Traveling alone – Interview with Nina Sodin

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Nina Sodin, is part of a Facebook group management team called “Travelers Alone Sharing”

And I’m glad and excited to host her on my blog for an interview about

her world trips.

People who travel alone in the world are very intriguing to me

And I even take part in this Facebook group, even though I haven’t

traveled alone,

Except once, long ago, somewhere at 20.

So first and foremost – some facts about Nina:

She is 31 years old

She has traveled alone in more than 20 countries

(in Europe, South America, and the United States)

She is a comics blogger and lecturer on fears on a trip alone

She writes a travel book to help others travel in new ways

And as I said before – she runs a Facebook group called “Hiking Alone Sharing”.

Here is my interview with Nina:

Hi Nina,

Are you traveling alone in the world?

Yes – I traveled alone in the US, South America and about 20 countries in Europe.

I went for a walk with others too, but I did most of my hiking alone.

When was the first time you traveled alone? What age were you

At 22, I was flying alone to a US workshop.

While I knew some of the people who came to the workshop

over the Internet, I came from Israel completely alone,

We first met there and part of the time I walked around alone.

A year later I came to South America with a friend and after we split,

I traveled alone for a more significant time.

For the next trip, to Iceland, I already traveled alone.

Why did you decide to travel alone? What brought you to this decision?

I think I’ve never consciously decided to walk alone,

But I just wanted to travel and it didn’t occur to people

I know who would like to join.

In South America I came with a friend I knew in Israel for the trip,

But after a month it came out that we wanted to continue to

different destinations and decided to split.

In general, I’ve always been used to doing my own thing –

it’s important to do What I want without feeling dependent on others.

I think that’s why in the field of travel it happened quite naturally.

When I wanted to travel somewhere or in some way – I preferred to do

it rather than look for partners.

About a year and a half ago, I joined the Facebook group

“Travelers Alone Sharing” and later I started managing it.

In this community, I realized how inconvenient a trip alone is,

and on the other hand –

Some of this experience is empowering and meaningful for many people.

How long before the trip do you organize it? How much do you

study and research the destination before deciding to fly there?

It depends a lot on the trip.

On the one hand, I love to fantasize and read about destinations long

before I know when I’ll ever reach them.

On the other hand – I tend to change plans at the last minute,

so I like to travel in a way that allows me flexibility –

Indefinitely and without too many pre-orders.

Is there a fear / fear before a trip alone? So what are you most worried about?

Usually the lone itself doesn’t worry me, but I sometimes worry about logistics,

Especially when there is some limitation – will I be able to arrive on time,

Have I taken enough stuff (and on the other – not too much),

will I find WiFi (WiFi), where to sleep …

How do you handle your trips?

I love to hitchhike – this is how I get to know new people, see the landscapes

on the way,

Reaches interesting places and can cross countries without any financial

limit (I traveled 20,000 km in Europe like that).

When I’m in cities, I prefer walking or cycling (for example in the Netherlands – it’s very convenient).

I am also very happy to sail when possible.

I also use other means of transport – mainly buses, trains and flights

(mainly to get out of the country and return).

In the past I also traveled alone in a rented vehicle – and it mainly made

me want to hitchhike …

Where do you usually choose to sleep (hotel/apartment/sofa wrapping, etc.)?

I really like to stay with locals for volunteering or keeping animals, or by sofas.

I also got to sleep with lovely people I met on the street or hitchhike and

invited me to.

Sometimes I also sleep in hostels and AIRBNB – or alternatively outside

in my tent.

Who do you think is suitable for traveling alone? Can anyone?

I think the important question is who will enjoy a trip alone, and it’s

hard to know until they try …

In large, I think people who like to travel alone are the ones who like to

spend time with themselves

Or meet new friends who change frequently,

And also those who like to plan the trip in their specific way without

being dependent on others.

I’ve noticed that many people think they can’t walk alone

Because they don’t have enough experience, knowledge, courage or

sense of direction, but most of these things are solvable and change

over time, especially if you start at a relatively easy destination and

research it in advance.

At our “Travelers Alone Sharing” group, there are loads

of people who were afraid of the first time alone –

And in the end, I enjoyed it very much and even experienced

empowerment following the trip.

Is there any destination you would recommend to “beginners”?

In my opinion, many European cities can be a great first destination – you can also find a relatively cheap flight easily.

I would strongly recommend that anyone choose a city that attracts and intrigues it,

But I personally really like Budapest and Krakow,

And Amsterdam is very pleasant and comfortable in my opinion.

How long is your longest trip?

I traveled to Europe for a year and two months, in 22 countries.

For me, it wasn’t exactly a trip but a wanderlust – I didn’t know in advance

how long it would last and I didn’t necessarily visit the usual

attractions everywhere,

But I just enjoyed my stay there and getting to know the people.

Do you sometimes feel lonely on a trip? So what do you do when that happens?

I felt lonely when I was in San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile.

I came there alone because I fantasized about the desert landscapes –

and really saw the beautiful landscapes I saw in my life,

But I didn’t really connect with the other travelers (except for me there

were mostly couples).

Although I felt lonely, I embarked on organized activities that I really enjoyed,

For example – nocturnal star observation and sands surfing.

I think it helped me to continue my life, as usual, knowing that if I

didn’t make friends here –

This will probably happen at the next destination (and it really happened),

and enjoy what the place has to offer instead of sinking into loneliness.

Besides sharing in the Facebook group, do you write/record your trips in any way for travelers interested in the field?

I’m working on a book that is both the story of my journey in Europe and

an alternative travel guide,

To help others travel in different ways such as hitchhiking,

volunteering and keeping animals.

The book can be purchased in advance at a discounted price and so

help me get it published In addition, I post comics, stories,

and information for travelers

on my Facebook page – Landmarks.

Do you have any more questions for Nina?

You are welcome to write her comments here, support her book

publishing and receive it in return,

Check out Lake on her Facebook page and enjoy her adorable tips

and drawings!

Thanks a lot, Nina!

Good luck with publishing your book and your next trips!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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