Indulgence and art in Elma – Zichron Yaacov

introduction: introduction: Sometimes instead of a small leap abroad, we choose to spend one night in a luxurious hotel in our country. For me, celebrating my husband’s birthday is a chance to spend in a luxury hotel in Israel, Thing … Continued

Skiing with children in Romania

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I decided to fly to Romania when I realized we had a number of  free days on Purim holiday, so I was looking for a destination that was cheap to reach and also  not expensive to ski there, still, we … Continued

French Alps with children

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Bonjour! Why the French Alps? After our amazing trip to Austria, I was looking for a destination for our  next trip, a destination with breathtaking views of high and snowy  mountains to suit a family with grown children, that won’t … Continued

New York Trip to the Big Apple

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Wellcome to New York It all started with a post I posted on my Facebook group I shared cheap flight prices to New York and asked “who wants to come with me?!” My sister-in-law answered: Me! In October! It was … Continued

One day in Rome

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Recommended itinerary for a day trip to Rome introduction: When I returned from New York with Alitalia flight we had a long stop in Rome,  the capital of Italy, and it was an opportunity for me to travel and see … Continued