15 Tips for Traveling with Kids

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Great freedom is already here

And for most of us, the family trip to Otto comes!

So, just before you set off

You should read the following tips,

To improve your next family trip

And make it much more successful

I have compiled important tips for you to have a trip with children

from my experience

And reading other parenting tips from the Facebook group “Traveling Abroad with Children,”

Let’s get started?

1. In Your Trip Plan – Customize the program for the kids and what they like,

Don’t plan more than 2 attractions a day.

Set aside other attractions as an option in case you have provided them

And you have time and power to do something else.

Also think about a “stimulating plan” for rainy days (even in summer in Europe, it is expected to rain).

Also, note that the vehicle is spacious and that travel from place to place

It doesn’t take more than an hour and a half in either direction.

Don’t forget to take your favorite music (both on disk and on-disk),

A mobile phone/tablet for gaming on long trips can also help a lot.

2. Share the children in advance with the trip plan, give them space to express their opinion and if necessary –

Change the itinerary according to their preferences, this is first and foremost their trip.

3. Once the trip plan is ready, adjust expectations with the children. This is a very important step.

If there are long journeys, let them know and tell them what is expected of them at each step of the trip.

On long trips do not forget to make stops to refresh both the driver and the children.

4. Although you made a travel plan – leave room for flexibility and change,

were attentive to the children And the development of your trip.

5. Add one free day to your plan with no plans or one short program,

On this day you will have a free day to rest, spend in the pool

Or insert something that is not in your schedule.

6. Important, especially with older children – allocate a certain amount per child for wastage,

On the trip itself, each of the children decides what to do with the money given to them.

If the kids save money in advance and bring it with them, it’s just a bonus.

You are the amount you have decided on in advance – let them.

It saves lots of unpleasant situations, loads of headaches for parents and educates the kids

Save, think and exercise judgment in their choices about what to spend the money.

This tip is especially important when traveling in the city (less significant when traveling on nature-free shopping sites).

7. Hungry children are nervous children. Prepare ahead of time when it comes to food.

It is recommended to take an apartment or hotel with a fully equipped kitchen.

If possible, you should bring frozen food from home,

That you have prepared in advance – it will help you in the first days of the trip.

An example of a food that should be brought to you in a soft cooler, especially if you are a kosher keeper:

Frozen prepared schnitzels, frozen ready-made patties, tortillas, hot dishes, tuna.

On the trip, itself were sliced bread, vegetables, chocolate spread, ketchup, snacks, mineral water

And don’t go without a food cooler every day on a trip.

On our last trip, I listened to gaseous social advice and stocked up on schnitzels and patties

Who had a full week and contributed greatly to our successful trip with seventy and satisfied children.

8. Take your car with wipes, toilet paper and changing clothes/towel

Especially if you are traveling to wet destinations or if needed

In changing clothes for some reason.

9. Wherever you go, have the children give one last look back

And make sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

10. Pre-register names on chargers, mobile battery, headphones

And anything you can quarrel about

Credit to Tip: Sheeran Topol Cohen from the group

“Traveling Abroad with Children”.

11. Make sure you have enough sleeping hours for children, who will not be too tired.

12. Equip the kids with a lost “lost child” card or a special bracelet with your details in case they get lost.

13. A Sivan Revivo tip (from the group “Traveling Abroad with Children”)

that can fit some of you:

“On a long (two-week) trip we exchange 2-3 accommodations,

The last two nights I have been taking two separate rooms in a hotel

And do boys room (dad + son), girls room (me and the girls) ….

After an intense trip where we are 24/7, a little harmless separation,

on the contrary … there’s a new kind of bonding.

We did this already on two different trips and was a successful fire 🙂

Fun to meet again at breakfast .. “

14. On the trip itself, you will flow, be calm and do not get excited about

the fights between the children,

Try to soak up a good atmosphere in every situation and start and finish

each day beautifully with a smile and fun.

Don’t be judgmental of each other.

Try to talk orally with the kids every day that ends, what we did,

what we saw, how it was, where we enjoyed it most.

They love it and you will learn a lot about your children’s preferences

for the next trip.

15. Last Kind Tip: When a family vacation ends immediately close

and book a net couple vacation!

You will appreciate it every moment!

Family photo from our trip to Austria

You can read special tips for traveling with adolescents here

Do you have any more tips than yours? Write to us in the comments and

we would love to read.


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