Thailand – Ko Phi Phi

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Ko Phi Phi –

For many years now I have wanted to get to Ko Phi Phi, 

to see with my own eyes what everyone is talking about.

What is this magical and picturesque island?

 Ko Phi Phi is a small and popular island in Thailand,

(Although Phi writes the name with a bold P., like Pi)

The island became famous following the film “The Beach” starring 

Leonardo Di Caprio, filmed on one of its beaches.

The Ko Phi Phi can only be reached by sea on ferries leaving Phuket, 

Krabi, and Colanta.

Ko phi phi Island is located not far from Krabi and Phuket Island 

and usually incorporates it on a trip to these places.

When you reach the Ko phi phi, take the ferry to the Tonsai pier and from 

there also leave the island.

Apart from the “back belly” and the four islands and the like, 

the main activity here is diving in the blue water.

There are several beaches you can spend in Ko phi phi, some close 

to the main village

And some are a short cruise away with a longtail boat that can be rented 

at the main dock.

* Want to rent a Long Tile boat? It is worthwhile to summarize with the 

sailor a pick-up time back from the shore and pay it at the end.

Some beaches are packed with tourists and some are secluded.

Monkey Beach –

An interesting and special beach thanks to the dozens of monkeys found 

in their natural habitat.

You can get there by boat for a few minutes from the pier.

* It is worthwhile to get to the monkey beach at low tide because the

beach tide is flooded with water.

* It is very important to take precautions with the monkeys: it is 

advisable not to approach them too closely

And of course not to touch them, in case of a bite or scratch you should 

get a rabies vaccine.

Also, keep your belongings safe because the monkeys may kidnap you.

What else can you do in Ko phi phi?

You will reach an amazing View Point that you should not miss,

From the vantage point, you will watch a spectacular view of

the island of Kho Phi Phi Don, you will see the two bays on the island,

look at the village, the white beaches, and the high cliffs.

There are 2 more vantage points on the way to this point, all numbered.

Take a map of any travel agency on the island and you can easily

find the vantage points.

On the way from the second point to the third, you will see a beautiful view

and pass through a small village.

* It is advisable to go up to the vantage points before sunset but it is

not advisable to return in the dark.

The time it takes to walk back and forth is about two and a half hours.

To get to the very high observation point, which is very high, you have to

climb a lot of stairs followed by a steep uphill walk.

How to get to the central and high observation?

At the end of the staircase there is a split to the right and to the left,

turn left.

(Turning right will take you to a low vantage point and Rantee beach).

* It is very useful to get enough water for you.

You have arrived! Sit on the big rocks overlooking the village and the bay,

be proud of yourself!

And breathe in the beautiful look in front of you.

Don’t forget to take pictures.

Nightlife in Ko phi phi -

At Dolom Beach on the north side of the village, you will find

restaurants, parties, bars, and fire shows,

Just take a tour of this little island and see what it has to offer you.

When we got to Ko Phi Phi we got off the ferry and were asked to

pay 20 baht per person for local taxes.

when you will descend from the ferry you will see dozens of cruise ships

that will offer you a cruise to your hotel (if needed).

Our hotel Harbor Harbor View Hotel is a 2-minute walk from the pier

So, of course, we didn’t need a cruise.

We walked from the pier to the hotel, checked in and got our cute room.

The hotel is nice and clean, well located by the beach, it has a very nice pool.

It is recommended to take a room with pool access!

There is a tidal phenomenon on the beach, it’s amazing to see it

But it also sucks if you get into the water precisely during low tide.

At low tide we saw a group of girls digging in the sand,

We were interested in what they were doing and realized that they

were taking advantage of the lows to collect oysters for eating.

We did a tour of the hotel area and looked for a place to eat.

Most restaurants adjacent to the hotel are relatively expensive,

To find a restaurant with reasonable prices you have to stay away from the hotel,

But this whole island is not big so it’s not far.

We had no power to find where to eat so we sat in the hotel restaurant

and had lunch there.

After a short rest, we set out to explore the island and wandered by the beach

and then between the various booths and restaurants,

We saw fire-shows and entertainment venues with lots of young people

and full of places where tattoos are done.

At night we sat in a fish restaurant and had a fish dinner,

We traveled among the various bars,

We ate delicious and unique coconut ice cream

And we went back to the hotel to sleep.

The next day after having breakfast at the hotel restaurant,

We spent some time in the pool and at sea, at noon we checked out

and we went to the dock for our next hotel cruise

(On his shirt is the name of the hotel) and our names appeared on his list.

We boarded Long Tile and headed to our next hotel

Phi Phi Island Village Beach.

On the way, we saw beautiful and secluded magical beaches.

We arrived at our amazing hotel for the next two nights, all here

on several levels above ..

We were welcomed with a warm, fragrant towel with refreshments,

a cold drink and a cookie.

We waited a bit in the seafront lobby, got a voucher for a light lunch as a gift,

We also got beach towels and we could swim in the pool until our room

was ready,

The hotel has two stunning pools by the sea.

And when the room was ready they drove us to it with Golf Car.

Perfect place for a quiet and pleasant vacation.

Near the hotel there is a tiny village with a few places to do a massage,

a hairdresser and some restaurants,

There you can eat cheaply if you do not want to pay for extra meals at

the hotel.

A cute boy who lives in a village close to the hotel

There is a special bar full of color, notes and pages that critics have

written about. See for yourself:

We took a tour there, you can also reach the vantage points and other beaches:

We did not go far beyond the restaurants and the village next to the hotel.

We saw all the amazing views around us

(both in the previous hotel and now) through our skimmer camera:

It was a full two days of rest in a good hotel and a magical view.

Let the pictures speak for themselves…

Two nights later, we returned in the Long Tile boat to the dock and from

there we took a ferry to Krabi.

The way from the hotel to the Long-Tile boat was “in the sea on land”,

because it was low tide,

It was an experience in itself to get to the boat like that but I would gladly

give it up.

To continue our trip to Krabi, click here

Here is the eighth day summary of our video trip:

The ninth day summary of our video trip:

Concluding video – Last day in Ko Phi Phi:

So far this part of Kho Phi Phi on our trip,

From here we proceeded to Krabi

Hope you liked it, I’d love to read your comments right below,


אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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  1. Cindy

    Nice writings. Do you know if there’s any big boat to do island hopping there?

    • hilalevy

      Thank you! Do you mean a trip like the Seven Islands trip?
      This is a popular and highly recommended trip on the Phi Phi which is half a day long. During the course, you sail on a ship from morning to afternoon, passing spectacular views, stopping at several points and making snorkelling dives. You can see many spectacular fish underwater. Some of the trips also go kayaking.

      The route and stations are slightly different depending on the trip you will take, but the most common and most common route is stopping at Monkey Island, Bamboo Island – a lovely little island, with beautiful clear water where yellow fish swim, in several other islands and also in Maya Bay, its beautiful and famous beach The film “The Beach” was filmed.

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