Prague – a trip with children

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After touring Salzburg in Austria, we returned to Prague,

there we landed and from there we return to Israel.

This is a great opportunity for us to taste Prague too.

We were in Prague as a couple about twenty years ago! Wow,

and now we are here with the kids.

After a very long drive from Austria we arrived at the Rott Hotel at 11 pm,

we dropped off the suitcases and asked where to park the car

(If we arrived earlier we could return the car today but we arrived at night).

We got an explanation about the underground car parking (a bit distant) and

there we left the vehicle until morning.

At the hotel we got 2 large and clean rooms with air conditioned,

some of us (those who were not tired) went for a little tour of the city and

then went to bed.

Good night! one day before the flight back, tomorrow is the last day on our trip.

Day 9 of our trip - Prague:

While the children were still asleep, we returned the car to the rental company,

from there we walked back to the hotel,

we had breakfast with the kids and went hiking in Prague,

We crossed Charl’s Bridge, saw the Old Town,

the fire tower, the city’s main squares,

we visited the Jewish Quarter,

We ate kurtosh

We went to the amazing Hamlays toy store (must visit)

We did some shopping at Palladium Mall,

We went back to the hotel for about an hour and went out to a

Dinitz kosher restaurant.

After dinner we continued walking on the streets of Prague,

We saw Franz Kafka’s special sculpture

and some other beautiful places along the way

and we returned at night to the hotel to get organized for the flight.

The adolescents went to do a Thai foot massage

In one of the places that offer Thai massage in the surrounding area,

there are some with a real Thailand atmosphere,

only the price is different ..

They came back satisfied and very much enjoyed from the massage!

Good night !

Yesterday morning I booked a shuttle to the field from “Prague to Go“,

a great vehicle for all of us at 30€.

I wanted to book the recommended “Adam Torres” at 25€ but he was busy!

Contact phone number on WhatsApp with Adam Torres:


Another option for booking a field shuttle at a discounted price

on this site.

We had breakfast and went on our journey around seven and forty,

we arrived at the field, where we first went to make tax returns on our shopping,

then we went to the security inspection post, we were first!

The whole process went smoothly, we went into duty free to complete

recent shopping and we waited for our flight.

Just before boarding, an examination / mirroring is performed,

here all the fluids (water and the like) are thrown away.

And that’s it, we’re on the plane.

It was a pleasant and easy flight home!

A video from our day in Prague:

A place I didn’t know when we were in Prague: a cafe for cat lovers,

a trend that is expanding in the world, to my delight. 

Next time we’re sure to pop in for coffee!

all the details of the place are here

Have you been to Prague? I’d love to read in the comments what do you 

like most and where do you recommend going there?

Tell me! 

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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