We ended up at the Ginwali reservoir.

27.10 HUJTH

27.10 מים

And here’s a Georgia-style dream story …..

Somewhere during the communist rule, Georgia decides to establish an artificial resort with artificial beach around the mountains

And the amazing scenery in the area.

Establish a huge (artificial) lake that reaches more than 320 meters (our Sea of ​​Galilee at a depth of about 22 meters).

The rainwater, tributary channels and snow fill the lake.

Everyone points out the impressive achievement, but remember that they forgot to set up a beach strip to be used for resorts and touring and trading area ….

Finally to take advantage of the huge lake, which provides 40% of Tbilisi water consumption,

The Ginwali Dam was established in 1968.

And, to the best of “Georgian stupidity”, he only starts working a decade later.

The area where the reservoir was established was rich in Roman villages that sat on a basin of ancient treasures,

And so as not to hurt the villages, they move them to a nearby location, but the treasures drown in the reservoir water.

On the days when the water falls, sometimes the roofs of the houses can still be seen.

Only 20% of the treasures were transferred to the museum. The rest are buried underwater …. makes sense!

The water is filtered through three stations before moving on to consumption, but because the system is not closed it makes no sense …

Separate planning and deeds.

27.10.17 GWP

The dam produces approximately 200 megawatts of electricity at a facility that is considered strategic and sensitive.

The facility employs 300 people, and in fact employs 60. Each employee goes out to work once every three days and receive a full salary.

Strut up!

The main concern of the government is that the dam will not flood the surrounding villages, instead exploiting the full capacity of electricity production.

If anyone has an optimization proposal, you are welcome to fly to Georgia and help.

27.10 JWP

End of Journey – Return to Earth –

The world’s largest mezuzah is located at the airport at Ben Gurion Airport.


Thank you to the Creator of the world who led us to peace and restored peace.

Georgia A paradise of innocence that will probably disappear in the coming decade.

New vs. Old. Antique vs. modern. Tradition versus technology.

An older generation in front of the new young. From a rigid establishment to governmental transparency (and corruption that still exists).

Some contrasts and yet how much love and warmth there is in the residents.

Endless indifference. There is no why and no hurry. But with lots of goodwill.

There is nothing to bargain about in the markets. There is a floor price from which the vendor is unwilling to go down. Didn’t you buy? Someone else will come..

Sharing and mutual partnership. Delicious and varied culinary cuisine.

Thank you Georgia for perfect hospitality, breathtaking views and a new love for a special and rare country.

To search and book a hotel in the Tivilisi area, go here

25.10נוף יוחאי

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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