Poland with a 3-year-old – Lena Tzur’s trip

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Lena Tzur is a single mother,

She has been traveling with her three-year-old son around the country

and the world since he was born.

לנה צור

Before the trip to Poland, Lena had some concerns,

Because Poland is a new place for her and also because of the

Polish language ..

The trip was planned a year in advance, air tickets were booked from LOT

to Wroclaw,

The week-long trip (too short for Lena’s taste but that’s the number of days

off she could take).

The car was ordered through Express.

Polish Zloty = about one shekel. This makes it very easy to do calculation

and conversion.

And here’s Lena’s trip detail:

I have to say I was traveling with concerns about road travel,

But look what a wonder, the Israeli driver is far more rude and scary on

the road than the Polish drivers.

I have not encountered one act of bullying on the road, as I meet here

on the country roads every day

And I traveled in Poland for over 700 km! So there is nothing to fear

about driving there.

An important detail that changed the initial trip data a bit:

Once I booked the flight I did a flight cancellation insurance through

Trip Guaranty,

This is a flight cancellation insurance if you cancel your flight on your

own initiative

And not due to cancellation of the airline. In this case, the insurance

will refund you 80% of the cost of the flight.

Good thing I did the insurance because my days off did change a bit

And I had to cancel the flight and book a new one.

Luckily I came across a discounted deal through WIZZ airline and

booked through them.

This time the destination was Katowice, which was excellent because

I now had less than 400 km of road travel,

And with a 3 year old (Tasmanian Demon) it’s better to have as little travel

as possible!

Because I didn’t know what tantrum I would get every day

In the Katowice field, I bought a local sim for 5 zlotys with 10GB surfing

and unlimited calls!

In Katowice we landed after midnight so we spent the first night in this

simple hotel.

Nice, small place, just spend the night.

Plus fine breakfast, no wow, only 15 zlotys a night.

A taxi from the field there cost 40 zlotys.

At 9 am the car I ordered arrived, and by 10 am we were already on our

way to Zatorland

It’s kind of a huge amusement park, full of options for kids,

My son wasn’t the right height for the little roller coaster there, but he

could do everything else.

Another fun spot there is a huge, amazing dinosaur park that we spent at

least an hour and a half.

Simply amazing. The dinosaurs seem to be alive, with voices and

movements and it’s really amazing.

There is also an insect park, and a small playground, and a nice little

upstairs house.

בית הפוך
בית הפוך

Admission for this attraction for adult and child is about 59 zlotys,

plus 5 zlotys for parking.

The food there is relatively cheap. So we spent 4 hours having fun.

This is the URL of the place: https://zatorland.pl/en

We then drove to Krakow.

I booked through Booking.com this place.

I chose the place mainly because of the price, the reviews and the one

that was an option

For free and private parking (which is rare in city centers).

With all the simplicity, this is the place I loved most in Poland!

The place owners are really nice, breakfast was good,

If any of you speak Russian then the mother speaks Russian

better than English, which has helped tremendously.

We were there for two days, I didn’t move the car and used Uber.

Uber from there downtown got me a 15 zloty roof, which is a hit.

And because I was relatively close to the center, I didn’t wait more

than 4 minutes for Uber.

If you are there, I highly recommend using this option instead of a regular

car or taxi.

Opposite the lodging is a grocery store so that is the complement to the

food I needed there.

Of course in Krakow we were in the very busy main square,

We were also at:

1. Butterfly Museum

2. The Lego Exhibition – We were there for over two hours. Just a great place!

After two days in Krakow, we said goodbye to the wonderful hosts and

drove really early in the morning towards Zakopane.

drove on Route 7 and then we turned onto a side road that goes directly

to a water park that I wanted,

This is how I avoided the traffic jams of Zakopane.

There were jobs on the road so there was a rush at all hours.

Although I drove slower, the speed on the roads there is 70

But I preferred to drive slower than being stuck in a traffic jam.

About Zacapone – I have to say I was expecting more from the place and

was disappointed,

Because two days was horrendous weather, and we were mostly at games

and closed water parks.

I didn’t feel like enjoying the beauty of the place. However we did and

supplied quite a lot.

Prior to my arrival there, I booked this cabin through Airbnb.

This is an authentic Polish, old cabin. Very nice,

The landlords are so nice that I felt like I was part of the family.

My only problem was that the place was very small for me with a 3 year

old boy,

That he had no where to play and spend energy indoors,

As mentioned, two days of rain in the first two days.

But if you are a couple or traveling alone, this cabin will be a stamp for you.

I booked it for 4 nights and finally decided to shorten and return to Katowice

on the last day,

Because it’s a long drive and I didn’t want to load and do everything in one day.

Zakopane was packed with tourists. Busy Busy Busy.

And it’s also something that didn’t do me any good.

What did we do in Zakapone 4 days?

1. On the first day we were in a stunning water park called Chuchowsky.

It was stunning.

We spent three hours there. We paid about 85 zlotys (for both of us).

Anyone who buys a ticket gets a locker for their stuff. So it was

really comfortable.

Then we drove to our cabin, and then headed out toward downtown and

the main street,

There were so many people there that I saw nothing but people.

There are lots of stalls in the place, and everyone sells the same thing.

Just the same.

I tried their smoked cheese and didn’t get excited, let’s just say …

2. The second day we drove to Aqua Park, it is a water park within Zakopane.

Nice, less exciting than Chochowsky, but there I was able to skate with

my son together.

That at Chochowsky was forbidden.

We were there for two and a half hours and it was really fun, although the

water there is colder.

And it was a very cool day!

Then we went on to games, gymnastics and the like,

Every closed place we could spend on a rainy day.

We were also in such a small jungle of parrots called Egzotyczne,

We fed the parrots and mostly tried to get them to sit on us. It’s nice for

half an hour no more.

We also visited a restaurant where the top floor is a restaurant

And the bottom floor is a gym for the kids,

The parents sitting in the restaurant have a huge screen that broadcasts

what is done on the gym floor.

My son spent more than an hour there while I drank coffee and

cake after eating a meal.

It was amazing that this thinking about children and parents was a stamp instead.


Zajazd Furmański

Pardałówka 27

34-531 Zakopane

Login to their site.

3. On our third day in Zacapone, it was no longer raining but gentle.

I decided that we would go up to Gubałówkę Mountain, which is a mountain with a kind of funicular,

Admission cost 23 for a two-way card at Funicular.

Up there is a crowd full of stalls, which sell about the same,

Plenty of food, restaurants and games for children.

Small tip:

If you board the Funicular, do not enter the first Gymburi slide

(they take 10 zlotys for 10 minutes)

Go for a second, where 10 zlotys are paid indefinitely.

Also, there is a nice rope park there that is also indefinitely.

We walked to the end of the mountain and reached open cables,

There I bought a round-trip ticket on the cable car at 18 Zloty.

My son really enjoyed it, and the view was just amazing too.

4. On the last day in Zacapone, the sun came out as if we were in Israel,

That is why I decided I would not give up on a walk in the wild.

We drove to Dolina Koscieliska. Just an amazing place!

The trail is accessible by carts, and there were lots of parents for kids in carts.

On the right there is a forest, on the left there is a forest, beside the

path there is a flowing stream, and nature and quiet, just amazing.

Really recommend not to give up and go there.

There are parking spaces between 25 and 30 zlotys.

Entering the reserve at a cost of 5 zlotys from the age of 6 seems to me.

There are also horses out there that can make this journey for you,

But walking is mostly planar, and I didn’t feel it was necessary.

Also, I really felt sorry for the horses.

In my opinion from everything I’ve heard about the places in the area,

this is the most worthwhile place.

And allows for a real trip. We walked in about 3 miles.

After finishing the route (we didn’t make it to the end) we headed for Krakow

To the hotel I booked last night.

It’s a really nice 3 star hotel, with a restaurant that works in the evening,

And great food, the accommodation I ordered includes breakfast.

Important Note: If you book a room there, ask for a room that does not

face the road,

Because the road is one of the busiest there and you hear cars driving

even if the window is closed.

The reason I took this hotel is because it has a small playground for kids,

And good reviews, breakfast and it is about 70 km from the field in Katowice.

It really reset us towards returning to Israel.

There is also a children’s play area in the dining room, which is a real rescue.

It was a great success!

And that’s it, it’s our trip.

I also had a great desire to get to Slovakia, but I just couldn’t do it

because of the weather.

It would have seemed unnecessary to go there in bad weather.

Hope you enjoyed our trip!


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