Odessa Ukraine

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Shoham (my daughter) and Nahurai's trip

September 2019

Odessa is a Ukrainian port city on the Black Sea coast.

In Odessa, you will find inexpensive hotels, good and cheap restaurants, kosher food,

Excursions to the artist’s tomb of Rabbi Nachman, Amusement Park, Spa, Shopping, Beaches, Stormy Nightlife and more

When to Travel in Odessa?

Odessa is recommended in the summer months – from late June to early September.

We arrived at the end of September and it was already the end of the season, some of the entertainment venues were closed and it was getting cooler.

Flight – with Ukrainian Airlines, costing $ 225 including 2 trolleys and one large suitcase.

Sim card – Buyers at the airport, about $ 10 a ticket. Do not buy from anyone who does not help you install the card!

Hotels – To reduce your stay and indulge in good hotels we divided the accommodation into 2 hotels,

All the detailed below.

Our trip:

The first day of our trip – we landed very early in the morning in Odessa, purchased a SIM card, and took a taxi to our first hotel.

Tip: Do not leave the field before installing the Uber Uber app. Only Uber is recommended to order a driver,

That way, you pay half the price for each trip!

For the first 2 nights, we stayed at the Frapoli 21 Hotel.

Note there is another hotel with a similar name, so don’t get confused

Hotel address: Troitskaia 34, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine

Link to booking a room at this excellent hotel here

To get the room so early in the morning (and breakfast) we added a night,

That is, we booked the hotel for the night we left the country, so the room was waiting for us when we arrived.

After settling in and relaxing at the hotel, we had breakfast and drove to the market 7 km

Opinions about the market are divisive, some recommendations and some who say it is unnecessary, we liked the market!

We found a lot of reality in it (mostly imitation of men’s brands), and we even went back to it later!

Seventh-mile Market:

This is a huge market in the size of everything. Thousands of containers of fine slices that create alleys.

Each alley has its products. Toys, clothes, shoes and everything else.

High-quality imitations of luxury brands sell cheap.

Please note: There are no prices for the products, you have to ask the seller and you can bargain if you want.

You can spend even two days shopping in this market.

The main alley of the market has many money changers with a good currency exchange rate.

The market is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

From there we traveled to the pedestrian street / Arcadia Promenade, where Ibiza Beach and Itka Beach are located, and Mantra Club.


A neighborhood located about half an hour from the city center, the neighborhood is known as the “Ibiza of Ukraine”.

During the day, the Arcadia area is full of families visiting the beach, but at night,

Especially during the summer, the place becomes the center of the city,

With clubs, bars and people dancing all night.

If you arrive out of season, the clubs, which are on the beach, will probably be closed.

Address: Arcadia, Odessa

The second day of our trip

Today we strolled on Deribasovskaya Street

The main street in Odessa called Drivasovskaya is an attraction in itself,

The street is full of street shows, musicians, shops and restaurants, flower sellers, horse/pony rides.

There are also open buses touring various places in the city.

There is also a candy store there that puts a lollipop workshop for the kids in the form the child chooses.

The lovely workshop, fun for kids ..

Pleasant to stroll and sit down to eat or just have a beer on this street, there is a great atmosphere there.

The stores on Dribesibska Street are very diverse, you can find luxury brands stores like Tommy Hilfiger,

Armenian and Gucci, and also cheap clothing stores, the likes of which you will only see in Europe.

Kurtosh at 2 euros

In the early afternoon, we were at the Arc Spa, which is in the Arcadia district.

The spa has treatment rooms that offer more than 100 types of massages, saunas in 10 different styles,

Japanese Jacuzzi, Indoor Semi-Olympic Pool, Cave Shaped Rest Room,

Salt bath and many other luxurious facilities at great prices. site.

Monday night and last at our Hotel Parpoli 21. Tomorrow they move to a new hotel.

Frapolli 21 hotel

The third day of the trip

Like we said before, we went back to the 7km market to do shopping, fun!

After a few hours at the market, we had lunch

And we drove to our second hotel, the perfect Nemo Hotel! Resort & Spa Hotel – NEMO

Address: Plyazh Lanzheron 25, Odessa, 65012, Ukraine

The hotel has a 3-day dolphin pool (discounted hotel guests),

Dolphin swimming (about $ 100 for 10 minutes swimming for hotel guests, option to purchase photos that a professional photographer is taking with you).

The hotel has a crazy gym, stunning pools with stunning views, a beach, free massage armchairs, great restaurants and more

Near the hotel, there is a wonderful beachfront promenade, with nice restaurants and places to sit and spend a few hours having fun.

We chose to spend our fourth day on a trip to the Nemo Hotel

We saw a cool dolphin show and enjoyed the spa and pools in the hotel

On the last day we spent mostly at the hotel

This is what awaits us in our room, look what sweetness:

Shoham swam today with a very experiential swim with dolphins,

We had a nice day at the pool and at sea

And in the evening we traveled with a driver booked via Uber to the airport (5 EUR via Uber).

Kosher Restaurants in Odessa:

* Ravarkadia in the middle of Arcadia Avenue Israeli food

15% discount to the Odessa Facebook group for Israelis and travelers.

Address: Arkadiyska Alley, 1, Odesa, Odessa Oblast


* Midence (close to our first hotel)

* Brooklyn Pizza

* Rosemary Restaurant

Clubs in Odessa:

The most famous clubs in the borough, and throughout the city, are Ibiza Beach Club and Itaka Beach Club.

The Ibiza Club is one of the most prestigious and prestigious clubs in Ukraine.

The club is located on the shores of the Black Sea and is open at all hours of the day.

In the morning – the complex offers sunbeds and umbrellas, a restaurant and a bar.

At night – the world’s best DJs record for the blinders in two separate dance floors.

Ibiza has the wildest parties in Odessa and, from time to time, performances by internationally renowned artists.

Warning: There are many stories about serious selection at the entrance and sting attempts at clubs in Odessa.

Do not agree that girls from the club (waitresses) sit at your table,

And of course, you won’t order a drink or anything else, otherwise, you will get into a very inflated account.

If girls sit down next to you tell them to leave or you leave the place yourself.

Ithaca Club

The Ithaca club has a different style than Ibiza. This is a big club that looks like a huge amphitheater,

The club attracts crowds of locals and tourists alike. It’s in a resort, right on the beach,

And offers upstairs house music and techno, and downstairs right by the pool – pop music.

Park Residence Club, a slightly different atmosphere than most clubs,

The club is decorated in a modern style and attracts all the beautiful and right in town.

The Captain Morgan Club, located downtown, is the place for celebs.

The club is an attraction for celebrities, both locals and around the world.

Palladium Club – serves as a daytime dining and nightclub dance club

More places to see and spend:

If you come to Odessa in the summer and the hot weather you can spend in a Hawaiian water park.

It is slightly closer than the second water park, which is 25 minutes out of town.

* Hawaii Water Park is suitable for both adults and children and is located in the Arcadia district.

* Primosky Boulevard – a central area adjacent to the harbor, town hall, Odessa Star Avenue,

To the Patiomkin Stairs, Vorontsov Palace and Central Station.

* Potemkin 192 Stairs – Potomkin Stairs is a 142-foot staircase.

This long staircase was built in the 19th century to allow direct access from the city to the port and is now a landmark and symbol of the city of Odessa.

The length of the staircase is mainly an optical illusion: from the bottom, the stairs seem to go on and never end.

There is no fear of getting tired of the stairs, as these are only 192 stairs in 10 equal sections.

Anyone who needs or wants a tram, however, raises and lowers the cost of 3 hryvnia in each direction.

The stairs are the main entrance to the city from the direction of the harbor.

The place is really nice and even provides a nice view of the harbor and the sea. At night the area is lit.

In the middle of the Piomatkin stairs there is a large park entrance, if you go up the stairs then turn left and you will see the park

As you descend from the stairs, continue the stroll on the marina’s enchanting promenade,

It also offers countless restaurants, cafes and local shops.

A place that fits beautiful pictures, especially for Instagram enthusiasts.

Stair address: Potemkin Stairs, Odessa

* Shevchenko Park – simply a lovely place to stroll.

* Sign I LOVE ODESSA near the main train station.

* Odessa Amusement Park – Address: Uspenska Street, 1, Odesa, Odes’ka oblast

web site

* Odessa Port: Odessa, the largest port in Ukraine, one of the most important on the Black Sea.

Enjoy walking in the harbor and see with your own eyes the centrality of the city: pay attention to the hustle and bustle of ships,

The many sailors and pedestrians, and plan to reach the end of the pier. This location offers a lovely view of the sea,

A spectacle whose beauty is more than doubled at sunrise or sunset. Address: Port of Odessa, Odessa

* Nemo Dolphinarium – the main attraction in the area other than the beach itself.

Address: Lanzheron, Odessa

* White Tone Beauty Salon – offers cosmetic treatments, a variety of massages,

Haircuts for men / women / children, manicure / pedicure

Address: Odessa Street: 85 Malaya Arnautskaya

* The Londonskaya SPA Hotel – a 4-star hotel located just 6 minutes’ walk from the beach,

10 minutes from Main Drivsovskie Street and a minute to the Patiomkin steps, and only 300 meters from the Opera and Ballet.

Opera House and Ballet

Beaches in Odessa

Odessa is a seaside town, which means it has quite a few beaches and everyone is very busy during the summer months.

Apart from the beaches, we have already mentioned, the closest beach to the heart of the city is Lanzheron Beach,

It is a very popular beach due to its proximity and access to the city.

You can, of course, rent a beach umbrella and beach chairs instead.

While spending time there, you can hop on one of the many restaurants and bars located right next to the beach.

Shopping in Odessa:

Riviera Shopping City Mall – A large, modern mall that is about a half-hour drive from downtown, this is a relatively new mall, it has a great super,

Brand stores on the first floor (mango, Zara and the like), local designer shops, several restaurants, and cafes and a children’s playground.

Address: Pivdenna Rd, 101а.

Afina Gallery – a luxury shopping center located near Drivasovskie Street, instead of dozens of fashion stores,

A number of international brands, shoe stores, books, home appliances, electrical appliances, and good restaurants.

Address: Grecheskaya Sq. 3/4.

Europa – A modern downtown shopping center that offers a pleasant atmosphere, a variety of fashion shops, books, cosmetics and more.

The place has several restaurants and cafes, a great place to spend a few hours.

Address: Derybasivska Street, 21.

Privoz – The Frevose Market allows shopping enthusiasts to enjoy perfect entertainment and buy plenty of products at affordable prices.

Freibose is a colorful and vibrant market, located near the main train station, with many food stalls and food products,

And lots of booths and shops where you can buy clothes, cosmetics, accessories, souvenirs, and decorative items. (Near Freebuz there is a zoo).

Address: Privoznaya St., 14

Big shopping Malls: Riveira City, City Center

Did you want to go to Odessa? We would love to hear about it here in the comments below,


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