Indulgence and art in Elma – Zichron Yaacov



Sometimes instead of a small leap abroad, we choose to spend

one night in a luxurious hotel in our country.

For me, celebrating my husband’s birthday is a chance to spend in a luxury hotel in Israel,

Thing that I can’t afford with the kids or during the precious summer months.

My husband was born in the winter .. and this is an opportunity to find a reasonable price

for a  luxurious hotel! So I was looking for a hotel like that,

But I need to offer something more besides Lina.

To do this, I went to different hotel sites and checked what they were offering in the

“Deals” category.

To lower the cost of pleasure, I am looking for special hotel deals on unsolicited dates,

There are usually lucrative deals for on Saturday nights.

This is not suitable for Shabbat keepers, but there may be similar offers for

mid-week arrivals.

I found what I wanted in the Elma Hotel in Zichron Yaacov.

A luxury hotel that offers both accommodation and performance.

About the hotel I selected:

The Elma Hotel is located in the northern part of Zichron Yaacov, in a

special building with an interesting history,

The building is an architectural piece in itself and can be seen from the

coast road, The building looks like a wave merging with the landscape.

The person responsible for this architectural work is Jacob Rechter,

He was awarded the Israel Prize for Architecture for the building that he

preserved and renewed.

The whole place is the realization of Mrs. Lily Elstein’s vision of an art collector,

Who took it upon herself to breathe life into the structure and founded

Elma instead,

a unique hotel that is home to art and music.

The hotel has permanent and permanent exhibitions of works of art

created by Israeli artists

and different performances that take place in two different and special

halls that provide phenomenal acoustics.

I recommend going to a venue for a show, tour or of course to stay

for a night or more and experience a culture and pleasure experience.

Here’s How I celebrate a birthday in Israel:

So I booked one night at the Elma Hotel in Zichron Yaacov from Saturday

to Sunday.

The deal included dinner and breakfast + a 25-minute massage for each of us,

I asked to convert this into a 50-minute massage for my husband,

and I got a positive answer, with no problem..

The reception on Saturday is from 6 pm but can be reached earlier.

We arrived at 4 pm and the room was ready and even upgraded to a suite!

what fun!

The suites are in a new area outside the hotel’s main building

and that is a disadvantage to consider when choosing a room,

We had to walk in the breeze and cold from our room to the main building

(if we wanted to get to a dining room, pool, etc.).

I guess in the summer it’s won’t be a problem because the weather there

will be pleasant.

But in any case, there is an option to ask to go to a club car (golf car)

and a nice guy will drive you.

I must note the excellent service we received from all the hotel staff

without exception!

Service with a smile, patience, and goodwill, simply outstanding.

Before arriving at the hotel and getting the suite, we first walked down

the pedestrian street of Zichron-Ya’akov ,

A magical place with a special local charm and atmosphere,

we were lucky to have a nice weather and we could hike there

among the preserved ancient galleries, shops and buildings

After walking down the street we had a delicious ice cream in ‘Aldo’

We peeked at the special little wine cellar,

We wanted to sit down to drink something light or warm but you can only

drink wine there.

What else can you do in Zichron Yaacov?

A walk between flowers and beautiful vegetation at the generous Ramat Hanadiv

Ramat Hanadiv. Photo: Eran Farr

a very important and interesting museum of Beit Aharonson.

Tour and meal at one of the wineries in Zichron Yaacov of your choice

(Carmel / Tishbi / Amphora ..)

Museum of First Aliyah

A visit to the wine cellar on the street

Various local art galleries (most of them on the street)

The gunner’s house

A meal in a Chinese restaurant

View of the sea from the Elma Hotel,

and more

Benjamin Pool An ancient water plant
Zichron Yaacov pedestrian street

Return to our entertainment at the Elma Hotel:

We got our suite, the Bell Boy took us and our suitcase up to it,

In the room a bottle of wine awaited us with tasty chocolates…

We rested a bit in the room until evening

And around 7:30 we bought tickets to Efrat Ghosh’s show

(half price for hotel guests),

We went into a dining room that looked like a cozy restaurant

rather than a “dining room”, We had a very good dinner

From there we went down to the “Cube” hall for the performance of singer

Efrat Ghosh.

The show was in sitting, we got up to at the end to dance a little with the singer

who was hanging out with us,

It was a lot of fun, a good time for the end of the birthday.

And the next day the fun continued.

We got up in the morning with a natural wake, went to have breakfast

We ended up sitting next to a burning fireplace with coffee and cakes

We could sit like that all day but we had a tour to do.

At 10:00, a tour of the hotel starts from the lobby, the guided tour takes

place throughout the hotel and during which you receive an explanation

about the beginning of the place, fulfilling the vision of Lily Elstein,

the owner of the place, the uniqueness of the building,

the works of art fill every space in the hotel, the activities that take place

there and the love of art and music.

It was fascinating and enriching.

Instructor: Florie Morgan

From there we continued to the spa, where we were waiting for a

pre-booked massage, we also enjoyed the indoor pool,

A cup of tea and marble biscuits and hamam

In addition to the indoor pool, the hotel has a large outdoor pool for

the summer months

and a well-equipped gym

When we finished enjoying the spa we left the hotel towards the house.

On the way, we passed the open mall in Zichron-Yaakov to do some 

shopping and from there – home!

It was a short pastime but ‘self-battery’ Charge and good time for relationships- 

like that in the middle of routine and life!

I strongly recommend trying this treat right here in Israel and now and then

Enjoy what Israeli culture and local recreation have to offer us.



אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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