Bucharest, Romania

A couple's trip abroad

How does an educated girl celebrate the separation from citizenship

and recruitment to the IDF?

No, it’s not her recruitment date, this time it’s her boyfriend’s recruitment date.

Of course, on a trip abroad!

The young couple (aged about 18) approached me and asked me to help

them find a destination that fits their pocket and age.

So what destination is at stake? Where is it best for them to fly?

This is a trip for a young couple who want to fly alone to a cheap

destination (both cheap flight and cheap stay).

The destination should be age-appropriate, a new destination for them,

with a vibrant nightlife and it has to be a good place for shopping !! of course!

So I sat and thought with them, and we made a decision (rather they

insisted on flying to):

Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Bucharest meets all these requirements.

European city, with many Israeli tourists, lively nightlife,

Inexpensive hotels, good shopping areas, romantic parks, warm baths

And the costs are cheap and suitable for all types of travelers.

So let’s get started, how was the trip ?!

The dry details:

The passengers – an 18 year old couple.

Flight – Wise Air Flight 160$ per person (including a large suitcase and

2 trolleys per couple).

The tickets were purchased before Wise-Air made a change in its

baggage policy

The cost of the hotel is about 518$ per couple for 4 nights, including breakfast.

Travel insurance – booked from here.

Hike – Four nights in October.

The Romanian currency is called Lei (or Ron by the locals).

The ley rate is 1 ley = 90 agorot (about 1 NIS / 0.22 USD).

It is easy to convert to Leigh in the country, but you should only convert

a small amount for the first day and the rest of the money to convert

from Bucharest from Euro to Leigh.

So what can you do in Bucharest for 4 nights?

First of all, because it was only a few nights, I recommended that they

spend only in Bucharest and not to go outside, although Romania has lots

to offer outside of Bucharest.

Another important detail, it is important to adjust the content of the trip

to the weather and the season.

October is the beginning of autumn in Bucharest,

The leaves in the trees get interesting fall colors and you can still walk in

the various parks.

All places planned for this trip – pre-entered into Google Map,

And before every departure for a particular place, the distance map to

the destination and the best way to reach it is checked.

* For convenience, I will tell you about the trip, as Shoham tells it,

The first day of the trip:

the flight departed from Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport and was

comfortable and pleasant,

We didn’t pay for seats on the plane and there was no problem sitting together,

The plane was not full.

Waiting at Terminal 1

We landed in Bucharest at 12:25 p.m.

At the airport, next to a flower-stand stands a woman,

Which sell for about 50 Lei 5 GB local SIM card.

Please: Keep a good watch on the SIM you removed from your phone.

After purchasing a sim card, we downloaded the UBER app

(with the local sim card phone-number).

But we haven’t used the app yet because we booked a taxi through the

yellow machines at the airport exit,

Choose at the machine the company you want to travel with (based on

the price, choose the low price).

We took a note (which says which taxi will take us) and went outside to

where the taxi drivers are waiting.

We drove to our hotel when we arrived we pay to the taxi driver 36 lee

(we rounded it up to 40 lee).

The hotel we booked is a lovely boutique hotel called Concorde

This is an Israeli-owned hotel named Yuval . The hotel is in a great location

in the old city of Bucharest.

The room was clean and beautiful and the staff gave us excellent service!

Everyone there helped us with every request.

Link to booking a hotel room here

The hotel has two entrances, the main entrance is on Splaiul Independentei

2D Street,

Where there is direct and easy access, even with a car, to the

hotel parking area,

The second entrance is at 38-42 Franceza (pedestrian).

A gym is available at the hotel 24 hours a day.

The hotel’s front desk is open 24 hours a day and you can order there :

Museum Tickets, Places in Restaurants, Group or Private Tours

of Bucharest, Sinaia, Bran and many other beautiful places inside or

outside Bucharest.

You can also order Private transfers to airports, shopping centers, etc.

The hotel is highly recommended! There is no need to rush to hotels that

all Israelis are in.

This hotel met all our requirements and fitted us like a glove to the hands.

At the hotel

After settling in at the hotel and eating to satisfy the great hunger we had,

(We were really hungry and glad we brought home-prepared food with us),

We took a walk in the hotel area to get to know the surroundings.

We strolled around the old town near the hotel, soaking up the atmosphere

And from there we proceeded (do you believe that? On the first-day

shopping) to the Unirea Mall

Which is not far from the hotel, in the city center just off the Old Town.

Unirea Mall

The Unirea Mall started out as a small department store and is now a

large department store with plenty of upscale stores.

Clothing, footwear, toys and more.

The mall is located in Bucharest Unirii Square (Unirii Subway Station)

Among the familiar names at the mall you will find stores of:

H&M, Zara, New Yorker and more.

In addition to the well-known stores, you can eat at well-known food

chains such as McDonald’s and KFC.

The mall is very successful, and there’s a good chance that you won’t

leave empty-handed.

After shopping, we returned to the hotel to rest,

We did a massage at the hotel, 130 le / hour (it was a little disappointing

and not effective enough) and after resting, we went out at the bar with

a couple of friends we met here by chance and with whom we walked

most places on the trip.

There are plenty of bars in the Old City, and almost everyone has good vibes!

We had a fun day!

good night now!

On the second day of our trip:

we got up around 9 am, After having breakfast at the hotel,

we set off on foot to Chishmiju Park,

there we did boat cruising. The park is located right downtown.

It is a beautiful old park with a lake, restaurants, cafes and nice places to sit.

In the summer you can even attend performances by local musicians

who perform in the park.

We rented a pedal boat park (also has a paddle boat), for 10 leys per person

for half an hour.

If you want to rent a boat and sail, we recommend arriving at a midweek

rather than a weekend,

because then there is no load of people.

We also sat there in a nice cafe.

After spending time in the park with our friends we split up-

two of us went to the Radisson Blu Hotel to play at the casino

and the other two were strolling down Victoria Street (Oniri Avenue).

These are long and wide avenues, which begin in the Constitution Square

next to the People’s Palace.

Some will say that Victoria Avenue is an attempt to emulate the

Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris,

You have to be in both places to tell if they are similar or not.

There are water fountains in the center of the avenue.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays there are various performances.

On Victoria Boulevard we saw this building (pictured), it’s a beautiful

building built in 1900,

located in front of the National Museum of Romanian History,

this is the headquarters of the National Savings Bank C.E.C, now known

as the CEC Bank. Impressive and beautiful structure!

After each of us did what he chose to do, each couple returned to the hotel.

Our friends were at the Royal Bucharest Hotel,

also well located in the Old City.

Coffee lovers will be pleased to know that this hotel has a Starbucks.

But near our hotel, there is a cute place called Coffeol with cool ice cream,

We sat there eating this pile of ice cream:

On the third day of our trip, after breakfast, we left for Parcul Herăstrău

It is the largest park in Bucharest, the park has a beautiful and

romantic lake, spacious lawns, bicycle trails,

restaurants, and music concerts during the summer season.

The place is cozy and suitable for the whole family.

We rented bicycles and pedaled for our enjoyment in the beautiful park.

Bicycle rental cost 6 Leigh per bicycle per hour (pennies!).

Important: You must present a passport for each pair of bicycles

(they do not take your passport, they only photograph it for security purposes).

Park Address: Sector 1

The Arcul Gate of Triumph. In the middle of Kissilev Boulevard,

near Restrough Park,

the gate was established in 1878 to mark Romania’s independence.

At noon, we got organized and took a taxi to Terma Bucharest,

together with our friends.

Taxi fare: 70 Lei.

Terma Bucharest

Another option to get there: free with shuttles from Romana Square

every two hours,

but check-in hours must be checked at the Terma website.

Best place in Bucharest! This is one of the best spa centers in Europe,

the place offers various thermal pools at a temperature of

33 degrees, massages (massage is required in advance),

massage or spa treatment cost between 80 and 130 lei for 45 minutes.

Mud to smear on the body, children’s complex with water slide, wave pool,

spa area and more.

We spent about 5 hours there, from noon into the night,

this way we saw the place in daylight and also illuminated by night lighting.

You must get there with flip-flops, a towel, and a bathing suit in your bag

and not on you.

It is forbidden to bring food (you can, of course, buy something to eat there).

It is most convenient to walk there among the complexes with a robe.

You can perhaps borrow a robe from the hotel or rent a robe there on 24 Lei.

If you want to take a shower there at the end of the day, don’t forget to

bring your clothes, shampoo, and conditioner.

The cost of admission depends on which compound you will spend and

how many hours you will be there.

Prices (updated on the website):

It is not possible to book a massage at the phone in advance,

but only on the spot, based on free space.

Prices and types of massage in the newsletter here.

If you don’t like water slides and spa then you only have to pay for the

pool complex.

Note: On the way to the Terma you can visit decathelon store, for those

who like this store it is worth geting there .

At the end of this particularly fun day, we went out again to one of

the pubs nearby.

Good night!

The fourth day of the trip has arrived, tomorrow we return to Tel Aviv on

an early morning flight,

We took the day at Izzy and after breakfast we drove to Botanical Garden,

The truth is that although the place is beautiful, especially in throwing colors –

It’s the only place on our trip that we were willing to give up,

maybe it’s more interesting here in the spring?

Maybe the park is better suited to the genre lovers (flowers and vegetation)?

We didn’t find a special issue here,

except for some pretty pictures…

The gardens are in the east of the city and have plant crops from all over

the world, the plants are divided into a garden according to the types of

climate and countries of origin, with an emphasis on the types of

plants growing in Romania.

There is also a small museum, which we did not enter.

From the gardens we proceeded to the Afi Mall

the mall is two stories high and it is especially huge,

the mall has twenty movie theaters, including the first Imax of its kind

in Romania.

You will find there hundreds of brand stores, climbing walls, ice skating rink,

children’s employment and dozens of restaurants and cafes.

Epic Mall is a 20-minute drive from the city center.

Address: Bulevardul Vasile Milea 4, Bucharest

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm.

Other places to shop in Bucharest:

Not far from Afi Mall, Plaza Romania Mall is located,

this mall is best suited for families with children.

It is very large and includes most of the brands we all know.

Address Bulevardul Timișoara 26, Bucharest 061331

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Baneasa Shopping City Mall located in a large shopping park.

In the mall, you will find a wide range of fashion brands.

Address Șoseaua București-Ploiești 42D, București

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm.

Bucharest Mall (Bucharesti) – The first mall in Bucharest,

less crowded than other malls, relatively close to downtown,

here you will also find a variety of brand stores.

After recent shopping, we booked a cab for tomorrow

‘one of the nice taxi drivers who came to us via the uber app.

We printed our boarding passes at the hotel and organized for a short

night’s sleep and to our morning flight.

We had a very enjoyable and successful trip! Which of course made us want

to dream and plan our next trip,

but first, we have to join the army and only then to spread wings and fly.

So be good, thank you for reading here,

We would love to read your comment below!

If you have more than 4 days in Bucharest, here

More places to see in Bucharest and surroundings:

Tinertoloi Park – called the youth park, this is an interesting park located

just outside the city,

and it forms one part of Bucharest’s green lung.

As in the parks we visited, here too is full of vegetation and a beautiful lake.

Palace of Parliament – Palatul Parlamentului or House of the People,

a building that won the title of the second-largest building in the world,

It is actually the most important and famous site in Bucharest.

The palace has undergone renovation and upgrading and has become a

special and huge modern building of its size.

The Parliament Palace is located on a high ground that used to be a

residential neighborhood.

Residents were evacuated from their homes when they built the palace.

The huge building is eighty-four meters high.

Today, the palace serves as the seat of the Romanian parliament

and government ministries, and parts of it serve as an art museum.

Another famous building in Bucharest, which is also considered the

most beautiful building in Bucharest is

Ateneul Român,

It is a beautiful architectural building erected in 1888, from the design

of the building you can learn about the history of Bucharest.

There are equal concerts in the building and can be entered for a fee.

Address: Str. Benjamin Franklin 1-3.

Strada Xenofon-singura stradă în trepte –

It’s a street built 220 years ago!

The street has its own unique design and is built in stages and stairs

and serves as a showcase for modern art.

Each year, the ornate and decorated stairs are repainted by students from

the academy of Painting.

At the moment (end of 2018) the entire area is undergoing renovations,

the renovation status needs to be updated before arriving.

* On the way to Xenophon Street, pass by Carroll Park, if you are there
on Sunday, at the entrance to the park you can see a small flea market
where you can find special flea market.
pasajul macca vilacrosse Indoor Street – Passage, completed in 1891.
Because the place is indoors, it is suitable for a rainy day or cool weather.
Here you will find cafes, bars and restaurants, and just a nice place to
hang out when there is nothing better to do.

You should also visit the Old City, Revolution Square, the National Museum

of art and more.

Lucianca Park – Children’s adventure park. The park is about 35 km from

the center of Bucharest, It is full of challenging facilities, including

climbing paths on ropes, archery,

many adventure facilities such as inflatable castles and more.

There is also a small zoo with a petting zoo and a well-kept lake.

I recommend that you find out the days and opening hours in advance!

Open Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday by pre-order.

Edenland Park – In the park ropes, archery, horse riding, omegas,

Paintball, bike tours in the woods and more.

There are special tracks that are also suitable for small children.

Address: Strada Cantonului, Balotești 077015

Website link

Bucharest Nightclubs:

You should go to this link and choose a suitable club,

and check days and hours of operation.

Places outside Bucharest:

Brasov, Mamia (at summer), Sinaia (by train), Sibiu, Dracula’s palace,

a day trip in the Carpathian Mountains is recommended to take an 

organized tour or rent a car.

On a trip to the Carpathian Mountains you see amazing views and at 

low costs. You should take a guide with recommendations.

For your use:

a map with all the places mentioned in the post 

(the purple places we visited are marked)

Tips and warnings we received from mom:

* Book a taxi only through the Uber app.

* If the mass cost is so cheap, don’t hesitate to round up the amount or give 

the driver a little tip, for the good feeling.

* Keep away from dog bands.

* Always check the surplus that we are given, hope they will not deceive us and 

will not return us any less excess than we deserve.

* Want to enter the casino? take your visit to the casino as a pastime, 

set aside a certain amount in advance and know that chances are you will 

leave without it but you have acquired a special experience that is not in 

the country.

Have a good time !

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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