2019 – The year that was

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The 2019 Blog Summary

Wow, How a year went by!

A year full of all goodness, on couples trips and family trips,

for hot and cold places, to far and near places…

A year that closes a decade,

and it seemed to have everything in it!

Remember I summed up 2018?

I remember it well and it feels like it was yesterday

but another year passed.

How does time pass when we enjoying it ?! moving fast!

So what did we have there?

This year brought with it many new and first experiences:

This year we first flew for a ski trip, the whole family!

This year I flew to the United States for the first time!

This year I first flew with virtual friends for a trip to Athens!

This year I flew for the first time with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law!

This year I took a one-day trip to Rome for the first time!

and here comes the moment to look back with a smile, say goodbye to 2019

and welcome happily 2020.

I chose to sum up the 2019 trips in chronological order from beginning to end.

Clicking on the destination will open the trip summary for you:

And in the Friends category, we had a trip to India.

And here’s a snapshot of each destination,

you can see here some beauty


2019 You were good to us, I hope 2020 will bring with her:

New and exciting destinations

Fulfilling dreams and wishes

and also some V markings in the list of destinations in the wish box,

I wish all of us that by the year of 2020 the blog will continue to grow

and so will the blog group and members number…

On Facebook, I will always write you news from the world of aviation

and from my private world of travel,

hope we won’t stop traveling!

Happy new year!

Keep following, being inspired and sharing!

Where have you been this year?
Tell me in the comments

אהבת? שתפ/י את החברים!

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