Ahead of the British Airways strike

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A British Airways pilot strike is scheduled to disrupt the flight schedule, 

just in the peak of summer.

The expected strike will probably take place in the next two to two weeks 

(hopefully not at all).

London is not waiting for me – what will consumers scheduled for their flight to 

London do?

Heathrow Airport (London) is one of the busiest in Europe, and one of Israel’s 

hot summer destinations (including Connection), is expected to close for six 

days in the coming month due to a workers’ strike.

The Israeli Consumer Council mentions that under Israeli law, in the event of 

flight cancellation due to a passenger’s strike not being eligible for financial 

compensation, however, the airline is obliged to offer alternatives to the 

passenger in order to allow him to reach the final destination or return the 

compensation paid for the passenger’s choice. In addition, if the passenger is 

forced to stay at the airport, he is eligible for assistance services (food and 

beverages, and accommodation services if an overnight stay or more is 


Please note, in accordance with Israeli law, in the event of a passenger’s strike 

not entitled to financial compensation.

The Israeli passenger may choose to exercise his rights under European 

law as of this case: Although in some cases a strike may be considered a 

force majeure, there have been cases in which the airline has obliged the 

airline to pay the passenger up to EUR 600 (the strike in RYANAIR last year the 

company was obliged to pay Between 250 and 400 euros) contrary to Israeli 

law. In order to exercise the rights vis-à-vis the airline, the passenger must 

require a flight cancellation permit from the airline.

In the case of the British strike, she gave a two-week warning to the Authority 

but it is not yet known what flights will be canceled. British Airways is expected 

to notify passengers in person, by tact or mail message and must offer an 

alternative flight. Of course, even according to European law, the passenger is 

entitled to receive assistance services.

It is highly recommended for those who are scheduled to fly on strike days to 

check with the company if the flight was advanced after developments in the 


Pleasant flight!

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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