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Oceania Cruises offers a unique and once in a liftime cruise

The Oceania Cruise will allow Israeli passengers to sail to Monet and get off in Haifa or to board Haifa and sail to Turkey

Oceania Cruises Luxury Cruise Company, the world leader in seafood culinary specialties and special destinations on vacation trips, she opened the two new routes that depart and return to Haifa.

The unique cruise will allow the Israelis to sail to Monet and go down in Haifa, or go up in Haifa and sail to Turkey

By doing so, passengers will save and can only purchase one-way airfare.

The first track “The Sea of History” –

A 12-day itinerary leaving Italy for Israel on October 28, 2020, passing in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus,

Haifa and Ashdod and will end in Haifa.

The second route –

Awakening of the Aegean Sea, 12 days, from Haifa to Istanbul. The ship will sail on November 9, 2020

From Haifa Port and Anchorage in Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and finish in Turkey.

From now on, Israeli sailors will be able to enjoy a prestigious, exclusive product and the highest standard of seafood culinary,

Without having to fly to the destination from which the ship will depart or return. Oceania Cruz offers Israelis a cruise

With a culinary experience that didn’t look the same in Israel, with the best gourmet restaurants and customized menus.

“The choice to bring the refurbished and upgraded siren ship to Israel is proof of the company’s commitment to the Israeli market,”

Said Bernie Carter, Executive Vice President and CEO of EMEA, Osnaya Cruz.

“We have seen a growing demand for luxury cruises in this market over the past year,

We found that Israelis know how to value high-quality food and food, which is why the connection is natural and we are very happy about it. ”

For the benefit of the sailors, the company recently offered over 200 vegetarian and vegan dishes,

This goes beyond the hundreds of gourmet dishes served in the company’s morning and evening launches. In addition, she recently announced

On the new Aquamar Health and Spa Center, which will open during the 2019-2020 winter season on all six of the company’s ships,

Offering a range of services including Himalayan salt stone massage, acupuncture and comedy treatments

As well as a seminar and tours program on healthy lifestyles, personal training and more.

Pleasant sailing

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