Malaga and Southern Spain – Anat’s Trip

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Tips and itinerary in Malaga and southern Spain


It is very important to find hotels that guarantee car parking.

There is a parking problem in southern Spain, the streets are very

narrow and there is no place to park.

Almost all the hotel parking spaces are also paid, but it’s worth it.

Sites that need pre-booked tickets:

caminito del Rey – The King’s Way – In my opinion, a must-see!

It is about 2.5 km of bridges hanging in stunning scenery.

Alhambra (If tickets cannot be purchased on-site then through the

hotel listed below).

Our trip length:

8 days (but we were missing one more day in Seville).


We rented from Rentlecar

Our itinerary:


We landed in a scholarship and slept in a simple hotel near the field because we landed late at night, around 11 pm.

Hotel Name: Campanile (click on the hotel name for hotel reservation)

Image from Booking Campanile Málaga Airport

Monday: We went to Mijas – a beautiful white village.


And to Marbia – a beautiful white village up the mountain,

we also visited his port – not to be missed!

There is also an amazing promenade with upscale shops and cars

and yachts of affluent people.

We had lunch at Merbia.

Hotel accommodation in La Posada del Conde near Caminito Del Rey-

through the King.

Tuesday: King’s Road

Our hotel is close to Caminito Del Rey – King Road –

Suspended bridges – not to be missed – a must !!!

Since there were no tickets available at King’s Road, we bought

tickets in advance through the hotel with the reservation of the hotel room.

I wrote in comments about the room reservation status at the hotel that

I would like to purchase tickets through and they saved me tickets.

You can also purchase it on the website.

Please note, only a limited number of people can log in each day so

as not to overload the suspended bridges.

Visiting the King Road was in my opinion the most beautiful part of the trip.

It takes about half a day to go there.

After being on the King’s Road we went to visit Ronda

* My recommendation: Visit Ronda before seeing the hanging bridges that

don’t get excited about it after the breathtaking scenery of the King’s Road.

We went to overnight in Gibraltar.

* It is recommended to take the motorway route – we have traveled on trails that are not well paved,

A lovely way but the Wise did not work well and the journey takes a long time after such a long and tiring day.

Gibraltar accommodation at the hotel – Ohtels Campo De Gibraltar

Great hotel and highly recommended because it is well located, 5 minutes walk from the city entrance, thus saving the traffic jams at the entrance to the city.

We walked from it to the places we hiked, about 10 minutes’ walk and the car stayed in the parking lot.

To find a hotel in Gibraltar go here

Wednesday: Trip to Gibraltar.

From the entrance to Gibraltar take a bus and get off where the shuttles are to the high mountain in Gibraltar.

* It is advisable not to take a cable car

(we took and very bad – unnecessary) because then there is a lot of walking

And you can’t get all the sites on Mt.

The recommendation is to take a minibus that includes a shuttle +

payment for all sites – the minibus stops at every site,

Turn around a bit, return to the minibus and proceed to the next site.

We were sorry we didn’t take a minibus. I thought a cable car was

nicer but since the same price is better than a minibus,

The scenery is beautiful but the uphill cable car takes about 5 minutes

maybe less, not enough to enjoy the scenery and already get off.

For people traveling through the shuttles:

The shuttle stops at each site, go down the site and goes to the

next site after all people have returned.

At Gibraltar, we were in a stalactite cave, a glass floor,

and a New World monuments

The Modern World

We also went further down the street in Gibraltar – very nice,

there are nice restaurants and cafes.

After early lunch, we drove to Seville – the drive about 200 km on the highway.


In Seville – as mentioned, insist on a hotel with parking even prepaid.

We were at the hotel: Becquer (I couldn’t book a reservation and booked

directly on the hotel’s website).

Excellent hotel in the city center, we paid about NIS 70 per night

in advance. There’s a steward who parks and pulls out the vehicle.

Also, the hotel provides those interested in a free tour of the city.

In my opinion, it is highly recommended to be in Sibylla two nights,

we were only one night and very sorry.


Friday: Cordoba

We stayed at a hotel called Eurostars Maimonides – in the center of

the Jewish Quarter.

The location is excellent and the hotel is good.

We walked the city on foot and also by minibus which slowly travels

through the charming streets of Cordoba and while the driver stops

and explains the important sites (do not come down and go up).

How to get to this minibus? There is a small town center near the bridge

with some such minibusses.

The old town is small and not a problem to get to know it.

The highlight of the minibus tour was a stop by the beautiful and special

Patio Patio, throughout the city.

The city of Cordoba holds the most beautiful patio competition and so

there are many beautiful patios there.

Maimonides sculpture in the Jewish Quarter
Maimonides Hotel (Maimonides) Cardova
The view from the Mosquito in Cordoba
The view from the Mosquito in Cordoba

Friday: Granada

We stayed at the Guadalupe Hotel

This hotel is the closest to Alhambra.

Tickets can be obtained through the hotel to Alhambra

(at the time of booking).

Don’t be tempted to book tickets through other sites on the Internet.

It is worth booking on the official website of Alhambra –

well in advance – or through the hotel

And check that the tour includes the real palace and gardens.

We booked through a site that looked respectable on the Internet

and at the end of the tour it turned out we had not visited the real gardens

And in the real palace in question, but in the summer palace and

gardens that are not as beautiful as the gardens in the palace courtyard.


Eighth Day: Torremolinos

We traveled around town and stayed at a gay hotel –

if you don’t belong to the gay community I don’t recommend staying there,

Although the hotel is very indulgent and has close parking.

It is worth staying overnight in Torremolinos the evening before

the flight because it is very close – about fifteen minutes – to the airport.

Torremolinos Hotel Ideas:

The hotel we stayed at (Adult) Hotel Ritual Torremolinos

The entrance to the hotel we stayed at

Another recommended hotel – Essence Hotel Boutique by

Don Paquito

Have fun, Anat

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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