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Girls trip to Athens

I love Greece and glad to discover another part of it every time,

The flight is short and inexpensive, the weather there is similar to the weather

in my country Israel.

The atmosphere in Greece is always light and fun, as it should be on a vacation,

The people there are very patient and nice and the food is delicious!

What else does a person need?

I flew to Athens in November 2019 with a group of companies,

Most of them I only knew virtual from a traveler forum, from Facebook

and from a group of friends who love hiking in “WhatsApp”

It was exciting and intriguing to go on a trip with them.

One of us planned a recommended itinerary for all of us.

In addition, I have written places to see in advance

and we tried to stroll there according to the recommendations and

hat we saw and loved during the trip itself.

Sometimes all the girls traveled together and sometimes split

into couples/threes, etc.

* A special thank to my friend Dalia Harush who has

worked so hard to make the trip successful *

The first day we arrived in Athens at night and waited for a driver who took us to the hotel.

Transportation from the field to the hotel:

If you would like to be transported from the field to the hotel

+306977372533 Talk to Yanis in Wetsap in Hebrew or English.

When we arrived at the hotel we settled into our rooms and some of the girls

sat down to eat In the charming and romantic restaurant which is

right in front of the hotel entrance.

There are many restaurants near the hotel.

Our hotel:

Excellent hotel, very central, beautiful and clean with amazing service from all hotel staff!

The hotel is right on the famous Ermou pedestrian street,

This is a street dedicated entirely to the shopping of international brands

and local products less well known to tourists.

The famous singer (in Israel) Yardena Arazi also stayed at this hotel while we were there.

On the 7th floor of the hotel, there is a restaurant with amazing views of the Acropolis,

You can and should sit there for a drink, you must see the place.

We enjoyed every minute of the hotel! Highly recommended hotel!

The Hotel name: Alia Ermo

To book a room at this excellent hotel enter here

A Sim-Card for internet surfing can be bought from a store called Cosmote

for about 12 euros. The store is on Metropolitan Street not far from Syntagma Square.

If you have any recommendations for stores that sell Sim, write us down below in the comments.

The next day, after loading batteries at night, we had a great breakfast

And we went on a long, guided walk with a guide named Marcus.

His mother is Jewish and his father is Greek and he speaks

Hebrew and Greek perfectly,

He knows the whole area well. And he is very nice guy!

He offered us a 5-hour trip which we shortened a bit towards the end,

because most of the girls got tired,

In my opinion, it was too long and three to three and a half hours of a guided walk would suffice.

We were in the Plaka, in the Flea market in Monastiraki, we saw and got explanations

about Various graffiti and more ..

Athens is full of interesting and intriguing graffiti, some of it really beautiful

Here are the details of our guide:

After the trip, we each split up wherever she wanted and I sat with my friend Tammy

In a nice restaurant and we ate Greek salad, we took to our room a corrupt dessert at

the Hansel and Gretel store and then we headed out downtown.

Not far from the hotel there is a promenade full of stores

of well-known brands,

At the end of the pedestrian street, you reach Monastiraki Square where

there are many alleys, full stores, branded (non-imitated) market, makeup stores,

taverns (restaurants), cafes, ice cream and more ..

You can wander there endlessly.

The next day (day 2):

after breakfast we purchased a tour bus ticket,

The card is valid for two days.

The blue line is the only line with headphones with explanations in Hebrew

And we drove up to the Acropolis, purchased tickets and we

saw the Acropolis up close.

The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens

and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and

historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

During ancient times it was known also more properly as Cecropia,

after the legendary serpent-man, Cecrops, the supposed first Athenian king.

In my opinion, the ascent to the Acropolis (150 meters above sea level) is not as difficult

as you would imagine.

When we finished seeing and photographing the wonder we went back down to the bus

that took us, along with 2 other girls from the group, to Piraeus

There we looked for a place to sit and found a really beautiful restaurant, from there

we could watch the water,

We had lunch, hiked a bit, and returned by bus to Athens.

* If you do not have enough time in Athens, you do not have to go to Piraeus.

When we returned to Athens we strolled through the interesting alleys

and shops again and in the evening we traveled with all the girls to the best tavern,

which is also in Piraeus, The Tavern is called Stoo Thomas

Beautiful, colorful tavern, with good food, good service

and full of dishes that break with joy and grace!

It worth getting here!

We booked a driver in advance with a large vehicle to take us back.

Notice the celebration begins around midnight.

You can reach the Piraeus Tavern in a taxi too!

In Athens, there is a taxi booking app called Beat Try It.

Link to download the app here

The next day (day 3) we drove after breakfast in a taxi to Vouliagmenis Lake

You can get there and also return to the tourist bus

But pay attention to the time of back and forth that appears on the map you receive,

We missed the bus that got there in the morning so we took a taxi.

We arrived by taxi up to the lake but the lake was closed!

We didn’t understand why ?! Google said it was open.

Closed lake? Which is this?

Apparently, this is a closed area that opens during certain hours for visitors

and this is not an open lake as you probably imagine.

Now I got a good reason to go back to Athens, I must be in this lake.

Since the lake was closed we asked our kindly driver to take us somewhere else,

A place close to the lake, which one of my friends recommended,

he explained to me exactly how to get there.

The driver dropped us off in the parking and we went down to sit by the water,

on a wooden floor along with several other people, locals probably,

who know and understand this Special place.

After enjoying the tranquility and scenery we walked to an area,

In front of the lake, there was a restaurant and we sat there

for lunch (Greek salad, What else?).

Near there is a tourist bus pick-up point and from there we returned.

Please note: The bus arrived ahead of time, this is the last bus to return

to the city then If you build on it you need to arrive before the hour indicated on the bus route map,

So you don’t have to return by taxi or regular bus line.

From the tourist bus we got off at the library and the academy, the library was closed (Saturday)

So we saw the magnificent building on the outside and also the beautiful buildings next to it.

From there we continued to see more places, got on and got off the bus where we wanted.

In the evening we went to eat a particularly corrupt dessert at a place called Little Kook

The place is very specially designed, every few weeks the concept and design of the place

changes. We were there when the concept was Halloween.

And after about two weeks I see they changed the concept to a stunning Christmas decorations.

It is highly recommended! Suggestion:

You can choose one corrupt dessert and share it, fewer calories and less money.

The next day (day 4):

We took an organized trip with all the girls to all kinds of places outside of Athens,

including the Korhnthos Canal,

It was Sunday and some of the places were drowsy, but the view can’t be closed

and we enjoyed it wherever we stopped.

We had lunch at Napflion, after that we walked through the shops

And we sat down to eat one of the last delicious and deliciously corrupt dishes!

Here we celebrated the end of the hike and at the same time,

we finally buried the diet!

At the end of the day, our driver took us back to the airport for our flight back

and that ended with a lovely short girls trip.

Other places you might want to see in Athens:

The Jewish Museum – The Jewish Museum of Greece, is located in Plaka and is one of

the most important Jewish museum In all of Europe.

The museum reviews the lives of Greek Jews and it exists since 1998.

The museum includes a model of a synagogue and Torah scrolls.

The Beit Shalom Jewish Synagogue – found at Melidoni 3, Athina.

Lycabettus hill – a spectacular vantage point. You can go upstairs either in a cab

(most of the ascent) or in the funicular that reaches the summit.

At the top of the summit there are restaurants and beautiful scenery as promised.

National Gardens – a large, green and quiet park with small lakes, Birds, waterfowl,

playgrounds, zoo, and a small botanical museum.

Olympic Stadium – part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex.

Construction was completed in 1982 and has undergone extensive refurbishment towards 2004.

Illusions Museum – Located in the central Monstiraki neighborhood, especially suitable for children.

Exhibitions, games rooms, innovative interactive displays and more.

Admission for children up to the age of five is free.

Address: Armo 119. Website

Meat and Fish Market – The lovers of the genre in this market sell fish and all parts of cow/lamb/lamb / pork ..

Factory Outlet Factories – surplus mall (clothing, footwear, etc.)

Which is not far from Athens airport.

Avocado Restaurant – A good and recommended vegetarian restaurant at 30 Nikkis Street.

A place with equal and delicious desserts that we ate twice:

I hope you are not on a diet! Because it’s addictive.

Notice if you sit there and do not take the dessert with you then the dessert

cost higher and also you will get a pitcher or a glass of water,

as with any restaurant in Athens.

Here are the details:

Another cool and sweet place for crazy desserts – Hans and Gretel,

the place is beautifully decorated,

the workers there are also dressed as the characters from the story,

we tasted and loved it.

And now I deserve to go back there again …. Yami!

Hammam / Massage – There are many recommended places for massage and hammam in Athens.

One of the places is called Elena’s Day Spa.

Another Recommended Place: Centro Di Massaggio Close to Ermo Street.

More Athens attractions here

So far in the meantime, we had a lovely trip and I will surely return to Athens,

Which surprised me for the better!

Purchase tickets for attractions and attractions in Athens here

Other places of interest in Athens will be added later, so be sure to follow.

Thanks for reading! 

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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