Flight Cancellation Insurance

At those moments we had to be on a plane on our way to Milan Italy for a 

family winter vacation.

The planning was: first skiing in the Dolmites, the Masquerade Festival in 

Venice and a little Milan to end the trip.

But I canceled this vacation. And just today I saw that the money came into 


How ?

I secured the vacation with a flight cancellation insurance called “trip geranti” 

by Hafenix.

The insurance can be done within a week of purchasing the airline tickets and 

then the flight can be canceled for any reason and you will get most of the 

money back.

All the details about insurance here

So what’s my story? Why did I buy this flight and why did I cancel?

The fact that I love capturing cheap flights and traveling the world is well 


This time I found a cheap flight, when EasyJet flight dates for the winter 


I found a flight for the dates of the Masquerade Festival in Venice, at a cost of 

NIS 1300 for 5 people !!

So-called: pennies!

And of course I did not resist and bought the tickets!

Since I booked the tickets a long time before the flight date, I preferred to 

insure them for a few more pennies (10% of the cost of the tickets), because it 

is impossible to know what will be until then.

And in the meantime, things changed, we flew to Paris in December and we 

were too busy to add another flight at such a close time.

And the main reason for cancellation is:

Although airline tickets were very, very cheap, it all turns out to be very 


Accommodation, food, travel (in a rental car), skiing – all this for 5 people 

comes out expensive.

An expense that doesn’t suit me at this stage of life,

When I’m still planning a summer outing with the kids.

So with a heavy heart and very much difficulty and after a lot of deliberation – I 

decided to cancel the tickets.

I contacted Trip Grant, they explained to me which forms to send them,

I got all the forms, canceled the flight in front of EasyJet

(I didn’t find anywhere on their flight cancellation website, just make other 


And I faxed all the forms they requested.

Immediately, I received my confirmation that the forms had arrived, and within 

up to 30 days the money (80% of the cost of the flight) was already in my 


Wonderful service !!

Another thing I discovered in the case of the current Isigjet order:

If you are planning to take paid suitcases with you, you should book them as 

soon as you book your airline tickets,

Because then the most lucrative price.

If you want to add suitcases later, the price is likely to go up!

So it was in this case anyway. I didn’t buy suitcases with the tickets, and the 

price for a suitcase in the direction of rose …

On the other hand, if you are not at all sure that you will go on a trip – 

purchasing a suitcase will be an unnecessary expense if the tickets are 

canceled at the end.

Because on the Low Coast flights there are no refunds! Therefore, this 

insurance exists and it is recommended to do so.

* I know it sounds like an advertisement, but it’s not. I wish I had something 

out of it.

It’s just a positive experience I’ve had with this insurance and they deserve the 

good word!

pay attention:

Apart from flight cancellation insurance, you should do regular travel insurance 

in case of health (which I hope will not happen)

You can also insure a phone / computer you take with you for a flight.

Want to know which travel insurance is best for you?

Go here to this site that compares different insurance companies

And offers you the most affordable travel insurance for you!

And if you still want information about Northern Italy,

You can read here

I hope we never cancel flights again!

See you in the next post

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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