One day in Rome

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Recommended itinerary for a
day trip to Rome


When I returned from New York with Alitalia flight we had a long stop in Rome, 

the capital of Italy, and it was an opportunity for me to travel and see Rome.

Yes, yes, I was not in Rome yet, for some reason this place did not attract me

and was not at the top of my list of goals,

But of course, I did not oppose the opportunity to visit there!

I found out that Rome is a beautiful and romantic place, with full of ancient history, 

impressive and beautiful buildings and more.

Archeology, alleys, squares, and fountains and along with all these are many shops, 

ice cream shops, cafes, and restaurants.

So after a long night flight, we arrived in Rome in the morning,

A driver I pre-ordered from “Romio” (recommended) waited for us

in the field and drove us downtown.

He also picked us up at the end of the day and took us back to the field.

We started our tour at the “Spanish Steps”,

In the morning the place was not yet crowded with tourists,

so it was a good time to get there (or anywhere else)

Pretty soon all the places were full of people, even in the morning.

Tip: The sooner you arrive at the places described, the less crowded they will be.

From there we continued on foot from site to site and after we finished seeing

all the sites we had planned, We continued to travel in all kinds of places

that were not written for us in our schedule.

All the places were within walking distance of each other and we didn’t need public transport,

At the end of the day we did some shopping and also saw

a colorful and interesting parade,

The people of Rome celebrated something and we didn’t know what exactly,

People played and danced in the street procession

and it was really nice to end our day like that.

In this post, I will write :

what places you can visit on a day trip in Rome

and start with interesting  sites that I will mention in the order of places

we visited at:

The Spanish Steps – Trevi Fountain – Pantheon – Piazza Navona – Coliseum.

As mentioned, after all, we visited other places and main streets and touristy streets.

Scalinata di Piazza di Spagna

The Spanish Steps became famous for a scene from the 1953 film

“Vacation in Rome”.

This is a staircase (136 steps) linking Piazza di Spagna (below)

And the Piazza Trinita di Monti and the Churches (above).

The steps were built with funding from French diplomat Stefano Gupier,

with the aim of linking the Spanish Embassy to the Vatican with the church.

The place have nice alleys with many restaurants and shops.

Not far from the Spanish Steps we had a delicious and expensive breakfast

Fontana di Trevi

A fountain used as a reservoir during the Baroque period is the most beautiful

fountain in Rome and also the most decorated.

The sight of the fountain in a magical and spectacular night.

Trevi is the name of the neighborhood where the fountain is.

The custom of visiting the place is to stand with your back to the fountain and throw a coin into the water ..

Some believe this is what will ensure that you return to Rome.

So Prepare your coins!


A beautiful and unique building from ancient Rome,

the name Pantheon means a temple for all the gods.

In ancient times, along with its supposed function as a religiously designated structure,

the Pantheon also served as the meeting place of the Roman Senate.

The Pantheon is the best-preserved monument in Rome for some 1,900 years,

In the inner space of the pantheon, you can see the use of marble cladding in a variety of rich

and beautiful colors.

Opposite the building is a square called Piazza Della Rotonda.

Piazza Navona

A central square and painted from the Baroque period built by architect Bernini,

who was the great architect of the era,

The square was built on the ruins of Domitian’s first-century stadium for the Pope Inocentius Tenth.

The shape of the square is elliptical, like the horse racing scene on which its ruins were erected.

In the three fountains square, the sons of them are the Four Rivers Fountain, which Bernini also designed.

Around the piazza are human statues, shops, cafes and churches.


UNESCO World Heritage Site (1980) and one of the Seven New Wonders of the World (2007).

Rome’s most visited place: an elliptical concrete and stone amphitheater.

The Coliseum is located in central Rome and is considered one of the greatest works

of Roman engineering and architecture.

Its construction was begun by Emperor Vespasian in 70 AD and completed in 80 AD by his son Emperor Titus.

Until the early Middle Ages, the place was used for gladiators and battle shows such as naval battles,

Hunting trips, executions, historical battle reconstructions, and mythological dramas.

Over the years, much of the Colosseum was destroyed due to strong earthquakes and ancient robberies,

Yet the Colosseum is still an informal symbol of the city of Rome and of the Roman emperors.

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is in the St. Angelo District and outside Jewish sites

and kosher restaurants.

There are also sites that are not related to Judaism (Marcos Theater, Turtle Fountain, Church, etc.).

We were in Rome on Saturday, so we didn’t really enjoy kosher restaurants and

the Jewish Quarter, because the kosher restaurants are closed on Saturday.

And yet we saw a restaurant there that was open (pre-order and prepaid).

In the Jewish quarter is the Tempio Maggiore di Roma the Great Synagogue of Rome

Piazza dell Cinque Scole Square

And other beautiful ancient historic buildings, some of which were demolished

and restored and some well preserved.

It is very useful to do a guided tour instead.

As mentioned, we continued to walk wherever our feet took us,

ended the day by visiting the various shops

And watching a parade attended by men, women, and children on the city’s main streets.

Until next time!

To book admission tickets to attractions and places of interest in Rome enter here
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