Shopping before a trip

It’s time for some shopping before the trip .. 😍

Want to be ready with all the products that will make your life easier?

I have compiled a list of products to help you prepare well for your next trip.

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from which you can purchase the product.

And all at funny prices 😄

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Perfume bottle

Most airports will not allow you to bring suitcases in excess of 100 miles,

A perfume refill vial is an excellent solution, rather than taking the

entire perfume bottle and risk confiscating it

Just fill this little bottle and take it with you with no problem for any flight.

Some can be purchased and filled with different perfumes.

Foldable travel bag –

small, just in case you want to return from the trip with shopping in another small/big bag.

Power adapter-

including charger, suitable for 150 countries

Vacuum bags –

of various sizes for clever packaging and saving in a suitcase

Children’s safety bracelet –

(name and phone number written on it), waterproof, 6 units

Another version of the bracelet
The footrest– allows small children to sleep on their chair by having it

“Raises” their chair. Inflate and place it between the child’s chair and the

chair in front of him.

Scratch Map of the World –

Scratch and paint the country you visited, what fun!

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Have a good trip

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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