Thailand for the third time

Do you Believe in luck (zodiac)?

So I’m Libra, and what characterizes Libra mainly is the difficulty of deciding.

Every decision is casually placed on the scales and weighed seriously

and judiciously.

When I have to choose something or buy something, I usually look at

the product in all directions,

I consult with people who understand the field and have an experience,

look for the opinions, reviews, and recommendations of others,

and only after I check everything I make the best decision for me.

And when I make the decision I will usually be quiet and calm,

but until I reach there – the road is not so easy.

But when it comes to deciding whether to fly to Thailand, it is a wonder,

something happened here, the scales did not come into the picture

and I didn’t have to think much to decide.

As soon as my agent informed me that there was an operation at El Al airline,

I did not think twice, I acted completely from the heart and booked two


But I didn’t spare myself the questions later:

What did I think?

How did I do this without thinking?

I could get a cheaper price on non-direct flights .. and on and on…

But the heart said its. Flying to Thailand! We return to Thailand! 

and this time I don’t have too much time for planning the trip.

I’ll save you the considerations and calculations of where to go in Thailand, 

but what guided me was:

reaching mostly places we haven’t visited in our previous times there.

So the plan is:

a continuation flight from Bangkok to Chang Mai 

(where we were for the first time in Thailand) and from there to Pai town.

After visit Pai we will be back for a night in Chang Mai and the next day we will 

fly to Phuket (it would have been better to fly to Krabi but it did not work out 

with hours and flight prices).

From Phuket we will take a ferry to Ko Phi Phi and after a few nights there we 

will take the ferry to Krabi.

From Krabi towards the end of our trip, we will return on a flight to 

Bangkok where we will spend two nights and fly back home on a 

late-night flight.

The plan is ready, the hotels have been booked, and now only the 

natural excitement and concerns remain before our flight,

When the children stay home in school with other adults who look after them.

I will write all of our trip details on the blog when we come back, 

in several sections, so that the post will not be too long.

In the meantime, I invite you to follow my Facebook and Instagram trip 

in real time.

Follow me, it will be heaven!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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  1. Cindy

    שלום, כתיבה טובה! אני רק תרמילאי ואבקר בתאילנד בשנה הבאה. האם אתה יכול לייעץ לי להזמין שירות טיולים, או שמא בטוח לארגן טיול לאי? ידידי המליץ ​​ל- להזמין את הכרטיסים שלי, אבל עכשיו אני לא בטוח למה אני אסע לבד.

    • hilalevy

      Hi, thank you very much.
      Thailand is a very friendly and convenient place to travel. You can arrange your trip in advance (alone)
      and you can also decide there- while traveling – where and how to travel.
      A site I know where they can help you with everything you need:
      Have a successful trip! have fun!

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